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Nine of Pentacles Tarot Meanings

The card of abundance, luxury, and self-sufficiency.

Last Updated: March 16, 2024.

After years of late nights, endless hustle, and the rollercoaster ride of challenges, you’ve finally hit your stride. You’re not just dreaming about the future anymore; you’re living your best life, in the present. The Nine of Pentacles is that moment when you realize you can book a spontaneous weekend getaway, or splurge on that gadget you’ve been eyeing, without the guilt trip about your budget.

Where Tarot can sometimes be cryptic, the Nine of Pentacles stands out for its no-frills, easy-to-grasp meaning: it serves as a reminder that self-reliance and perseverance are not just buzzwords; they’re your ticket to a fulfilling life. Just like the woman in the image at the top of this page, you’ve reached the top of the mountain! The card tells you that yes, the grind is tough, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. 

And trust me, as someone who’s laid out countless spreads and witnessed the journeys of many seekers, this light isn’t a mirage—it’s as real as the satisfaction of your first paycheck, or the joy of seeing your personal projects bear genuine fruit.

So, next time you see the Nine of Pentacles, let it fuel your motivation. Let it be a testament to the fact that while the path to abundance and self-sufficiency is rarely a straight line, it’s dotted with milestones that are worth every step. 

Now if that has piqued your interest, keep on reading. I am about to lay out every bit of knowledge I have about this card, be it in a love, or a career related reading, in the upright/reversed position. I am going all in 🙂

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Illustrative Symbolism

Nine of Pentacles from Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck

Each card in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck is filled with symbols and imagery that are rooted in traditional tarot iconography, but they also incorporate elements from a variety of esoteric traditions, including Kabbalah, alchemy, and astrology.

This makes the deck particularly appealing to tarotists who look beyond the surface images to understand the deeper, more hidden meanings.

The Lady

Let’s talk about the lady we see in the 9 of Pentacles. She’s a beacon of self-reliance, standing tall in her own slice of paradise. This isn’t just any garden; it’s her domain, a testament to what she’s achieved on her own terms. Think of her as the embodiment of “I’ve got this,” showing us the value of standing on our own two feet.

Those Glittering Pentacles

Now, about the pentacles scattered around. They’re not just decorative – they symbolize the tangible rewards of hard work. But there’s a deeper layer here: they remind us that success isn’t just about wealth. It’s about finding balance, knowing when to push forward and when to appreciate what we’ve already achieved.

The Lush Garden

And this garden? It’s not just a backdrop. It represents the fruits of labour, both literally and metaphorically. It’s about the beauty of nurturing our goals, and watching them bloom. This lush setting whispers to us about the richness that comes from dedication and persistence.

The Falcon on Her Hand

Perched on her hand is a falcon, and it’s more than a status symbol. This bird mirrors the sharp focus and high aspirations we should aim for. It’s about having a clear vision for the future, controlling our impulses, and strategizing for the long haul. The falcon invites us to look beyond the immediate, to set our sights on the broader horizon.

Important Associations

Upright keywords

Abundance, Independence, Luxury, Self-sufficiency, Achievements, and Success.

Reversed keywords

Overinvestment in work, Hustling, Self-worth, Wreckless spending, Lack of substance, Superficial, Instability, and being guarded.

Yes or No






Ruling Planet


Astrological Sign

Virgo, September 2nd - September 11th, Venus in Virgo

Interpreting the Nine of Pentacles in the upright position

The 9 of Pentacles is the ninth card in the suit of Pentacles (also known as the suit of coins, suit of disks, or suit of rings) and one of the fifty-six suit cards from the minor arcana. In divinatory tarot, the Suit of Pentacles represents the physical, material, financial and earthly aspects of our lives.

The Nine of Pentacles is a sign that you have worked hard to get to where you are. Pentacle energy typically focuses on the material, tangible wealth and gain but this nine focuses more on the harmony you have found in your life, the struggles you have been through in the past are over and you are finally feeling content. The Nine of Pentacles, like the other nines in the tarot, can indicate that your journey is not quite over yet. 

This card also represents the lasting foundation you have made & how now could be the perfect time to find someone to share your accomplishments and life with if you haven’t already. And your accomplishments are big – they aren’t small tasks, but big investments like a solid business, buying a house and making it a home, better health for yourself, etc. All of these things provide you with wisdom in your journey in life, and so you’re in a mature vantage point here as you move forward. Be sure to show gratitude and thanks to all who have supported you on your journey so far, including the universe.

