Oracle Decks

Oracle Decks The Rebel Deck The Wild Unknown Archetypes The Starseed Oracle Backyard Banshee reading | Rebel Deck The Rebel Deck Filters? Manners? Who says an oracle deck has to be deeply spiritual or even…polite? Ever wanted to be insulted by a card? Have the blunt and honest truth be handed to you without a

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Runes For Beginners With the uprising in popularity of Norse history and the culture of the Viking era, also comes by proxy a rise in the popularity of Viking themed items, and this includes the wonderfully complicated but knowledgeable world of Runes and rune reading. Don’t get me wrong, it has always been a practice

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Pendulums for beginners This wearable and portable pendulum divination tool is ideal for beginners and experienced pendulum users alike, and it’s damn beautiful too in all crystal options! I’d personally go for Obsidian as the magickal correspondences of protection, filtering negativity and mirroring the psyche are perfect for this style of divination. With the Small

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mini crystals

Mini Crystals You know the powerful but cute feeling that you get when you hold miniatures of things, like teeny alcohol bottles, cereal boxes fit for a dolls house, travel size shampoo and itty bitty teeny weeny toothpaste tubes….shrunken items…anyone…no? Just me… Well, you feel like a GIANT. And you can enjoy that same feeling

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mini tarot

Mini Tarot Deck There’s a myth that tarot decks need to be gifted. This comes from an era where our witchery had to be hidden and other practising witches and coven members would have to share tools in secret. Your tarot deck was passed down in the hushed darkened corners of the village. Luckily we

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