Oracle Decks

Filters? Manners? Who says an oracle deck has to be deeply spiritual or even…polite? Ever wanted to be insulted by a card? Have the blunt and honest truth be handed to you without a gentle touch? Because let me tell you, these cards do not mince their words. They can be nice, of course they can! But boy oh boy, these cards have something to say and they do not plan on holding back! They are here to provide you with the dose of reality you need! To quote one card in particular, “it’s not everyone else’s fault, it’s yours.” Whilst some people may not respond well to these words, there’s no denying that humour can definitely help a situation, and surprisingly a lot of people that use these cards for readings receive positive feedback on them! I mean so long as someone’s up for a laugh, doesn’t a good chuckle always help? Isn’t laughter medicine for the soul? Sometimes the blunt truth is what we need to hear without beating around the bush or having someone hold our hand on the journey ahead! So this deck works incredibly well for those that enjoy this sort of humour, but also just need short simple answers so that they can get to work within an instant! 

Naturally, due to their nature and their attitude, these cards aren’t suitable for long and in-depth readings so I would suggest using these for short and simple questions, something you could just quickly whip out to ask the odd question throughout the day, and their incredibly edgy approach suits the modern era! It’s a fresh change on a traditional style, and needless to say, they very much have solidified their place in the hearts of many a reader, both new and experienced, as the convenience of being able to use this deck with ease every single day has great appeal! Got a question and need a simple reply? No problem, whip out the deck! Got another question and a spare 2 minutes? Go on! Grab the deck! It fits the modern era and the modern person, even those that don’t necessarily use oracle cards in the traditional sense, these could even be gifted to a friend or family member as a bit of fun! Who knows what doors it could open for them…after all, it’s still reading oracle cards without feeling like you are. 

You don’t receive a guidebook with this deck but you will not need one! Each card is blunt enough with absolutely no-nonsense in the mix that there’s no chance you won’t understand exactly what it’s telling you in response to your question. These cards have no time for nonsense! Just a pre-warning, you really don’t want to allow kids access to these cards…let’s just say, they’re a tad NSFW! But even though this deck is more light-hearted and fun in the sense it’s all a bit silly, the cards are still accurate and spot on with the questions they’re asked! They still resonate with readers, especially when used in assistance alongside tarot readings, which goes to show they aren’t just a gimmicky gift. So whether you want to use them for a bit of fun or in a more serious manner, you can trust that they will be accurate.


The Wild Unknown Archetypes

Whilst some oracle decks may fascinate you, and some may evoke a new way of thinking and perceiving cards, The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck is here to do both whilst enchanting and embracing you on your spiritual journey into the layered depths of who you are. An archetype being what we call a symbolic pattern that is universally always the same with what’s represented, even thoughout history, literature, the arts, it never ever changes such as ‘light vs dark’, or The Magician, The Explorer, The Caregiver, or The Lover. We all have a level of knowledge as to what these archetypes mean and stand for, we need not frequently question their representations (unless we’re still learning of course) but once you know them, you know them! Nothing changes.

Diving deep into the magical world of the unknown, especially our own personal unknown, this deck is here to remind us of the realms beyond our imagination and help us discover the messages within them.

This oracle deck is made up of 78 circular cards which have been split into 4 suits, those being The Selves, The Places, The Tools, and The Initiations. The artwork of these pieces have been chosen specifically based on their symbolic meaning and how well they reinforce exactly what they stand for, such as The Sword card. This is represented by a sword sitting diagonally across the card and split between a light and dark background, the guidebook helps advise how to interpret this card based on whether this card has been pulled to be read in the light (positive) or in the dark (negative). So whilst a full paragraph is provided explaining what each card represents, there are short and brief points provided at the bottom of each section which help with faster readings, or those that are just quickly flicking through whilst trying to learn how to read the deck in its entirety without wanting to spend too much time on it! After all, some of us can be too busy sometimes but that shouldn’t mean we can’t learn what these quirky decks are all about, right?! Most readers remark that whilst the artwork is certainly unusual, once you become familiar with the style that’s used and understand their interpretation, they become incredibly easy to use and understand without necessarily needing to pick up the guidebook too much! There’s just something about the artwork that speaks to something deep within our souls where this level of understanding is just found and it resonates so well with many a reader.


