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Deities associated with the minor arcana tarot cards

Last Updated: July 26, 2022

Tarot is a historical system for communicating with the divine. Whether you’re calling on your favorite god or goddess, asking them about what’s going on in life right now and need some advice – tarot can help! In this article, I’ll share eight different minor arcana cards that are often associated with various deities from throughout mythology. 

Of course, these aren’t binding rules since every practising witch has their own personal pantheon of celestial beings they connect themselves to so feel free to change up which one best suits wherever their heart claims home may be at any given time. Your practice is unique to you. 

All of the cards I’m going to use for this article are court cards, specifically the Kings and Queens. The court cards in tarot are usually associated with masculine and feminine energies and typically represent people or entities. This lends itself nicely to attaching specific deity energies to each of the cards. 

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Queen of Swords

Deity Associations: The Morrigan, Hekate, Hel, Isis

The suit of swords is associated with wit, intelligence, cunning, and vigilance and the Queen is mature, feminine energy that demonstrates these qualities. The Morrigan and Hekate are both often associated with swords in their lore and have fiercely cunning energy that is well represented by this card. Hel is both intelligent and vigilant as a goddess of death and the underworld. Isis is a goddess of magic and wisdom and is said to be a protector of kingdoms. 

All of these qualities match up quite well with the energy of the Queen of Swords

King of Swords

Deity Associations: Odin, Hephaestus, Thoth

Since we associate Swords with knowledge and wisdom, these three deities pair well with the King of Swords. All three are associated with both knowledge and wisdom in different ways within their respective lore. 

Odin is a part of many stories around the Tree of Knowledge in Norse mythology and his two ravens are named Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory). Hephaestus’ knowledge lies within a specific area, but as the Greek pantheon’s swordsmith, his association is both metaphorical and literal. 

Thoth is the god of writing, science, and judgment. He is said to have such clear judgment that he is also associated with the judging of souls moving into the afterlife in Egyptian mythology.


Queen of Pentacles

Deity Associations: Persephone, Neith, Cerridwen

The suit of Pentacles is associated with money, material goods, and abundance. The Queen of Pentacles is somewhat calculating energy as she is an excellent steward of resources.

While Persephone is the Queen of the underworld in Greek mythology, she is also a goddess of spring and when she comes back up from the underworld each spring is when the plants and flowers come back to life. She is also associated with the herb mint, which is strongly connected to abundance.

Neith is connected to the creation of the universe in Egyptian mythology and is heavily associated with creation and hunting, both of which are part of abundance. Cerridwen is the goddess of witches in Celtic lore, but she is a goddess of creativity, which is associated with the Queen of Pentacles as well.

King of Pentacles

Deity Associations: Hades, Dagda, Osiris

These three deities are all associated with the masculine energy embodied in the King of Pentacles, as they are all connected somehow with abundance and wealth. Hades, while he is the god of the underworld, is also heavily sought after for his abilities with business and money. 

Dagda (or in some cases The Dagda) is the god of the earth and is connected to the changing of seasons. He also is said to have a cauldron full of food that is never empty. 

Osiris is the god of fertility, agriculture, and resurrection. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is associated with the fertility of the Nile River delta.

Queen of Cups

Deity Associations: Frigg, Brigid, Aphrodite, Hathor

The suit of Cups is connected to emotions, particularly love and longing, and the Queen of Cups is both a fierce and loving energy. Her maternal associations are what connect these first two goddesses.

Frigg is the goddess of childbirth, motherhood, and wisdom. In Norse mythology, she is said to go to great lengths to get her son back after he is killed. Brigid is also a goddess of fertility and motherhood, however, she is connected to wisdom, healing, and protection as well.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and, since the suit of Cups is also connected with the element of water, it’s particularly relevant that Aphrodite was born out of the sea. Hathor is the epitome of femininity in the Egyptian pantheon and is associated with joy, love, and sexuality.

King of Cups

Deity Associations: Anubis, Balder 

While the feminine deities associated with the suit of Cups are typically about love and motherhood, the masculine deities are more about care, compassion, protection, and fatherhood.

Anubis is the god of the afterlife in Egyptian lore. He oversees the mummification process and the transition to the afterlife with care and compassion. Balder is the Norse god of beauty, love, and kindness.

Queen of Wands

Deity Associations: Sekhmet, Freyja, Athena

Wands are a suit of action, passion, and conflict and is often associated with adventure. The goddesses above are all passionate warriors and are action-oriented. 

Sekhmet is the goddess of war and protector of Pharaohs, often seen with the head of a lioness and associated with the sun. 

Freyja is the goddess of both love and war, showing the depth and complexity of the Norse pantheon and how the two concepts can often be connected by passion. She is also associated with cats, as there is a feline connection between all three of these goddesses. 

Athena is a goddess of warfare and strategy, often shown holding a weapon of some kind, and she has a feline guardian connected to her.

King of Wands

Deity Associations: Thor, Zeus

These two deities are both associated with the more protective nature of the King of Wands. Thor is most widely known as the god of thunder, but he is a god of protection and bravery as well as healing abilities. In Norse mythology, he is a guardian of Earth and humans. 

Similarly, Zeus is connected with lightning but is also the god of protection for humanity and a widely accepted father figure for both humans and other gods. Zeus, of course, is also the actual father of several demigods in Greek lore. 

As I previously mentioned, these are merely a starting point for your deity work and practice. While I don’t work with all of these deities personally, I have connected with most of them through my work as a channel for deities and a guide for other practitioners looking to get into deity work. 

The beautiful thing about witchcraft is that you make it your own. If your relationship with a deity connects you to a different tarot card, that’s cool. There are so many ways to work with deities and the tarot. It’s your practice, so do what feels right for you.

As an added bonus, here is a quick table of eight additional cards from the minor arcana that can be associated with deities.

CardAssociated WordsDeity
7 of SwordsStealth, Trickery, InventivenessLoki
2 of PentaclesBalance, Weighing OptionsAnubis
Ace of CupsNew Love and EmotionsAphrodite/Venus
7 of CupsFantasy, Illusions, DreamsCerridwen
Ace of WandsNew Adventure, Risk, InspirationArtemis
9 of PentaclesAutonomy, Self-Sufficiency, AbundanceBastet/Bast
4 of SwordsRest, Recovery, HealingApollo
6 of WandsRecognition, Pride, AccomplishmentNike

Written by Jamie Kieltyka

Jamie is an eclectic witch, spiritual mentor, and tarot reader who is passionate about educating others and dedicated to helping people trust themselves. Born in Chicago, she has lived on both coasts and has worked in Education for 8 years. As a child she recognized the magic in everything, especially writing. She has been on a dedicated spiritual journey for five years and has learned so much that she wants to share. In her spare time, she likes to read, write, and get out to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can often find her baking cookies and dancing/singing to 90s music. A homebody at heart, she loves anything to do with making the home more magical. She currently resides in central California with her handsome ginger tabby, Tabasco.

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