Upright Nine of Pentacles

What it means for love

When this card appears in a love reading it can represent a time of luxury & having everything you need. It doesn’t 

If you’re already in a relationship this card can represent a healthy balance between independence and love between you both. It is likely that you have reached a time in your relationship where you are both feeling content with your relationship. That you’re aware of the elements of independence, interdependence, and how self-love and self-care can fuel this for the beneficial long term. If you’ve been looking to expand on your family with this person, the Nine of Pentacles can also indicate pregnancy, birth and parenting – you’re in a position to do it, and so it’s a nod from the universe in terms of timing.

If you are single this card shows that you are happy being just that. You’re not in a rush to settle down with just anyone because you know the one for you is out there & you don’t want to share your love & time with the wrong person. 

You’re confident and accomplished, and you’ve been valuing your financial freedom and independence – but if you are looking for a relationship, then ensure that the basics are covered and that they are also sharing the goals in life as you. Having similar priorities is a big indicator of how things will pan out between you long term.

What it means for career

Pulling this card in a career reading can signify a light at the end of the tunnel. If you have been struggling financially recently this could signify that rough patch coming to an end. A possible raise or one-time bonus from your employer could come to light. 

The Nine of Pentacles reminds us that we all deserve time to sit back and appreciate all the hard work you have put in and this is truly where we see the fruits of our labour, where we enjoy harvesting of the seeds we sowed so early on. It’s not often we have a card that shares with us themes of financial stability, security and potential returns with minimal additional effort. 

The Nine of Pentacles tells us that all work and no play is no fun and if you’ve been finding that slipping now is the time to bring it back for yourself in terms of balance and grounding. Financially it may also be a good time to invest in property, a house or land, to provide yourself with an additional layer of income. 

The Nine of Pentacles as feelings/emotions

If you are asking the tarot how someone feels about you, pulling the Nine of Pentacles means that they are feeling secure and happy with how things are. They may feel like they have all they need and don’t want to make any big changes within their relationship with you at the moment.

As it is a nine card, they’re likely introspective about you and not extraverted in their feelings, which may leave you confused, but the practical pragmatic energy of the pentacles suggests that they are a person who can reassure you if you were honest to them about how you were feeling.

The Nine of Pentacles as a person

As a personality archetype, the Nine of Pentacles represents a woman who is independent, confident & appreciates the finer things in life. They have material abundance and have worked hard for it. 

This card represents someone who is happy with who they are & they don’t seek validation from others. Having time to themselves is important to them & they value privacy, as well as they appreciate quality and sophisticated style.

The Nine of Pentacles as advice

If you are asking the tarot for advice regarding a specific situation in your life, pulling the Nine of Pentacles means that you should take some time out for yourself, focus on where you want to go & what you want to do to get closer to your goals. 

When you organise your surroundings and have time to patiently sit with your thoughts, things can become a lot clearer.

Astrological Association

Virgo is the zodiac sign associated with the Nine of Pentacles card Virgo is a mutable earth sign considered the healer of the zodiac a perfectionist, highly focused & reliable. They value working hard and being part of a team. 

The Nine of Pentacles focuses on how Virgos value their privacy & time alone. It’s also associated with Venus in Virgo which brings a much more focused, mature and classier preference over tangible objects. 

Is the Nine of Pentacles a yes or no card?

When the Nine of Pentacles is pulled in an upright position this is generally a yes card especially when it comes to finances and success but pulled in a reversed position is best seen as a no to your question. Stay put for now don’t make any big decisions (especially regarding finances if in reversal) at this time. Take a step back and look at all the details.

Below are some of my interpretations, as an experienced tarot practitioner, based on different types of questions:

Question: “Should I make this career change?” 

Card Interpretation: Yes. It is a good time to move forward! You want better things for yourself, so this is a great opportunity to step into a life you want to live.

Question: “Will I achieve my current goals?” 

Card Interpretation: Yes, You feel very self-secure and confident in what you want to achieve this radiates positive energy to those around you. Larger challenges are behind you, so focus your energy on the smaller details to prevent any setbacks.

