wine scrying

How to do an Oenomancy Ritual

Last Updated: April 7, 2022

You will need:

  • Your choice of wine (non-alcoholic/low cal/expensive & super-extra merlot/whatever floats your boat) in a clear glass
  • Your choice of music in the background (I recommend 432hz for focus and intuition)
  • Pen, paper or your notes page on your phone (to jot down any ideas that come to you for research & reflection later)
  • A candle positioned safely behind your glass (so you can see the light through & around the wine in the glass)
  • Prepare an affirmation to speak aloud (such as “I can understand unknowable things”, “If things are hard to process, I can take it”, “My intuition guides me to a deeper understanding” etc)
  • A plate or large piece of paper for droplets
  • Washed clean hands
  1. Cleanse, protect & ward the space that you’ll be working in. I may be secular, but I’m also not one to take risks.
  2. Ground yourself so that you remain focused on the task at hand; if you feel yourself getting too distracted maybe take a break & try another time.
  3. Put your music on, get settled somewhere comfortable, light your candle & pour yourself a glass.
  4. State aloud an intuition affirmation, when you feel your personal power build that is when you are ready to receive messages
  5. Spend some time noting the colours, the smells, even the symbolism on the label. Take a sip, explore the flavours & see if it reminds you of a place or person. During all this take notes, even if it doesn’t make sense to you in the moment.
  6. Continue to enjoy your drink & if you choose to maybe dip a clean finger in your drink, allow a drop or two to fall onto a plate, to create more shapes or symbols.
  7. When you feel it is time to stop, snuff out your candle giving thanks to the universe/spirit guides/deities/yourself for working on this. Then research what your notes mean! Ecosia & Google search engines are a blessing, but there are many divination meaning books out there you can read or download. You are also always welcome to reach out to me too, if you feel like you’d enjoy a conversation to explore these themes deeper!
  8. Whilst it is important to enjoy yourself, please drink responsibly.

I love curating divination experiences for those invested in spiritual growth with secular honest vibes. I am that witch you come to for these honest, interesting and beneficial divination experiences!