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Rituals are an essential aspect of witchcraft and are used to create a sacred space, connect with energies, and manifest intentions. They can be as simple or elaborate as you desire and can involve various tools such as candles, herbs, crystals, and incense.

The purpose of a ritual is to set the intention for your practice and bring focus and mindfulness to your actions. It allows us to tap into the energy of the universe and work with it to manifest our desires.

Some common rituals in witchcraft include full moon and new moon rituals, which are typically focused on releasing what no longer serves us and setting intentions for growth and manifestation. Other popular rituals can include those for witches holidays (such as Samhain), spells, and deity or ancestor worship.

zodiac signs

In each sign, there are different rituals that you can do on the full moon and new moon in order to increase your chances of success.

smoke scrying

Here is a Capnomancy ritual for you if you’ve been using your crystal candles and are very much like “What’s next?

rainwater scrying

Here is a low key, low budget, low energy ritual to try using rainwater scrying as a tool for investing in your spiritual side.

wine scrying

Here you can learn a responsible ritual for wine divination and its many benefits to making it more common in your practice.

new moon phase

The New Moon is a wonderful time for manifestation spellwork rituals for witches and spiritual folks alike. It’s a time when the dark night sky is at its most powerful, and is an ideal moment for setting intentions. Learn how to open & close a New Moon ritual, New Moon ritual ideas and New Moon correspondences.

samhain shadow work samhain rituals samhain spells

As the wheel turns and the nights are long and dark, so is our introspection period. Here’s a shadow work guide for witches for seasonal Samhain support, including 15+ Samhain rituals and activities.