Seven of Wands tarot card

Seven of Wands Tarot Meanings

The card of defense, perseverance, and courage.

Last Updated: April 16, 2024.

The Seven of Wands is the seventh card in the suit of Wands (also known as the suit of Rods or Staffs) and one of the fifty-six suit cards from the minor arcana. In divinatory tarot, the Suit of Wands is associated with the element of fire and traditionally signifies creativity, inspiration, ambition, determination and willpower. Each card of this suit represents aspects of our lives such as career, travel and spirituality.

Divination practices such as cartomancy can help us make decisions, offer guidance, and help us tune into our intuition when we are at a crossroads in our lives. Understanding the meanings of each tarot card can help you sharpen your interpretative skills so you can get the most out of your readings.

The Seven of Wands is all about you having to defend what’s rightfully yours in one way or another. Sometimes conflicts just cannot be avoided, regardless of how tedious or unnecessary you find them to be – some things just come to try us! So, when this Seven pops up in your reading, know that it’s time to stand in your corner and defend it with all of your might. Luckily, you have the ability to do so. You won’t be facing challenges here that are impossible for you to deal with; situations may be tiring and catch you off guard, but you can handle them – you just have to make sure you don’t lose sight of that.

In this article, we will discuss the meanings of the Seven of Wands in various tarot reading contexts as well as the different symbols and nuances that can be found within this court card.

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Pictorial Symbolism in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck

The artworks from the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck contain deeper esoteric meanings that tarotists love to decipher.

The Seven of Wands is represented by an individual atop a hill firmly holding a wand in both of their hands. They frown as they appear to be taking a defensive position against 6 other wands coming up from the hill below them. The person on the card is also depicted wearing one shoe and one boot, this could suggest that this person had to prepare to defend themselves with no prior warning so had little to no time to prepare for what’s occurring. What is abundantly clear from the imagery is that this individual is standing their ground, and knows how to, regardless of preparedness for the situation.

Seven of Wands from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck

The Seven of Wands key correspondences

Upright keywords

Defensive, protecting your own corner, challenge, harassment, blame, attack.

Reversed keywords

Giving up, being timid, being defeated, burnout, weakness, tiredness.

Yes or No






Ruling Planet


Astrological Sign

Leo, Mars in Leo, August 12th to August 22nd

What does the upright Seven of Wands mean in the Tarot?

Right now, life seems to be a challenge for you! You may be being called to protect your own corner, and very much feel like you’re defending yourself and having to take to the high road to do so. 

Now is the time to buckle down and not give in, you’ll need focus and stamina in order to remain steadfast against whatever is coming to attack you or challenge you. This will be an instance in which you need to prove yourself, so remain dedicated. 

Upright Seven of Wands

When pulled in the upright position, the Seven of Wands is associated with defensive, protecting your own corner, challenge, harassment, blame, and attack.

What does the upright Seven of Wands mean in a love reading

If you’re in a relationship, then the Seven of Wands doesn’t usually support smooth sailing. Unfortunately, you’ll be facing challenges either from within your relationship itself or from those around you. 

This could be in the form of going up against your partner where you’ll be blaming one another for one thing or another, or you’ll both be facing external arguments and attacks from outsiders. This will be a time when you need to defend your partner and your relationship together as not everyone will like you two together – and choice words may be thrown in your direction. 

This doesn’t mean you have to listen to what’s being said, especially if you know it not to be true. Don’t let the bitter, twisted, and unwarranted words of others impact your relationship. If you’re single, then the appearance of this card suggests that you’re potentially interested in someone that has a lot of interest from others too. 

If you want to get noticed, you’re going to have to figure out how you’re going to stand out from the rest of the crowd – this will be the attention you have to fight for.

What does the upright Seven of Wands mean in a career reading?

In most jobs, someone is going to come up against power/position-hungry people, and unfortunately this may be your time to face such an opponent – or opponents! You’re very much going to need to defend rightfully what’s yours because other people will be coming for it. 

This need not be a scary time, however, you have the position and influence that you do for a reason, so embrace your self-confidence and realise you’re where you are because you deserve to be there and face these challenges head-on. 

You need not falter, you have the ability to stand your ground and fight your own corner, so do so knowing you absolutely can do this – regardless of whatever challenge or issue comes your way. Don’t forget that you also have the advantage and that you’re the one at the front here.