The guidebook itself does help with understanding various spreads you can do and how to understand the cards that get pulled, so you aren’t left confused or trying to work out how to interpret these cards whilst still learning about them. An example of this is the Apocalypsis card, the guidebook describes this as “removing the veil of deception” and if this card came up as The Initiation in your spread it suggests we are in the midst of a rather painful time of revelation, but this itself will lead to a beautiful rebirth. Sometimes the depths of a transformation can seem suffocating, but that first breath of fresh air as we breach the surface of our rebirth is almost euphoric. But where shadows exist, so must the light. Take the Aletheia card, this card represents truth. It is all about reclaiming your truth in a way that will benefit your health, your energy, and your sense of belonging. The light side of this card is all about bringing clarity and revelation, Aletheia requires you to step in the direction of acting upon that truth to better yourself, whether this be in the form of a ritual, a gesture, or a conversation that must be had to reveal what’s concealed. Aletheia wants you to set the truth free.

This deck really helps bring our focus back to our inner selves, the inner journey we are all undertaking, and helps reflect the messages and answers we need to see. They may seem like an overwhelmingly complicated set of cards at first, but don’t let the quirkiness of this deck put you off, even the most novice of readers have gotten on well with this deck as one of their first oracle sets! 


You may have found that I use this deck amongst the Bosswitch sessions, especially if you are feeling the call to explore your spirituality more. I commonly recommend this deck within the Asteroid Natal Readings for our Chiron placements, and exploring how to heal ourselves from subconscious trauma.

The Starseed Oracle

It’s in our nature to want to belong, to find a place that feels like home, but what about when that place feels like it isn’t of this planet we already call home? You may be a starseed. “What’s a starseed?” I hear you ask. Well, a starseed is believed to be those of us that are born elsewhere within the vast cosmos prior to our life here on planet Earth. The author of this incredibly majestic deck really hones in on this and wants to help you unlock those doors in your very soul whilst guiding you to be who you truly are at your core. You need not feel like you don’t belong, the 53 cards in this deck aim to remind you of just who you are at your very essence. You need not dim your own light out of fear of blinding others to simply fit in with the crowds, these cards want you to shine as bright as you not only need to, but what you deserve to. You were born on this planet for a reason, let them remind you of why.


These cards have been packaged in a particularly unique way as once the lid has been removed, the bottom half that’s holding the cards transforms into a triangle, and oh yes this was indeed done for a reason. For the triangle shape itself symbolises many a mystical meaning, and the one described with this deck in particular is the connection between the vast and alluring universe and the groundedness of our planet Earth. Symbolism is incredibly powerful, and everything within this deck has been done so with immense conscious thought behind why and not just for aesthetics. Being in connection with the universe makes this deck a must-have for those that practice cosmic witchcraft and find power in celestial energy, or even just those that work with the planets as part of their craft, as these cards are all about receiving messages from the great vastness that surrounds this planet and the celestial powers that are at play. Considering cosmic witches base a portion of their craft on the energies and alignment of the planets, these cards can be utilised to help further their craft as they can be used during readings with the new and full moon for example, with bonding with a planet or trying to at least connect with the vibes of that planet – such as Mars, you may wish to work with the energies of this planet for self-confidence and assertiveness which is great when it comes to work, or say a new job interview! And of course embracing the messages the universe has solely chosen for them to hear. Take the CHILD OF THE COSMOS card, this cards message is “surrender to the intelligence of the Universe”, and for someone that is in connection with the universe and/or is seeking to deepen than connection, these cards are nothing more than perfect for touching that part of your soul, that part of you that is truly a starseed.


Each card is represented by the most ethereal artwork along with its name and a sentence or two to portray the overall message. Take the HIRAETH card, this is described as “longing for home. Homesick for the stars.” And is represented by a figure stood atop a mountain above the clouds looking up at the never-ending stars above them with their arms outstretched. For those that don’t necessarily want to have to turn to a guidebook for each new deck they have, or for each reading they do, the artwork alongside these brief messages just hits the nail on the head so well with their representation that you won’t be left questioning “well what does this mean exactly?” Their messages are both clear and precise and thus suit a varied mix of readers, as we all read so differently.


This deck has frequently found its way into the hearts of many an individual, some already being aware that they were truly not of this Earth, and others coming to discover that they are a starseed. This deck has helped many connect the dots between why they feel so lost, like their feet are on the ground but that their soul is beyond the clouds above, helping provide the key to the door that reads “who you truly are lies beyond here”, and isn’t that something we are all after? These cards truly help push the boundaries of what we deem to be our spiritual journey and propel many of us into a new realm we had not yet considered, but all of a sudden it feels like home is calling.


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