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7 Divination Methods That Can Help You With Your Business

Last Updated: July 27, 2022

Divination and witchcraft are always interesting, but for me, I really get excited when it comes to discussing how it helps your business further. I’m absolutely going to be talking about small business support, entrepreneurship or community today. I want to talk about how you can use divination in your business!

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One way is by using divination as a tool for goal setting. This could be something as easy as making a vision board and then using Runes to help give you guidance on how to achieve your goals. By using Runes as a tool for clarity and focus, it may help you find what’s really important in life/work balance, or feed creativity into you creating an altar space to use during small business meetings that can bring everyone into alignment with each other so they’re focused on bettering their small businesses. You can see some recommended Runes *here*


Another way to use divination for business is by paying attention to your dreams before big meetings, with the method called Oneiromancy at your back, as the symbolism can help you unpack what is really going on in the moment as well as it may hold key symbolism that breaks through for you with a solution. Oneiromancy is a form of dream interpretation, and as you know dreams are one way the divine can communicate with us. Dreams are often symbolic, so taking the time to interpret their meaning in relation to your business could be extremely helpful! I’ve got a list of recommended books on dream meanings *here*


Then there is the use of Crystals in business to help attract specific types of clients. This way you can manifest what type of small business clientele you are looking for by using a crystal casting or gemstone reading with your own personal intention behind it focused on attracting that type of small business customer/client into your life. I love to use mini tumbles or small crystal chips (which are inexpensive and naturally occurring when you constantly drop bigger crystals as I do) on my divination pouch and interpret their reading. I touched on the importance of crystals with your divination & business combination in an earlier article *here*.


Rhapsodomancy involves poetry, so I fully advocate this one when you’re in a creative rut or you are incredibly stressed out. Similar to Bibliomancy, the divination method of divining messages from sacred texts, this is reading small passages of poetry, or a small poem and then interpreting the meaning behind it.

Choose the book at random. I love to keep fiery feminist pieces in my office because I usually need bibliomancy or rhapsodomancy when I’m shattered, at risk of burnout and can’t think straight; the right words can instantly get me back on track. If you’re making your own business cards or writing copy using this method I think can be an excellent way to get some inspiration! 

The more creative businesses out there will really appreciate how they can use Rhapsomadomancy as part of their magickal business practice and feel free to share with me some of your favourite pieces. “Don’t Quit”, “Desirederata” and “Invictus” have been instrumental in my own personal journey growing up, as well as anything by Carol Ann Duffy


Have you ever tried Pendulum dowsing? Instead of a Pendulum board (or Divination board) use a filled but first-draft Eisenhower matrix (Important, Not Important, Urgent, Non-Urgent). Utilising an Eisenhower matrix grid to plan your tasking week, your Pendulum can indicate areas that need more attention than you were anticipating. Pendulum dowsing can be used in business for divining answers to questions like Tarot or Runes, and it can be really helpful to get confirmation on decisions you’re making as well. I’ve got a list of recommended pendulums *here*.


Meteormancy is a delightful, stargazingly romantic divination method that can be beautiful in conjunction with product launches and service offerings going live. Meteormancy is the divination method of reading the signs or symbolism in the stars, but more specifically in my opinion the meteorites themselves. 

You can look to see what kind of weather patterns are aligning with your business, and if you’re open to it consult those energies for small business success! It can tie in with other aspects in astrology, but We are lucky enough that there are many powerful meteor showers a year, and from some vantage points they are so clear here in the UK at night, so utilise that energy to bring some magick to your goals as well as extra-power to your launches! Helloooo Perseid Meteor Shower + Lions Gate Portal!

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And how could I talk about divination but not mention Tarot? Well, I’m not gonna. Tarot & oracle readings as a form of cartomancy are fantastic, so why not try something between the two?

Lenormand is a bridge between structured meanings (like tarot) but can have more fluidity, imagery and openness (like oracle). Find the Fish card, and the meaning might be ‘to go with the flow’. This could be interpreted as going with the current trends in your industry, or being open to change. 

Pull two more cards to indicate what the change may be, or alternatively where “plenty of fish” are e.g. the customers who may be most interested in. So if you pull Clover and Trees, for example, it may indicate you have a customer pool interested in healthy positive living that you’re not paying attention to. 

Lenormand is a fantastic way to read for small businesses because of it’s flexible card meanings – so it’s completely malleable to fit narratives where tarot may have you going “……what the fuck?”

Divination is a great small business tool. It can be used to help you grow and develop as an entrepreneur and small biz owner so that you’re better able to serve your community! These are just some of the ways I’ve been using divination for my small business recently. 

How about you?


I love curating divination experiences for those invested in spiritual growth with secular honest vibes. I am that witch you come to for these honest, interesting and beneficial divination experiences!

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