smoke scrying

Capnomancy Ritual (Smoke Scrying)

Last Updated: April 7, 2022

Here is a Capnomancy ritual for you if you’ve been using your crystal candles and are very much like “What’s next?”. For the low key ritual below I used candles from @ _waxing_moon_  on IG and they smell AMAZING. I chose the Imbolc tea lights to correspond with quickening, waking up, fresh energy and my days, it smells exactly like this. With the Lemon and Ginger undertones, lingering Rose and Cedar, it’s a perfect balance of warming and energizing. They are based in the UK, use vegan & ethically sourced ingredients when they can, and are offering a 10% off orders with code BANSHEE10 at the Etsy checkout if you want to treat yourself (as you should)! #supportyourlocalwitchgang

Here is a little ritual for a divination smoke reading after some potential candle scrying:

  • Pen & Paper or Notes application
  • Intention Candle (whatever you have access to, can be a cute tealight you have leftover from Christmas if needs be, no judging!)
  • Candle snuffer or spoon
  1. Ensure you’re feeling safe, and that any naked flames are too. Ensure you have enough light to write when the flames go out. Have a pad and pen handy, or use notes on your phone/tablet; this is my go to mind-dump, my notes app is a mess that no therapist wants.
  2. Once you’ve finished any intention manifesting with the candle, and it’s about to burn out or be snuffed out, get comfortable in front and meditate on any queries you have, any questions or worries you would like guidance with. Once it is out and the smoke rises you are good to go ahead.
  3. With a pad/pen write down everything that spills out in front of you whilst you gaze at the smoke – even if it doesn’t make sense yet, even if you’re not sure, even if you don’t see anything you can articulate (doodle what you can and you can always come back to it later). 
  4. When the candle is safely cooled and the smoke is no longer around, open a window. Fresh air leads to a fresh perspective. Look at your list of things you’ve seen. Does anything immediately connect with each other? Do you notice any similarities? Anything you’re not sure on, try to research via Ecosia (or Google, I guess!). Use terms such as “symbolism” “magickal correspondences” “spiritual meaning” to help your research.
  5. That’s it! Low key, low energy and low budget divination method, with virtually no scrying tools needed.

SAFETY STUFF: Be responsible with flames. Keep pets/children/fabrics/oils/alcohol/hair/body parts/hair away from naked flames. Keep on a flat surface, in a secure flat holder. Be especially careful with tea lights as they can melt through plastic even if they’re tiny. Always ensure flames are completely out, and the smoke has gone by the time you’re finished.


I love curating divination experiences for those invested in spiritual growth with secular honest vibes. I am that witch you come to for these honest, interesting and beneficial divination experiences!