Backyard Banshee Divination Pouch

This portable Divination Pouch is so that you can store your own tools on the go and use the convenient magickal aids on each side. This pouch will have both crystal grid and divination board print on them, so you don’t need to lug around large items to practise, giving you more freedom.  Practical divination on the go has completely changed the game for me, so I wanted to share this with the world; even if it is used for storage as a magickal booster to your energy. Whether that is storing crystals for lithomancy, tea lights for fire scrying, pendulum for dowsing or tarot cards for cartomancy.

divination pouch 1

Every Divination Pouch comes with an insert you can keep with the bag to help remind you of the symbolism, of ideas for divination and as a token of thanks.

You can use this Divination Pouch tool actually anywhere, from on top of your wardrobe, under your bed, a train table, inside your desk, outside in your garden (looking at you, moon chargers and sun cleansers!) so whatever needs you may have or intentions you set that day you can focus easily to accomplish your steps when utilising this product. It’s so accessible you can even utilise this tool as a spoonie practitioner, and it’s versatile for many other inspiring commitments you set!

Here are just some of the suggested ways you can use the bag in more detail:

Crystal Lovers; The Flower of Life grid printed on the bag is great for creation, manifestation and intention setting. Most sacred geometry shapes can be found within this shape. You can use this pouch to store your crystals for whilst you’re on holiday, for shopping, for travel, for nature walks, for going to school/work etc and blind drop them for divinatory purposes onto the flattened pouch. You can store agate or obsidian slices for scrying in the bag, as well as for law of attraction purposes.

divination pouch 3

– Numerologists & Astrologers; Use any small object (such as a pendant, pen or even a badge with a pin) you have available to you that you can imbue energy to, and let it fall next to an number or astronomical symbol on the divination board for a daily reading or answer to a question. The Divination insert that comes with the pouch has all the astrological symbols and correspondences on them so it’s great for starter Astrologers to seasoned ones who just need that little reminder!

– Tarot Lovers; Shuffle your tarot/oracle/Lenormand cards, and blind drop a random card for an answer/meaning over a symbol on the bag. You can use the bag to store a mini deck of cards for when on the move.

– Spirit Workers, Starseeds & Lunar Witches; Use a pendulum or a pendant and meditate on your question. Hold your pendulous object over the pouch for a reading.

4oz Bag, 10mm x 15mm, Flower of Life Crystal Grid and Backyard Banshee created Divination Board.

divination pouch 2