Divination Perfume Oil Blend

Each individually handcrafted perfume uses the highest quality aromatherapy oils (and where possible organic & vegan friendly). They contain responsibly sourced charged crystals for intention setting straight away. They are great for everyday wear and putting #magickinthemundane. They’re special enough to also help boost specific rituals you may cast for yourself (when anointing your pulse power points or using sigils on your body).

They’re blended with a nourishing sweet almond oil, in a massaging rollerball 10ml bottle that is small enough to slip into your purse, pocket, or pouch, and they’re in a dark glass bottle so that the quality of the perfume lasts longer. Each perfume oil blend is delivered with reusable items such as flower petals, organza bags, ribbons, and I’m reusing packaging to be less harmful on our planet.

The labels are removable for you to recycle the bottles, and to utilise the crystals for other projects. They make lovely gifts, the smell is luxurious, and I have tested all these perfume blends on myself (me, the witch with constant eczema issues). I currently only ship to anywhere in the UK for perfume oil purchases, this is how I can afford to keep the price so affordable for such a unique product. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have so please get in touch!

Clairalience Collection

apparition oil blend


transformation – transcend – ritual – inspiration – divination – The High Priestess
(features notes of rosemary, sage, patchouli)
*correspondences of psychic intuition, protection, insight

Laze oil blend


wishes – beginnings – abundance – nurturing – change – The Moon
(features notes of plum blossom, cedarwood, ylang ylang)

*correspondences of nourishing, protection, calm

Heliolatry oil blend


ambition – courage – take control – the louder voice – manifesting – power – The Sun (features notes of clove, ylang ylang, neroli)

*correspondences of purification, luck, stimulating

Humane oil blend


doing the work – be kind to yourself – esteem building – forgiving yourself – letting go to go forward – The Star
(features notes of geranium, clary sage, plum blossom)
*correspondences of love, healing, wisdom

Droplets oil blend


emotions – healing – soothing – reflection – depth – dreams – art – Suit of Cups (features notes of bergamot, aloe, lavender)

*correspondences of protection, peace, healing

Zephyr oil blend


communication – thoughts – intuition – education – reform – Suit of Swords (features notes of plum blossom, freesia, cypress)

*correspondences of trust, attraction, inner calm

Balefire oil blend


change – passion – creation – sexuality – confidence – Suit of Wands (features notes of cinnamon, patchouli, frankincense)

*correspondences of success, luck, spirituality

Clay oil blend


grounding – protection – stability – steadfast – support – Suit of Pentacles
(features notes of dark tea, vanilla, sandalwood)

*correspondences of strength, grounding, spirituality