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about my bosswitch services

  • You need the reassurance that you’re doing the right thing.
  • You feel like you’re at the point where you might quit because things just aren’t improving for your business/career development.
  • You want clarity, support and someone to hype you up to keep you going.
  • You need someone to help you sift through the chaos of too many commitments and not enough time.
  • You deserve to be energized, to be honoured for your fire, and guidance to direct that energy to sustain you.
  • You need a nurturing witch to swing on by and say “hey, I thought this could help.”
  • You deserve to have this someone swing by (with their unconventional approach) to make things happen for you.
  • You need tools to help silence the inner saboteur who is telling you what you can and cannot do.
  • You need someone you can trust to deliver what they actually promise in all their chatter.
  • You deserve to speak up about your visions and your urges, and share the inner workings of your soul without judgement.
  • You also need someone who has proven experience with Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Outsourcing, Creative Solutions and Problem Solving.
  • You want to be seen outside of that cookie-cutter mould, to have things work for you (not to their standards) and you want to remain true to you.
  • You definitely need a powerful change-maker to come in with innovative solutions, creative ideas, and full support of your spiritual needs.

It’s me. I’m your someone. Let me help babe.

Let’s start our magickal collaboration and hang out over a Bosswitch session. I am the witch you can trust to deliver on this. People come to me for ideas, insights and innovation. You can depend on me to motivate you to be your best self and provide solutions. 

We take action by staying organised, using lists & planners that I will supply to you, and helping you find ways to get out of your head converting nervous energy into a creative process. I’ll utilise divination as the tool and process to help bring the subconscious or shadows into the light and in direct sight, so we can build something firmly structured together. 

We will build your secure foundation so you don’t have to do it alone any more, you won’t have to worry on your own anymore, and I will be here to help alleviate the stress. We unpick parts of your own personal astrology and your personal preferences to curate a personal divination ritual to help you and your own personal progress. CEOs and top-line managers need support, and the feedback from other Bosswitches so far has been completely incredible.

Bosswitch collective

TBC for 2026, you can get access to exclusive PR opportunities + small business resources + self-development modules + divination rituals PLUS so much more 

bosswitch services

I will provide 5* references for the following projects that I can take off of your hands to free you up, helping you focus on and scale your business:

• Social Media Management • Project Management • Campaign Management • Print on Demand Management • Operations Management • E-Commerce Streamlining • Client Relationship Management • PR Outreach & Strategies • Email Marketing Campaigns • Marketing & Sales Strategies • Content Strategies • Wholesaler Outreach • Brand Guidance • SEO Strategy • Outsourcing • Personal Development • Networking • Ideas & Innovation •

£66 per session. £188 for three sessions. £444 for eight.

Payment plans are available for over three sessions when blocked in advance with a deposit.

We book your appointments over weeks (to months) and plan ahead. There will be emails, video calls and witchy divination aplenty! Request more information about Bosswitch sessions below.