Question:  “Should I start my own business?” 

Card Interpretation: Before starting a business, ensure that any spending habits for aesthetic purposes or unnecessary marketing purposes are nipped in the bud. When it comes to beauty and style, there is a time and place, and the Nine of Pentacles indicates the importance of these to you – but if you’re setting up a business you’re going to have to be really strict with spending. If you can control and make minimal spend to be profitable, then maybe it’s time to embark on a new business venture.

Nine of Pentacles as Timings / Timeframes

Tarot timing involves assigning precise timeframes or durations to the events and transitions indicated by the tarot cards in a reading. Personally, I use the tarot decan wheel, an astrologically-based method that aligns each Minor Arcana card with a distinct segment of the zodiac calendar.

Based on that, I determined the timing of the 9 of Pentacles to be from September 2nd to September 11th.

Interpreting the Nine of Pentacles in the reverse position

When you pull the Nine of Pentacles in a reversed position it can indicate you may have been reckless with regard to your finances. Subconsciously you may be feeling like you need to impress others with material things but who ultimately benefits from this? It’s not going to be you, is it? What will you become if you continue down this road?

The main message I personally get from this card in reverse is to take a step back and try to focus on other elements that make you feel confident in yourself. Take care of the things that matter to you most that have nothing to do with material things. 

Spend some frugal time with yourself, enjoying hobbies and activities that cost nothing (or very little) such as being in your garden, being out in nature, reading great books, creating your own bath and body care, an at-home spa day, etc. Spend time thinking about who you are outside everything you own, or what you’ve accomplished, and ask yourself once more what will you become in the future?

Reverse Nine of Pentacles

What it means for love

When this card appears in a love reading it can mean that while it may look like you have it all from the outside something is missing. This can sometimes be a subconscious feeling of feeling afraid of sharing your life or someone not accepting you for all you are but what you have. This card calls for you to address your inner fears so you can experience love without fear. 

If you are in a relationship you may feel guarded & unsure about your current relationship. You may not realise this behavior could be pushing the person you care about away. Try and address and talk through these issues. This card reversal can indicate that you and your partner have become too focused on the material aspects of life and need to get back to what’s really important and reconnect with each other.

If you are single you may be looking for a relationship for the wrong reasons or someone could be showing an interest in you because of your wealth & social status. You deserve to find a relationship where those aspects are not the foundations of your relationship, because what if you lost it all? There is more support to a person than social status or money.

What it means for career

In a career reading this card can mean there could be failure ahead due to lack of effort, you will not be successful if you are not willing to put in the work. Things don’t come without work – so if you’ve been sold the idea of “everything will magickally return monetarily for you overnight” then here is your reality check. 

If you own your business, reassess your security. In either career or business the reversed card here can signify elements of theft, of scams and con artists – be wary of who is giving you career advice or suggesting business tools to you as they are likely only looking out for themselves, and your own stability is at risk. 

Be smart, check over details, and maintain at this time. This card warns you to stay away from get-rich-quick schemes & from making investments at this time.


Despite its association with mysticism and occultism, the tarot has grown to become much more than a simple “fortune-telling” tool. For many tarot practitioners, it is a complex system made of symbolic imagery and psychological considerations (Tarot archetypes for example) that can be used for self-exploration, meditation, and personal transformation.

The Nine of Pentacles tarot card is a powerful symbol of abundance, independence, self-sufficiency, accomplishments, and success. When this card appears in your reading, it is often a sign that you have worked hard to achieve financial stability and material success, and that you have the confidence and self-worth to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

However, it’s important to also remember that true abundance and fulfillment come from maintaining a healthy balance between personal accomplishment and connection with others. The Nine of Pentacles invites you to reflect on how you can continue to nurture your independence and success while also cultivating meaningful relationships and connections with those around you.

What does that card mean to you personally? How do you interpret this card in your own tarot practice?

Share your thoughts and experiences with me :). Additionally, If you want to know more about the different tarot cards, feel free to check out my complete list of all 78 tarot cards and their meanings.

Charlotte Coates

Written by Charlotte Coates

Charlotte Coates is a tarot/oracle reader & astrologer from Essex. Helping people on their spiritual journey using divination, astrology & meditation since 2019. Follow on Instagram @theessexwitchx