Tarot & astrology Reading FAQ's

I'm happy to answer all of your questions!


why book a reading with me

the witch for guidance

You can count on me so that I will help you double check you're on the right path. Together we will find what you need through divination, what you should be made aware of for clear guidance.

the witch for accuracy

My reviews will show you exactly how I will help you feel because of my accurate af en pointe readings; empowered, clarified, open, supported and comforted.

the witch for support

My reviews show you that working with me is "like stepping into a warm bath for the soul" and "like a therapy session with a good friend". This is a safe space. No judgements. All are welcome and included. We create wonderful moments together over tea and tarot, and through cocktails and clear guidance.

the witch for community

I 100% show up for fellow witches, spiritual folx & genuine people not just through my words, but through my actions too. Across my social media, you'll see where I donate to charities from monthly earnings that align with Backyard Banshee morales, values and beliefs.

live event readings FAQ

“Will if I get a ghost or spirit who comes through, and haunts me?” Lol I get asked this a lot – the short answer is nah, not gonna happen. Whilst I work with the cards retrospectively and through a secular lens, I also double up on energy cleansing before and after each tarot session with a client. If you’re ever curious about protection magick for yourself, however, I do cover it on the Witchcraft section on the website 🙂

“I’ve never had a tarot reading before. What can I expect from a live in-person tarot reading?” During our session, you can expect a personalized and intimate experience. We’ll create a comfortable space where you can openly share your questions or concerns, and we can make it as private as you like. Through the cards, I’ll offer guidance and insights tailored to your specific situation, helping you gain clarity and empowerment. I’ve got a very casual style of reading, like coffee with a friend, so you will have no reason to be nervous either. Trust your instincts, follow your heart, and embrace the magick that awaits.

“How should I prepare for a live in-person tarot reading?” Prep is simple for you tbh! Just come with an open heart and mind, ready to explore the wisdom of the tarot or your astrology. It’s helpful to think about the areas of your life you’d like guidance on or the questions you’d like to ask. But don’t worry if you’re unsure—sometimes the most profound insights come from unexpected places. You can even have a tarot reading if you don’t have a burning question – just ask for a general “what do I need to know” reading 🙂

“Will the tarot reading be confidential?” Absolutely! Confidentiality is paramount in my practice. Your privacy and trust are deeply respected. You can freely share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns during the reading, knowing that everything shared remains confidential. I never reference the name of a previous client unless they’ve publicly declared it themselves (through feedback on socials or testimonials), and even if I was to refer to one of your readings I would never use your name or identifying features for folks to find out it was you.

“What if I’m new to tarot and don’t know much about it?” That’s perfectly okay! Tarot is a wonderful tool for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. I’m here to guide you every step of the way, explaining the cards, their meanings, and how they relate to your situation. You’ll quickly discover the beauty and wisdom that tarot has to offer. I’m totally ok with recording our readings, so you can go away and really think on them, plus our website has all the Rider-Waite-Smith system card meanings so you can find more perceptions here too!

“Can I ask any questions during the reading?” Absolutely! OMG I prefer it if you do tbh! The cards are a versatile and insightful tool that can provide guidance on various aspects of life, and life spans across all themes so it’s good to get specific. Feel free to ask about relationships, career, personal growth, or any other area that you seek clarity in. No question is too big or too small—this is your time to explore and find answers.

“What if I receive a challenging card or message during the reading?” Challenging cards or messages can sometimes arise, but please remember that they are opportunities for growth and transformation. The tarot reveals what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. If it’s telling you to stop spending money, for example, it’ll be brutally honest about why – and that’s what we need sometimes. I’ll be there to provide guidance and support, helping you navigate any challenges with strength and resilience.

What I want for you is to have a live in-person tarot reading that is a nurturing and empowering experience. It’s a chance to gain insights, discover new possibilities, and connect with your inner wisdom. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns—I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Don't just take my word for it

""I'm honestly overwhelmed at how motivated, excited and charged my energies are since the session. I feel so inspired and powerful! I've been able to unlock so much business owner potential."
Kira at Hearts Tarot (Bosswitch Sessions client)
"I've not stopped recommending this to my friends since. Felt like a whole therapy session but with a good friend. The tarot reading so SPOT ON as well and the whole experience brought me so much clarity on what's holding me back and what I should be focusing on to move forward."
Sara Martin (Asteroid Natal Reading client)
"I am literally reading the email and oh my GOD every word I am reading is absolutely spot on. It's actually brought tears to my eyes. I needed that, and every single thing is spot on. I'm amazed how this is so right!"
Nydia Rosario (Live Events & 5 Card Reading client)
"I've just had the most amazing reading from @backyardbanshee. I've had a lot of readings over the years but the combination of astrology and tarot is really unique. I learned a lot and feel reassured. Lizzie is an absolute open book."
The Geordie Witch (Live Events & Asteroid Natal Reading client)
"Just wanted to let you know your advice with early bird has been an absolute dream, I've had so many customers message to say thank you and they prefer the early bird experience as they can fully shop the store! You're amazing and I can't wait to arrange our next session."
NOA.uk (Bosswitch Sessions client)
The best business decision you'll ever make.
The Embroidered Forest (Bosswitch Sessions, Live Events & Bosswitch Projects client)