Bosswitch Services

Hey Bosswitch!
So. You’re feeling a little lost, feeling a little overwhelmed and feeling you’ve got a million things to do but no time to do it in? You’ve been unsure what you need, but know you need something to help you progress spiritually and with your business too.
You’ve got all these Marketing books, and all the Sales courses in the world to buy, loads of Business Coaches out there offering services, but none of them are as heavily witchcraft and divination centred as you need? I hear you. I’ve been you. 
You want clarity, support and someone to just hype you up to keep you going. You need the reassurance that you’re doing the right thing. You need a nurturing witch to swing on by and say “hey, I thought this could help.” You need tools to help silence the inner saboteur who is telling you what you can and cannot do. You need someone you can trust to deliver what they actually promise in all their chatter. You also need someone who has proven experience with Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Outsourcing, Creative Solutions and Problem Solving.
Hiyaaaaaaaa, I’m LB! I’m bloody hyped to be here and ready to support the witchconomy.
I am honestly that witch that people come to for clarity and comfort. People come to me for ideas, solutions and innovation. You can depend on me to motivate you to be your best self. We take action by staying organised, using lists & planners that I will supply to you, and help you find ways to get out of your head converting nervous energy into a creative process. I utilise divination as the tool and process to help bring the subconscious and shadows into the light and in direct sight, so we can build something firmly structured together. How I work with you is I support you from the point of view of a friend/cheerleader/biggest fan/business opportunities provider! We unpick parts of astrology and your personal preferences to curate a personal divination ritual to help you and your own personal progress. Even CEOs need support and the feedback from other Bosswitches so far has been completely incredible.

I offer payment plans to those who are super serious but don’t currently have the funds; I want to be accessible around your business ideas and expansion! My pre-Banshee history was to work in Events, and Marketing for the benefit of the community is ambrosia to me.

We book your appointments over weeks (to months) and plan ahead. There will be emails, video calls and witchy divination aplenty! 

Request more information about Bosswitch sessions here:
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