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12 Cards Full Moon Year Ahead Tarot Spread

Last Updated: April 11, 2022

For the year ahead, all Full Moons are now down here as a tarot spread for 2022; I have gone over every Full Moon for you and what each can bring for you. Full Moon tarot practices are important because it can help with your connection to self-care, reveal consciously what has been hidden subconsciously, and it strengthens inner retrospection. It also provides clear guidance for the days ahead. 

This is possible because of the divination guidance it provides, as well as how easy they make connecting with that can feel without having to perform a big ritual or doing one at all during certain times like Full Moon days themselves! It’s a perfect way to connect spiritually in times of deep reflection, like the winter periods. 

A Year Ahead tarot spread also gives us an awareness about what might come up next year which helps put everything into perspective for when we start making plans. A lot more than simply needing insight – these tools can transform lives. Knowing where I’m going in life has always helped me keep things in perspective.

Year ahead spread layout & questions to ask

This 12-card tarot spread covers every Full Moon for 2022, and so can be helpful when planning ahead month to month. Not only this but it also helps you create goals that align with astrology in order to bring more divination to your journey!

To begin, shuffle your tarot deck and draw a card for each position in the yearly tarot draw as shown in the below layout.

Finally, take some time to reflect on the questions that each card position represents and what message the tarot cards in that position might be trying to tell you. If you’re just starting to learn tarot, or if you’re still getting to know your deck, you may find my in-depth articles on the meanings of every tarot card helpful.

full moon year ahead tarot spread

Tarot card #1: Full Moon in Cancer - How can I nurture my life?

Full Moon in Cancer (January 17th 2022) = How can I nurture my life. This includes tips for how you nurture yourself, how you show up for others, and best practices that will suit you and your journey.

Tarot card #2: Full Moon in Leo - Creative Energy to tap into for the year ahead

Full Moon in Leo (February 16th 2022) = Creative Energy to tap into for the year ahead. We want tips on how to dance on tables, show up for ourselves and be comfortable sharing our process & our pride.

Tarot card #3: Full Moon in Virgo - Habits to support creative energy

Full Moon in Virgo (March 18th 2022) = Habits to support Creative energy. This is your energy sustainability check-up, and how to keep servicing yourself (not others) so that you can continue enjoying a creative spike.

Tarot card #4: Full Moon in Libra - Shaping my independence for a healthier balance

Full Moon in Libra (April 16th 2022) = Shaping my independence for a healthier balance. This will show you new ways to explore yourself, explore your spiritual journey and your independence. It can also bring up things to try in relationships!

Tarot card #5: Full Moon in Scorpio - What needs to end, change or transform to support this journey

Full Moon in Scorpio (May 16th 2022) = What needs to end, change or transform to support this journey. This card will show you what needs to be released this period so that you make space for growth in the next moon phase.

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Tarot card #6: Full Moon in Sagittarius - What can I learn that'll help me evolve

Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 14th 2022) = What can I learn that’ll help me evolve. This card will show you opportunities to build on your own personal development, whether that is with education or spirituality or culture. What’s important is that you do not rush *the thing* but take a baby step approach, to really enjoy the journey in which you move forward.

Tarot card #7: Full Moon in Capricorn - What work habits can I put into place to support my own development

Full Moon in Capricorn (July 13th 2022) = What work habits can I put into place to support my own development. This card will be similar to your Full Moon in Virgo pull, but specifically vocational needs to be met will be highlighted here for you.

Tarot card #8: Full Moon in Aquarius - What social cause can I support

Full Moon in Aquarius (August 12th 2022) = What social cause can I support. This card will indicate something larger than you where you still matter and bring in authority, where you bring in assistance and you bring in change. Take this advice to explore activism and a way to help your community, your future generations and your planet.

Tarot card #9: Full Moon in Pisces - What subconsciously slips through the cracks

Full Moon in Pisces (September 10th 2022) = What subconsciously slips through the cracks. This can be an area where you can pull up mental health assistance and dreamwork answers. Pay attention to the themes that come through here.

Tarot card #10: Full Moon in Aries - How will I see I'm not doing this alone.

Full Moon in Aries (October 9th 2022) = How will I see I’m not doing this alone. This card can show you ways to create a community, that still respects your independence and fiery nature to embrace.

Tarot card #11: Full Moon in Taurus - How can I comfort my soul

Full Moon in Taurus (November 8th 2022) = How can I comfort my soul. This is a self-care card and ways to encourage security, sustainability and finding beauty in the everyday.

Tarot card #12: Full Moon in Taurus - How can I comfort my soul

Full Moon in Gemini (December 8th 2022) = How can I be kinder to my darker self. We all have a shadow aspect, and this card shows up to remind us of the ways we can be accepting and loving, not hating on or dismissing the parts of us that really need the love right now.

I’m sure you will enjoy this twelve card tarot spread and specifically journaling along the way, noting in your diary things to look out for, and specifically feeling more connected with the Moon and its full phases for 2022.

I’m wishing you all the best on your journey! xxx


Written by Lizzie B

I love curating divination experiences for those invested in spiritual growth with secular honest vibes. I am that witch you come to for these honest, interesting and beneficial divination experiences!

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