Scripting as a Manifestation Method

Last Updated: February 4, 2022

Manifesting is the process of getting what you want by changing the outcome of your environment. This is done with the power of our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is very powerful and can change many things at once. It’s what makes us who we are.

The reality, as it turns out, is that we are all creating our own lives and the world around us every minute of every day with our thoughts and feelings. So why wouldn’t we learn how to make our dreams come true?


When people say “manifestation methods” they are talking about techniques to make your thoughts materialize magickally. There are plenty of ways to do that, but most of them are either complicated or very simple. The best manifestation method is the one that works for you personally and brings you results quickly. 

The goal is not some New Age mumbo jumbo about universal oneness or some other “woo-woo” nonsense – it’s concise, clear and materialised genuine results. Manifestation methods can be very simple and that is the main reason why many people dismiss them as ineffective – they skip the steps or skip the details by which you formulate your intent, visualise it and “charge it” with energy.

The biggest mistake is to think that making a wish list is manifestation. That’s not it. You’ve literally got to find ways to link yourself to these items or situations in some way. It’s not likely that someone who hasn’t passed their driving test or taken any driving lessons, to write down “own a car” and then magickally a Lambo lands on their drive the next day. 

Work towards your goals with clear actions that match your intent, and the manifestation energy will help smooth things out or bring them to you with ease. And if you don’t get what you wanted, it’s probably due to it not being right for you anyhow… 

Like a toddler who would manifest “all of the chocolate in the world” not being a practical or beneficial idea, so it’s unlikely to go that way… and I went off on a tangent about wish lists because of scripting.

pen on a letter

Scripting is one of my all-time favourite manifestation methods. If you were at any of my live Emblazon events, you’ll have noted how POWERFUL they are just by witnessing the other witches desires come to life with a click click clack. 

Scripting is a method by which you can project your desires into the future in a way that is much more likely to manifest. Scripting was a method used from the likes of Nikola Tesla Oprah to Jim Carrey to Will Smith, all very big believers in the Law of Attraction. A very famous method of scripting is the 369 manifestation method. (Thank you, TikTok!)

The best thing about it? You don’t have to have any special gifts. You don’t have to wait for moon phases, higher energy levels or use lots of ritual items. If you’ve been following my blog and articles, I’m sure you do already believe in magick or are somewhat curious. 

It is such a fantastic segue-way into enjoying wonderful aspects of divination and witchcraft without going balls deep into a crystal-shop and coming back out fluent in Aleister Crowley quotes & Scott Cunningham books.

With my desire on my mind, I would cleanse my space, ground my energy and pull a tarot card to see if it matches up with what is best for me. And when I ignore the card that says it’s bad for me, I hide the deck. Kidding! I pay close attention to the symbols and signs, to see what may come up for me or what to look for to know that progress is taking place.

Next, somewhere calm and where I won’t be disturbed, I would start a simple gratitude Scripting session with my favourite pen, some paper and a lit gold candle. Birthday candles are my favourite for this and the easiest to access. The candle is to symbolise success, the warmth of the flame to promote protection in the space and the fire of it all to create energy for what I need.

Write a thank you letter to the universe/your deity/your ancestors for providing you with the opportunity. Write it as if you’ve already received this gift, this offering, this situation. Write it from a sensory point of view, from an emotionally charged point of view, and write about it’s overall impact. Write this letter then fold it up and seal with your candle wax; put it away for later in the year such as in your diary or away with your passport or somewhere you just won’t touch it for a while. 

When the manifestation occurs, don’t doubt that you made it happen, don’t belittle it as coincidence. And then that’s it. That’s the whole process! So simple, right?

Here is an example for you of the Scripting from Emblazon where the manifestations actually came true.

“I am so grateful for that extra cash I received. It was so unexpected and it was just the right amount to help me get a little something extra for my children, and a little something for me. I knew instantly what I wanted to spend it on when I saw my bank balance change! I’m so grateful for the joy this extra cash has brought. I feel really appreciative, and I genuinely recognise it’s a small blessing. We can trust that I’ve already spent it, as I wanted to buy my children a very cute affirmation oracle deck, that helps them build their self esteem and their mindfulness routines. With the change that was leftover from the deck, I bought myself a pen that is just for me, that doesn’t get lost around the house or stuck in a cutlery drawer, and I’m going to use it for my new planners & new personal development plans for me for 2022. Thank you to this community, thank you to the universe, and thank you to my children who completely fill my heart when I see them practising mindfulness like tiny adults!”

The best thing is to write your manifestation and to let it build it’s own energy without you looking at it daily, or worrying about not receiving it daily. If you really need to trust in the process, your preferred divination method can show you that your manifestation is on its way.


I love curating divination experiences for those invested in spiritual growth with secular honest vibes. I am that witch you come to for these honest, interesting and beneficial divination experiences!

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