How to Start a Business Tarot Spread: Tips, Tricks, and More

Last Updated: March 23, 2022

Are you thinking of starting your own business? If so, you may be looking for guidance and advice. A tarot reading can be a great way to get started. In this blog post, we will discuss how to start a business tarot spread and some tips and tricks to help you out. We will also provide a few resources that you can use to get started. So, whether you are just starting out or you have been in business for a while, a tarot reading can help!

Why do you want to start a business in the first place?

Some people are born to start new businesses, while others find themselves in the role of an entrepreneur by chance. People start their own business for many reasons but for the most part, you don’t want to work for anyone else. The key is that you need a clear idea about what your business will look like moving forward and how it can best serve not just yourself but other individuals as well. 

I regularly reflect on the social impact of my business, the community that I want to benefit. Once these things have been figured out, then one should be able to spot opportunities that may present themselves during their journey towards success; however, this doesn’t happen overnight! It takes time for everything from building relationships with potential clients or securing funding through grants and loans – all those things we call “obstacles.” But don’t let them discourage us: every obstacle has its own unique solution – and tarot can provide that small business start-up support.

What your business is called, and why?

When it comes to choosing your business name, it’s important to go with something that feels right for you. It should be something that reflects your values and what you hope to achieve with your business. For me, I wanted a name that would reflect the honest, rough, raw supportive nature of my work. I also wanted it to be aligned with my niche, and not many folks know the extent of a Banshee’s loyalty so I am happy to be the one to share the knowledge. You can be sure that my cackle of a dirty laugh definitely played into this too!

Who is your business target client going to be, and why?

If you know who your ideal client is, this is amazing. For those who do not know, it isn’t “everybody” before you try me with that. It is important to get specific when starting a business because this will help to focus your marketing and content creation. It also helps you understand what services or products you should offer. 

When I first started reading tarot professionally, my target client was anybody who would listen! But as I’ve gotten more experience and focused my niche, I now know that my ideal client is a professional who is looking for honest, direct, and compassionate readings (whether for their business or their spiritual growth). 

They might be going through a tough time in their life, at risk of burnout and are seeking guidance. Or, they might be at a crossroads and need clarity on what path to take. Journal on this and the following questions: Where does your ideal client live? What do they do or what situations is it that makes you the perfect solution to help them? How does your business improve their life?

Tarot card to symbolise your business brand values.

The tarot card that I feel best symbolizes my business brand values is The Queen of Wands. The Queen of Wands represents the archetype of the creative, passionate, and entrepreneurial woman. She is a go-getter who is confident in her abilities and isn’t afraid to take risks. She is also someone who is kind and compassionate, as well as being fiercely loyal to those she loves. I feel that these are all qualities that reflect my business brand values. What about you? Choose your own significator card or alternatively let the cards help you decide.

Tarot card to symbolise your main business goal (or use The Emperor or The Empress)

The tarot card that I feel best symbolises my main business goals is the Star card. The Star card represents to me that hope, dreams, and wishes can come true with a little bit of faith and perseverance. It also reminds me that even when things seem dark, there is always light to be found. I feel that these are both qualities that are important in achieving my business goals. What about you? Choose your own tarot card or alternatively utilise The Emperor or The Empress for big empire big money vibes.

How to start your business tarot spread layout & questions to ask

To begin, shuffle your tarot deck and draw a card for each position as shown in the below layout.

Finally, take some time to reflect on the questions that each card position represents and what message the tarot cards in that position might be trying to tell you. If you’re just starting to learn tarot, or if you’re still getting to know your deck, you may find my in-depth articles on the meanings of every tarot card helpful.

start your business tarot spread

Tarot card #1; How will my business fit into my life?

This card will show you how starting your own business will fit into your life. Even if the card pulled is typically negative, it shows that these changes can lead to new opportunities and growth.

Tarot card #2; Where should I get started?

This card will show you your main point of focus. This is the task that needs attention first.

Tarot card #3; What will be my first focus for the first month/six months/year?

This card will show you where your major focus will be for the first selected time period of your choosing – ensure you give yourself plenty of time to get things done, plenty of patience with yourself whilst you’re learning and plenty of self-care during this period when completing this topic or task.

Tarot card #4; What does my life path look like aligned with the new business?

This card shows up to encourage ways the two are linked. The more you listen to your intuition, the more in-tune you’ll be with starting a business that is an authentic expression of yourself.

