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Gemini New Moon Rituals for Manifestation

Last Updated: July 27, 2022

The Gemini New Moon is here, and the most stereotypical response would be “do we trust it?” Geminis are allegedly known for being two-faced, after all. But if you can’t trust the Gemini New Moon when it comes to intellectual boosts, who can you trust? Spoiler alert, some of my favorite people have Gemini placements!

This is also the perfect time to do a spell booster for your manifestations. By using this method, you are putting your desires out there to the universe and asking for what you want.

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Gemini New Moon Themes

The Gemini New Moon has many themes of twins, so this is a time to work on your relationships with others if you have the energy to. This is also a time for setting goals and working on your mental health. Be open to change, to being adaptable, and embrace the growth that comes with change. Challenge beliefs that don’t serve you.

1-2-3 Method: One manifestation journaling example would be to write down what you are wanting to manifest in your life in the present tense. After writing it down, read it out loud twice a day – once when you wake up and once before you go to bed. 

Then find a way to make three small steps towards your goal a day, example: if you were manifesting a better promotion for yourself in work it’d be spending genuine conversation time with those in that role, offering support to those higher up with tasking, and ensuring that the job description matches tasks that you can provide evidence for. 

If you are manifesting a new relationship, it’d be updating your dating profiles online, checking out local events of interest to you where you might meet someone, and spending time on self-love for yourself daily. This will help to program your subconscious mind to start manifesting your desires into your reality and look for opportunities.

Challenging The Critics: Another manifestation journaling example would be to write down your inner critic shittalk for the month. Gemini is a very mental sign, so this is a great time to work on your self-talk. By having positive affirmations that you read aloud every day, and by using facts to combat any negative self-talk, you are programming your mind for success.

I’m not a fan of “live, laugh, love” or “Love & Light” but I am here for positive progression and challenging negative beliefs that aren’t essential to your wellbeing. Intensive CBT has personally changed my life in my early twenties, and so I am a massive advocate.

Articulated Support board: A final suggestion is the Self Hype board. Like a vision board, but all your delightful badass phrases. Save down via Pinterest, to your phone wallpaper, or even in your work diary your favorite hype phrases! “Naysayers can eat a bag of dicks”, “you’ve fucking got this!”, “hex the patriarchy!”, “Remember all the difficult things you didn’t think you could do but have done, and succeeded even more so since? Yeah, thaaaaaaaaat’s you.”

Looking at manifestation journaling examples can help you to get started with your own Gemini New Moon spell boost. By using this method, you are putting your desires out there to the universe and asking for what you want.

don't give up

Learn To Fly Spell Booster

This spell invigorator is something you can add to for ongoing spellwork, when your spell needs that motivated push, or when you want to add new energy to what you are creating. When you are learning to walk, you put in the practice to crawl. It’s the action between. If you want your manifestations to really soar, we gotta embrace learning to fly – a little action towards your end goal.

You will need:

  • A Passionflower
  • Cinnamon
  • Rosemary
  • A small red pouch
  • Red Thread
  • First, take the Passionflower and Rosemary and put them into the red pouch. Then, add a pinch of Cinnamon to the herbs in the pouch. Finally, tie the red thread around the pouch to secure it three times for growth, progression and movement.
  • Now, hold the spell booster in your hands and visualize your desire. See yourself achieving your goal and feel the emotion of what it would feel like to have already accomplished it.
  • As you visualize, say out loud or in your mind:
  • “I ask the universe to boost my energy whilst I manifest my desires. I am open and willing to receive all that I deserve. I am grateful for all that is coming to me. So it is!”
  • After you have done this, place the spell booster somewhere safe and leave it there until your Gemini New Moon manifestation has come to fruition.

Spotify Manifestation Tracks

Many songs can help you to add to manifesting your desires. By listening to Solfeggio Frequencies you can “repair DNA” for manifesting better health & healing, find “anxiety relief” so you lower the stress on yourself whilst you are tracking towards your goals, and even invite luck with “love & miracles”. 528hz is what I listen to on the regular, but I’m not shy from Binaural beats either. Find what works for you, as I also adore listening to empowering af anthems like the ones below.

Here is a list of my top seven Spotify manifestation tracks that support various forms of manifestation:

  • Moonlight Scorpio – “Money Magnet”
  • Maijah – “Butterfly (222)”
  • Peachkka – “Protection”
  • Sophia Rayne – “Intuition”
  • Doja Cat – “Boss Bitch”
  • Tyla Jane – “Energy”
  • Qveen Herby – “Mission”

There are some incredible podcasts out there that focus on Manifestation too, such as those from Natalie Que, Chisa Pennix-Brown, and Amanda Sachartoff.

breath in the future

Change in perspective

It is ok to change your mind or to change your opinion. I don’t know who needs this permission (…..probably a Gemini) but it is absolutely ok to not stay on track with something that doesn’t align with you anymore. You are under zero pressure to maintain any perspective that is not 100% yours. 

You are allowed to let go of whatever isn’t working for you, and you are allowed to walk away from anyone or anything that doesn’t make you happy.

This Gemini New Moon takes some time for yourself. Work on your manifestation journaling, do a spell boost and listen to some Spotify tracks to help you manifest your desires. 

Most importantly, remember that you are in control of your own happiness. Choose what makes you happy and let go of what doesn’t. Your thoughts can change your world, and make it a place you want to be in.

What do you want to manifest during this Gemini New Moon? Let me know via email or on social! Until next time xox


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