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Hey, I’m Lizzie Burgess. I am a professional tarot reader and a witchy business owner. I created as a platform to share my knowledge and passion for all things tarot, divination, magick, and rituals.

Specs: British born, Sun Aries, Moon Scorpio, Rising Aries, INFJ-P, Manifestor (HD), Caregiver (Jung), Enneagram 6w4, secular eclectic witchy mama. I perform private tarot readings currently in Cheshire, UK and practise live tarot readings from Manchester, UK.

I perform the readings, I provide the writings, and I curate the products (mostly from scratch).

I love curating divination experiences for those invested in spiritual growth with secular honest vibes. So WTF does that look like?

  • You & I video chatting to discuss a tarot reading for personal growth 
  • You reading one of my published written articles to learn some new type of divination
  • You trying out some of the rituals I’ve created so you can learn something about yourself and what your subconscious needs 
  • You using my divination themed products in your day to day to empower and fulfil yourself with set intentions and goal-smashing
  • No talks of spirits or yogi-speak. Just layman’s chatter, no bullcrap, and probably a lot of swearing! 

My articles have been published in print and digital, for magazines like Witches, Studio23, CoffeeTableCoven and Witchology too.

I am that witch you come to for these honest, interesting and beneficial divination experiences. So WTF does that feel like?

  • Low Key Vibes; whether you’re not comfortable discussing your spirituality openly or you’re not out of the “broom closet” trust that I keep things simple, intimately between us two, and most of my packaging on products doesn’t scream “THEY’RE A WITCH!” making it easier to try something unique. 
  • Low Budget preference; I do not believe you should have to invest £££ to make spiritual progress with yourself. My products and readings are so reasonable I want you to enjoy them more than once, as I know the importance of making the money go further. You’re looked after, your bank account is looked after, and I encourage moral practice wherever I can so you can get the best deal for you.
  • Low Energy in mind; Not all divination practitioners have the time to spend on a big ritual. Not all people have the emotional and physical ability to use their energy on big rituals. I curate a lot of my products with spoonie witches in mind, as well as those who want to try new things (but are not sure where to start); small and simple (such as Divination Pouch with a crystal grid by the bedside for a good nights sleep), shouldn’t have to have such a large song and dance about it so I was invested in including these types of clients at any stage of development. 

You’d go to the gym to get your physical body in shape with gym tools and equipment, you’d go to therapists to understand the tools that help with your mind, so let’s see what I will be able to help in terms of using divination as a tool and process for you to find more fulfilment and clarity.

Email me at to book a reading, and check my Instagram for the latest pricelists. 

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Ascertain with Astrology: Business planning for Bosswitches and Spiritpreneurs

Business planning for Bosswitches and Spiritpreneurs; utilising astrology for 13* key points of strategy, branding, marketing and public relations with your biz! Covering your brand messages, your mission, your tone of voice – even giveaways, gifts & discounts. You know what you’re doing with your business… but sometimes you just need a little insight & inspiration!

Arcana Poetry Learn the Major Arcana themes through poetry

Experience the tarot in a whole new way with these captivating poems. This e-book contains 44 poems (22 for the upright meanings and 22 for the reversal meanings)

Each major arcana card comes to life in a unique and thought-provoking way, offering a fresh perspective on the symbols and meanings contained in those cards.

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