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Are You Ten Years Ago? A Journey Inventory Reflection

Last Updated: July 27, 2022

What makes you truly happy with where your life is right now? In the ten years journey you’ve just had, what have you got to congratulate yourself on? In ten years from now, do you want to have the same job, career, family, friends?

This was a question I had been asking myself and my clients for a while. After simmering on it for a while, this article came up when listening to Pvris’s cover “Are you ten years ago?” originally by Tegan & Sara, and it had me instantly at my keyboard. I saw some challenges on TikTok about your key highlights over the years, and I found a book in a storage box I’ve not seen since my early twenties (Hokkaido Highway Blues, by the way… one of my all-time favourites!).

You know I love any form of synchronicity so I had to get straight in front of the laptop..

Table of Contents

The Past Accomplishments; Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, a very different version of “you” was with different people, you had very different experiences and different challenges that you were in the process of overcoming. For me, I’ll share that it was a time of great personal growth. I was still very much in the process of becoming who I am today, and my accomplishments were not as clear-cut as they are now. 

I was engaged to someone who saw me as property, versus as an individual, and who I felt did not share the same values as me, so I was crumbling under my poor decision to stay with them at the detriment to my mental health and also the potential grief over all the years I’d put into a relationship that no longer served me; I didn’t have the confidence yet to leave. I was out of therapy, but not grounded or connected with my own energy. 

I was hiding my spirituality. 

I did successfully achieve professional recognition regularly (I was a retail store manager of a £200k store with a team of eighteen I’d hired & developed, which with my leadership went into the top 20 stores in the UK at the time). I was studying my Event Management qualification (specifically weddings, alongside my own engagement). I had a great social life filled with people who genuinely cared for my wellbeing, and many of these incredible souls are still with me today. I was saving money to buy my first home.

The Future Successes; Ten Years From Now

The future version of me, ten years from now, will be doing this exact same process of reflection and celebration. For myself, I will see my now-self has my own business (versus working for someone else), I have bought & sold property but prefer to rent for the freedom it brings to me. I have a beautiful family, I travel often and get to meet such incredibly wonderful people daily.

My future version has continued to build a stable community of ongoing support (to myself and to the people who share the same values as me). My future family are happier, we live in a lot of light, and I take care of myself better than I do at the moment. I will have bought a new home. I will have a vacation spot I regularly return to (and I’m guessing it’ll be in Chicago).

The Process

t’s time to take stock, to take inventory. With a journal page free, write out the title “Things ten-year-ago-Me would be congratulating 2022 Me on”.

Ten years ago is both fascinating and terrifying, because it is like looking at yourself ten seconds ago through a telescope; you can see your reflection yet the magnification makes everything seem small.

What now? Here are some things for you to reflect on:

  1. What made me happy, and what made me sad?
  2. What should I be proud of?
  3. What key traits do I recognize in myself that I should congratulate, as they’ve got me this far?
  4. What brings you happiness in life right this minute?
  5. What do you want to bring more of into your life?
  6. How can this happen?
  7. Do you need support from other people, or would it be better to go at this alone?
  8. What are the goals that I want for myself ten years from now?
  9. What are the skills you have now that will help you achieve your goals not ten years ago but ten years from now?
  10. How shall I keep myself on track for these goals? What can I shed that doesn’t serve me to get there? (Feel free to set fire to a list of negativity you don’t need in your life; it’s very cathartic for me!)

If you do not naturally look back at your own experiences, I’d recommend getting yourself a journal to write both what you have achieved over the last few years and what is important to you; this will also be an opportunity for you to reflect on who inspired you in those years, things that made you angry, things that made you happy.

I’m not saying it’s easy to let go of resentment or anger about the past – but let’s put more focus on feeling grateful for the lessons learned and what you are capable of doing now because of it.

As cliche as it may sound, your mistakes are your biggest learning opportunities. We all make mistakes and we can’t change that. The best thing to do is learn from them and move on with the knowledge!

I wrote this article, obviously because I wanted people to write about what makes them happy in their life now, but also to make it accessible for those who don’t/can’t journal.

I’m a bugger for getting excited by gorgeous stationery planners, then never using them, only being on the Notes function on my phone. The practice of pen to paper however can bring some people calming energy and mindfulness.

If you feel comfortable sharing with me some of your goals, I’d love to hear how this exercise has helped you! Get in touch via any of my socials or my email
You are always welcome to get an investigative tarot reading with me to help you articulate further for insight and clarity, any time xxx
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