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Scorpio New Moon Rituals for Manifestation

Last Updated: October 21, 2022

The new moon in Scorpio is a time for deep reflection, new financial beginnings and committing to transformative change. This is the accurate time to do a financial review and set new intentions for your money situation. In this article, we will discuss how to perform a manifestation ritual specifically for the new moon in Scorpio.

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Change is important

Just like the moon going through another cycle, change is the one thing that is constant. We need to look within and look around all at the same time to keep our heads above the water – and water is very much a Scorpio correspondence. 

Being ruled by the 8th House and by the planets Mars & Pluto in astrology, Scorpio is the sign of death, taxes, sex, secrets and all things taboos. Scorpio is a water sign and is associated with the element of water. 

So when we think about this new moon in Scorpio, it’s a time to get in touch with our emotions and intuition regarding change, transformation and power.

you will get it eventually

Scorpios and Money - what's the tea?

Money like sales revenues, taxes, and investments; are all things that fall under the 8th house in astrology, which is Scorpio’s domain. So when it comes to new moon manifestation rituals for money and financial abundance, this is a powerful time to work some magic.

If you have any outstanding debts, now is the time to start paying them off for added juice. If you’re looking to make new investments, do your research now and put your money where your power is.

It’s also important to remember that we can’t take our money with us when we die, so it’s important to use our resources wisely and in a way that can benefit the collective good. What of your legacy?

Personal Financial Review

Before getting stuck into some manifestation work (whether the intention is on clearing away debt, living more comfortably or increasing your household income), it’s helpful to do a personal financial review. This will give you a clear idea of your starting point, what improvements need to be made and how you can move forward in a more empowered way.

If you’ve been living paycheck to paycheck or find yourself in debt, this is the time to get real about your finances and figure out a new game plan.

Start by looking at your income and expenses for the past month. Where can you cut back? What do you need to change in order to make ends meet? Are there any unnecessary expenses that you can eliminate? What local charities and support groups are there to assist you with funding/grants/financial aid? Have you spoken to someone privately regarding any money worries you may have been having? In the UK we have Citizens Advice Bureau, but we also have companies like and there are plenty of “saving money journeys” on instagram etc to follow for inspiration.

Where can you maximise some time for additional side hustling? What opportunities have come up lately that you can make time for now? Have you recently cleared out your wardrobes to see if you can sell anything that no longer suits you? Do you invest? Do you WANT to invest? Where is your money currently going and could it be working harder for you?

What about government bodies and the policies they are pushing through regarding money? What are they voting for that you agree or disagree with? Who really deserves your vote and support? And the financial paperwork at home, what do you actually need? Is there a better filing system for you?

Once you have a clear idea of your starting point, you can begin to set new intentions and let loose your money mindset “baggage”. Things like “I have to earn so much more money so we can afford growing grocery bills” put additional financial stress on yourself when there are options out there to prove that’s not always the whole truth. (Food waste programmes, shopping around, sinking funds to redirect monthly spending budgets, joining unions for your trade, burning down the conservative governments that fkd it all in the first place, start a global economic revolution etc). 

A great way to work on releasing money mindsets that don’t serve are things like discovering easier ways to understand money and the terms involved, created by elitist tete de bite and run by people who make you want to commit arson.

Saving Jar

Scorpio New Moon Manifestation Ritual - Money Talks

One of the best things you can do during this new moon is to create a new relationship with money. This doesn’t mean it’s ok going out and spending everything you have, but rather examine your attitudes and beliefs around money so that it can aid manifestation towards a set intention. Once you’ve got really honest and clear regarding your money situation, which may have been neglected or not a priority until now, you open yourself up to what your money has to say to you too.

A new moon manifestation ritual for witches and witchy folk is when the moon starts to wax or grow after the new moon point kicks in from its cycle and it’s in the sign usually that the Sun can be in. It is a time when we can set new intentions and plant new seeds for what we want to grow in our lives. We then watch as the actionable steps that align with the new moon intention help us get to our realistic end goal. A new moon cycle is 29.5 days long so I’d advise against super large goals, yet going big is powerful. A large lottery win is unlikely, but a new job offer with a higher rate of pay that suits you better could be a great option for you.

You can use the following steps as a guide:

1. Set your intention for the new moon – what financially do you want to manifest in your life when it comes to money? Write it down or create a vision board so that you can keep your intention front and centre.

2. Set free any old money mindset baggage in the way that works for you – this is the time to let go of any limiting beliefs or negative attitudes that you have towards money. If there’s anything holding you back, filling your focus with worry, now is the time to release it. A private chat with a sensible friend can be very cathartic here.

3. Work with the new moon energy – use this powerful new moon energy to your advantage by setting new goals and taking inspired action. Light a dark green, dark red and dark black candle, with a mirror behind reflecting the light and warmth towards you. Visualise how you’re going to feel on the day you realise you have manifested your goal. Investigate a plan to get what you want, sit and “moonbathe” under the dark sky for a moment, and add a little extra magick with some tips below:

  • Carry jade, green aventurine or serpentine crystals on your person until the next new moon
  • Create a sigil for what you are manifesting, and stick it somewhere you will see it daily
  • Use new moon water (collected for this new moon) in your rituals or for watering plants
  • Make a new moon perfume oil using essential oils that correspond to your intention to wear daily and anoint your vision board
  • Journal daily for this cycle anything related to finance – see what patterns reappear for you, and check out its meaning alongside numerology. Your daily coffee is now £5.55? Change is on its way for suuuuuure
  • Write out your intention on a new piece of paper and keep it in your wallet or purse
  • Light new moon candles (white or corresponding to your intention) and say your intention out loud before blowing them out
  • Read a new moon tarot session for yourself to gain clarity around what you are manifesting

I hope this has shed some light on Scorpio magick, especially for manifesting on the New Moon in Scorpio. I’d love to hear your outcomes, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Until next time xox


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