The Seven of Wands as feelings/emotions

If you are asking the tarot how someone feels about you, pulling the Seven of Wands suggests that this is someone who looks at you and sees a person, future, and/or relationship/connection that is very much worth fighting for – no matter what it takes.

This is you & them versus the world energy. This is someone that wants to defend you and they’ll do whatever it takes to do just that. Regardless of if there’s any negative history between the two of you, this is someone that wants to move forward positively, and they’re willing to put in whatever work that takes. They truly believe you to be worth the effort. 

Do you feel the same way?

The Seven of Wands as a person

As a personality archetype, the Seven of Wands represents someone that is the righteous advocate! This will be someone that defends their own corner tirelessly but will also defend the rights of others around them – especially those who can’t typically defend themselves.

This is someone that will fight the masses to protect the minority simply because that would be the right and just thing to do. This will be someone that prefers to take the high road when it comes to conflict, so instead of aggression and nastiness, this individual is more than likely going to use their words and their wisdom to defend themselves and their stance – this won’t be someone that’s volatile for the sake of being volatile as they believe words can be sharper than any sword.

The Seven of Wands as advice

It’s time to buckle down and defend yourself, your beliefs, and everything you have around you that you hold near and dear! If you’re facing a war, then do so bravely, now is not the time to back down. Trust in the fact that you can do this, you have all the inner weapons that you need to fight whatever is coming your way. 

You have all the knowledge, skills, and wisdom required here. Resist all that’s coming your way to challenge you because you can win this, you just need to dig your heels in and remember your worth. You got this. 

Is the Seven of Wands a yes or no card?

Due to this Seven’s nature of standing your ground and fighting for oneself, when it comes to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, this is one of the minor arcana’s ‘yes’ cards! However, that ‘yes’ isn’t one that’s going to be presented to you immediately. This card brings along with it the long game, so whilst you will find the success you’re after, you’ll have to buckle down and fight for it over time. It’ll take strength and courage to reach what you’re after, but it is very much doable.

Below are some of my interpretations, as an experienced tarot practitioner, based on different types of questions:

Querent question: “Will I get the job?”

Card interpretation: You have the determination of what it takes to successfully land yourself both an interview but also a new job, but this doesn’t mean that the first job or promotion you go for is the one you’re going to get. You are someone assertive and have the desire to stand your ground and not falter, even if you do face any setbacks with unsuccessful job offers, you’ll keep hitting back – this will eventually pay off. You will land the position you’re after. Alternatively, this could mean that you’ll be facing swift competition for the position you’re after, and you’ll have to work fast and hard to stand out from the rest and prove why you’re the best candidate – but these are natural qualities you have and you know it, so it’s time to shine.

Querent question: “Is this new person in my life good for me?”

Card interpretation: On one hand, this shouldn’t be a person you come into conflict with, as long as you don’t cross paths in the most negative of ways, as this is someone who won’t take that lying down. This is a person that will fight for what they want, and they have the stamina to keep going in the said fight, so that isn’t to say if you go up against each other that you aren’t going to get burnt in the process. This might not be a person that’s willing to compromise on their position, so if you’re on opposing ends, they will be a challenge for you. However, if you’re on the same side and your thoughts, actions, and opinions line up beautifully, then this should be a great connection. This may be someone you can learn from when it comes to showing what it takes in order to rightfully defend your own turf, you may find them inspiring.

Querent question: “Will I achieve my current goals?”

Card interpretation: The road isn’t going to be easy, you’re going to come up against multiple challenges, but you can beat them. You can win. You can achieve what you set out to do. Personality wise you have what it takes to remain grounded and go up against challenge after challenge, always keeping faith in your own ability to do so successfully. So don’t lose sight of what you’re doing, cling to your determination and keep at it no matter what comes your way, and you will be rewarded in the end.

Querent question: “Should I start my own business?”

Card interpretation: You have the qualities that are required in order to get a business up off the ground and take it far. You know that requires your attention and what’s worth dismissing, and this makes you fundamentally great when it comes to finances and monetary transactions – you’ll be great at making deals! You have the determination necessary to do what’s required, so trust in your own natural abilities here and take the plunge if you so wish! It’ll pay off in the long run! 

