Mini Tarot Deck

There’s a myth that tarot decks need to be gifted. This comes from an era where our witchery had to be hidden and other practising witches and coven members would have to share tools in secret. Your tarot deck was passed down in the hushed darkened corners of the village. Luckily we live in much more accepting times now and you can absolutely buy and gift yourself your own tarot deck. This particularly cute pocket-sized deck for beginners and experienced tarot card readers can be kept under wraps in our Small Divination Pouch – Ready to pull out and battle the questions of the universe like a witchy Ash Ketchum. Perhaps less battling though, and more listening to the subconscious messages from your beginner’s tarot card deck. The mini tarot deck is absolutely bewitching to look at too, the colour scheme and modern artwork bring this everyday mini tarot deck into a modern setting. Modern divination should be accessible, and so to be able to use this tool in such a portable way like the Small Divination Pouch is an amazing advantage to 21st Century living.

Especially great for learning beginner tarot reading, and great for a basic one card or three-card reads while out in the big wide world. 

How to use tarot cards for beginners; 

One card tarot spread can be done either for yourself or for another person. Hold the deck in your hand and channel your own or others’ energy, thinking of the question you/they want to be answered. Shuffle the deck to the best of your ability, it doesn’t have to be a fancy Vegas croupier shuffle and draw out a card that you’re pulled to, a card that your gut wants, trust your instincts. You may even feel the heat as your hand or fingers pass over the card, and voila! Your answer, sometimes even the one you wanted. The mini tarot deck also comes with a handy dandy pocket-sized guidebook too, especially great for those new to tarot readings and not quite mastering the meanings of each of the 78 cards. Did you know that with the 78 cards, they are read at least two ways as upright & reversed, and each way has about three different typical meanings? So thankful for a guidebook to refer to!

Three cards simple tarot spread for beginners is the same premise, but focus each card pull on the specific Past, Present and Future/Wants, Needs, Indulgences/Career, Home, Love etc. This will give you a brief insight into who you’re reading for, what they’re currently going through, and any messages to help you best direct them with their questions about their future. (Or for yourself of course).

These mini tarot cards slot perfectly into our Divination Pouch, to keep safe in your handbag or workbag, absolutely the best and most essential addition to your beginners kit.

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