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Positive Tarot Cards - The Best Cards to Pull

Last Updated: July 26, 2022

The tarot can be a great source of positivity and hope, especially when you are feeling lost or down. Sometimes all you need is a little reminder that things will eventually get better. Since the tarot contains 78 cards, some of them are bound to become your favorites dues to their positive messages. In the below articles, we outline some of the best tarot cards to pull when you need some positive vibes in your life.

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The wheel of fortune, the star, and the world

Positive Major Arcana Cards

The Sun

The Sun is card of warmth, good fortune, of happiness brings joy, light and love to any reading. Reunions, vacations, happy family moments – this card signifies a loving, successful and happy feeling. Whatever journey you have been on, the end goal is in sight and you’ve made it.

The World

This card has key themes of travel, community, journeys, completion and change. This card would come up usually if there has been an accomplishment of goals; The World signifies it is now time to celebrate that joy and success! In regards to change, I love that this card can come up when things aren’t great – it means that it’s shifting in your favour and removing obstacles from your path.

The Lovers

This card shows you that there is someone here for you in terms of support and love, whether it’s romantic or not. This is the “Ride or Die” card that I love to see in a spread. If you’re facing a difficult choice, this card reminds you to align with the values that have been supporting you from day one. 

Learn the meanings of the Lovers as well as the various advice it can offer you.

Wheel of Fortune

This Wheel of Fortune’s card keywords are related to fate, destiny, karma and divine intervention, and it advises that you should just trust the process. The universe is on your side, and it may begin to feel like anything is possible. Destiny may be providing you with abundance, with love and with all the right circumstances for something delicious to come your way. Follow your intuition.

The Star

This card has key themes of wishes, dreams, goals being met and generally helping others in a massively influential way. The star is a card of hope and healing is my favourite, and I love the alliance with Aquarius as an astrological sign – outside-of-the-box thinking to provide much-needed solutions that benefit the community.

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Positive Minor Arcana Cards

4 of Wands

The 4 of wands card shows up to say “You’re doing amazing, so take a quick breather”. A card for rest, relaxation and a break so that you can move forward with a strong base, a solid foundation, for any changes that may come up next. You have permission from yourself to rest for a moment and look at your growth. This card celebrates partying with friends, families, coworkers, and with those who celebrate your spirituality too. 

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups card has key themes of new love, new friendships, new passion and new happy opportunities. If you’ve met someone, this is a fantastic indicator that things are good. If you’ve started a new project, this shows support for you. If you are starting a new beauty regime, this card guides you on the self-care route than the decorative approach. A very loving, supportive and generally kind card to show up for you, the Ace of Cups sees the potential in what you are doing.

9 of Cups

The 9 of Cups is a card of abundance, accomplishment, and appreciation. It can signify a job interview, a promotion, or a business success. It can indicate that exams are going to go well, that meetings will end favourably and that the happy outcome you’ve wished for will come your way.

10 of Cups

The happiest minor arcana card, the 10 of Cups card has keywords of happiness, joyous occasions, family, celebration and adoration. This is the “fairytale ending” card that makes you think of engagements, pregnancies, weddings and fantastic occasions where love is really celebrated.

Ace of Pentacles

This is a card of new job, new home, new treats presents or gifts. This is a good luck card, where bonuses are possible and new deals that benefit you can not only be struck but delivered quickly!

Learn the meanings of the Ace of Pentacles as well as the various advice it can offer you.

10 of Pentacles

This is a large-purchase type of card – engagement ring, buying your first home, the completion of a happiness project. I’m not surprised when folks pull this card are due to be married or due to give birth, or when they have been saving for a deposit for a while. The 10 of Pentacles card is really fortuitous and can signify generous gifts and donations, inheritances of large sums of money or of a home, and of those deciding to move in together to find the perfect home. A very happy card of one cycle ending, another beginning… with additional closeness, luck and love there.

So there you have it, the most positive tarot cards you can possibly pull, whether upright or reverse. When they appear to you in a tarot reading, know that great things are on the horizon.


I have been reading Tarot for more than 15 years. I have always enjoyed using my intuition to provide clarity and insights to others. Tarot is one of my favorite forms of divination, and I love sharing that passion with like-minded folks.

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