What does the reversed Seven of Wands mean in the Tarot?

You may be feeling so overwhelmed currently that you’re backing away from any and all conflict, even to the detriment of stepping away from defending what you believe in. You may be feeling so worn out that you just completely give in, you don’t believe you have it in you to carry on fighting anymore and think yielding is your best and, most likely, the only option. 

You could be facing judgement and critique from others, and this is leaving you feeling quite overwhelmed by negative opinions, and you’re not quite sure how to defend yourself right now. You just can’t seem to face up to any challenges at this moment in time, you feel you have lost all power. Ground yourself with facts not feelings, remember who you are, and don’t lose faith.

Reverse Seven of Wands

When pulled in the reversed position, the Seven of Wands is linked with giving up, being timid, being defeated, burnout, weakness, and tiredness.

What does the reversed Seven of Wands mean in a love reading?

If you’re in a relationship, then this card doesn’t really bode well for how things are going currently – or for even how things are going to be going in the near future. It suggests that you’ll be giving up on your relationship at any given challenge or hurdle, even if you believe your relationship to be worth fighting for, you’re shying away from the battle. 

This will result in you feeling disappointed in yourself because of your lack of ability to defend both your partner and your relationship when the time called for it. People will always have thoughts and opinions on other people’s relationships, but if you’re with who you’re with for all of the right reasons, and it’s a healthy relationship, you need to work on not allowing external forces to influence what you do or don’t do, otherwise you’ll be finding this relationship being terminated before your very eyes. 

You’re allowed to defend what’s yours, and you absolutely can. You have it within yourself to do so. However, it can also mean being able to find a compromise with your partner if they’re the one you have been battling with directly lately – so that’s a small plus. If you’re single, then this Seven typically means one of two things. 

You’re either shying away too much from the person you’re interested in, and this is of course not going to lead to any sort of advancement with them, or you’re being completely and utterly too full on and leaving them with very little breathing space. It’s time to either step into the light a bit and let them see you, work on standing out a bit more, and find the courage to admit how you feel, or it’s time for you to step back and see if this person comes after you. 

If their affections line up with yours, they’ll come after you, but they may need the time to think especially if you’ve been overwhelming them slightly with your approach.

What does the inverted Seven of Wands mean in a career reading?

Typically, when the reversed Seven of Wands appears in a career spread, it can suggest that you aren’t doing the best job of protecting yourself or the position you hold. Have you noticed themes of complacency, letting others take credit for your work, and admitting defeat? 

Now is the time to be fighting for all you have achieved, you cannot let those around you undermine you – that isn’t fair. You can’t just bury your head in the sand and hope they’ll stop or go away; there are people within the workplace environment that are happy to drag people’s names through the dirt if it sees their advancement of themselves. 

Be mindful of this and do not allow it to happen. Because of this conflict, you may have lost your usual passion for what you do, as the situation is bringing you great stress and leaving you feeling very overwhelmed and useless. 

It’s definitely caught you off guard, but you can’t sit and take it. Don’t let other people come and pick pieces off of you until there’s nothing left, leaving them room for them to take over, you fought to be where you are now, and it’s time to fight again.


In conclusion, the 7 of Wands tarot card is a powerful symbol of defence, protecting your own corner, being challenged, harassment, blame, and attack. When this card appears in your reading, it is a reminder to stay strong, stand up for yourself, and defend what you believe in despite the obstacles that may come your way.

Despite its association with mysticism and occultism, the tarot has grown to become much more than a simple “fortune-telling” tool. For many tarot practitioners, it is a complex system made of symbolic imagery and psychological considerations (Jungian archetypes for example) that can be used for self-exploration, meditation, and personal transformation.

The 56 lesser arcana cards relate to the day-to-day events of our lives, the more mundane aspects of our existence. Even though that part of the tarot is about the “smaller picture”, it symbolizes the constant choices we make that shape our lives, our characters, and ultimately our destinies.

Have you ever had a reading where the Seven Of Wands appeared? What was the outcome? What does that card mean to you personally? How do you interpret this card in your own tarot practice?

Share your thoughts and experiences with me in the comments below. Additionally, If you want to know more about the different tarot cards, feel free to check out my complete list of all 78 tarot cards and their meanings.


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