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Divination is the language interpreter of the universe; reading signs, symbols, imagery – divination is the process to articulate what needs to be said. Whether you use divination as a tool for introspection and self-care, or you use divination as a way to interpret messages from the Universe, your Gods or Ancestors, one thing can be confirmed; it’s an empowering spiritual practice, and one that is completely personable to you. 

Here I share with you multiple different methods of divination that you may find deepen your understanding of self and community.

divination tools
There are many different types of divination, and each one has its own set of tools. In this blog post, we will explore 28 of the most popular divination tools.
witchcraft corner
As you know I adore divination, with so many varieties for so many different practitioners, you can absolutely find the best one for you.
pile of books

A book of intuitions is simply a planner or journal in which you write down your divination rituals, readings and findings.

Chiron in astrology represents the “wounded healer,” symbolizing our deepest wounds and the potential for personal growth and healing through overcoming these challenges.

smoke scrying

Smoke scrying is a type of divination typically linked to burning candles and incense and analysing the flow of the smoke from it.

rainwater scrying

I’d like to discuss with you Hydatoscopy (which I’m pronouncing hi-dat-toe-skop-pee); the divination of rainwater, its patterns and its uses, which is a form of Hydromancy.

wine scrying

Oenomancy (pronounced en-oh-man-see) is an ancient way of divination similar to tasseomancy/tea-leaf reading but by using wine!

cheese with nuts

Tyromancy is a form of divination based on the study of cheese. It stems from the Greek words turos meaning cheese and manteia meaning divination.

Astragalomancy is a form of dice divination that uses astragalus dice. Astragalus dice (astragali) are special dice that have markings on all six sides.
find meaning in palmistry chiromancy

Chiromancy (pronounced kai-roh-man-sea) is also known by palmistry and palm reading, and is not only one of the most popular methods of divination – it is also one of the most intimate.

golden cowrie shell and other meanings

Conchomancy (pronounced konk-oh-man-sea) is a form of divination using shells. This is the art of reading the future or gaining insights into other matters by using sea shells.

astrology as a tool for business

Do you believe in astrology? Some people do, some people don’t – but there’s no denying that astrology can be a useful tool for business owners. In this blog post, we will discuss the ways in which business astrology can help you achieve success. 

From pendulums to crystal balls to smoke and water, scrying harnesses the power of intuition and imagination to interpret symbols, and messages from the spirit world (if you work with spirits in your practice).

In this complete introductory guide to profection years, we will discuss what the profection year is and also provide a guide for you to calculate your own reading, working out your profection year based on your age.

In this interesting guide to celebrating your Lunar birthday, explore what your Lunar return is as well as all the themes that may cover. Tips for self-care, for fun and for spiritual growth also covered per zodiac sign!

In this incredibly in-depth deep dive, we go over bibliomancy divination, and all that it encompasses; sacred texts, stichomancy, libromancy, plus techniques and methods to try yourself!

Daphnomancy is the divination method of burning bay leaves. In this blogpost, learn it’s origins, history and how to use it for your journey.

In this article we guide you through the different clair abilities, or what is blanket-term covered as psychic abilities.

Seeing a shooting star is mesmerizing. But what does it really signify? Journey between astronomy and lore to learn more!