Tarot card #5; Which areas will thrive because of being in alignment?

This card will show you which areas of your life will improve because you’re starting this business. These could be areas such as your personal relationships, your health, or your finances. This card you should remember as a reminder you are doing great work.

Tarot card #6; What is the business's main soul purpose?

This card will show you what the main purpose or priority goals of your business are. What is it that you’re trying to achieve with this venture? Keep this in mind as you move forward so that you can stay focused on your goals.

Tarot card #7; What is the business's desires, goals and wants?

This card will show you what the business’s goals and desires are. What does it want to achieve? What does it want to manifest? Keep these things in mind as you work on your business so that you can help it to achieve its goals.

Tarot card #8; Suggested Marketing message

This card will show you a suggested marketing message or method. It could be something as simple as an Instagram post or a Facebook ad. Whatever it is, make sure that it is in alignment with your business’s values and goals.

Tarot card #9; Suggested Marketing tone of voice

This card will show you a suggested tone of voice for your marketing. This could be anything from serious and professional to lighthearted and fun. Again, make sure that it is in alignment with your business’s values and goals.

Tarot card #10; Suggested Finances area of support or concern

This card will show you an area of finance that you should either focus on or be aware of. This could be anything from budgeting to investing. Make sure to take this into consideration as you move forward with your business so that you can make the best decisions for your finances. An example of this is Two of Cups; Ensure that all of your vendors are paid on time to maintain a happy working relationship.

Tarot card #11; Administration and how to keep on top of it for your business

This card will show you an area of administration that you should focus on. This could be anything from bookkeeping to customer service. Make sure to take this into consideration as you move forward with your business so that you can make the best decisions, and any tips or support this card offers in terms of baseline paperwork.

Tarot card #12; Operations of your business and how to ensure it runs smoothly

This card will show you an area of operations that you should focus on. This could be anything from hiring to product development. Make sure to take this into consideration as you move forward; any tips or support this card offers in terms of running a smooth operation. An example of this is the Knight of Pentacles; He suggests that you put systems and processes in place to make things run smoother. Potentially even hiring a smooth, strategic consultant for projects you take on in an ad-hoc fashion.

Tarot card #13; Sales, Revenue and market areas to grow, evolve and expand

This card will show you an area of sales or revenue that could be a way for you to grow, expand as a business and evolve into bigger things. This could be anything from focusing on pricing to finessing target markets.

Tarot card #14; What your business wants you to know

This is the final card of the reading exploring what it would be like to set up the business and it will offer you some final words of wisdom. This could be anything from a reminder to stay focused on your goals, to take things one step at a time or to delegate when needed. Whatever it is, make sure that you take this message to heart as you move forward with your business idea.

Tarot card #15; Likely outcome for the first year of business

This final card will give you a glimpse into what the likely outcome of your first year of business will be. This could be anything from success to challenges. Ideally what we would want to see is a very prosperous card, but the reality of it is that we are more likely to see slow returns and slow growth after year one. Most businesses fail within the first year but if you keep moving forward you will grow too; listen to the advice of those who have succeeded their first year through values that align somewhat with yours? You’ll find that you’re in the right place. All you can do is trust your gut, be true to you and your values, and know that you are in charge – you decided to be your own boss!

In case you missed the message here throughout … You can do this!

Starting your own business can be daunting but it is also very exciting. Use this 15-card tarot spread to get an idea of what you should focus on as you move forward. And remember, starting your own business is a process. Take your time, do your Bosswitch research, and trust your gut. You got this!

Additional resources that can help you

I just wanted to offer up some of my favourite online resources;

Canva –

Canva is a fantastic graphic design tool with thousands of templates, and you can sign up for free. If you’re creating invoices, logos, worksheets, tarot spreads, whatever! Canva has it all for you.

IQ Hashtags –

IQ Hashtags is a great tool for Instagram where you can manage your Instagram analytics, and you can do so for free! I also really love their blog posts

My newsletter and my blog posts –

These are free resources for you that have monthly updates that never spam your inbox or take too much time to read through! So grab a coffee (mine’s with oat milk babe) and let’s get you supported from this Bosswitch business bestie!

So there you have it! A fifteen card tarot spread to help you when starting a business. I hope that these tips and tricks were helpful and that you find success in your venture! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at any time x


Written by Lizzie B

I love curating divination experiences for those invested in spiritual growth with secular honest vibes. I am that witch you come to for these honest, interesting and beneficial divination experiences!

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