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Mercury Retrograde Tarot Spread

Last Updated: December 5, 2023

“What the f**k, Mercury?” is pretty much what everyone is thinking during a Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury goes Retrograde 3-4 times each year and it’s notorious for causing all sorts of chaos in our lives. Tech fails (like the Big Facebook Blackout in October 2021), travel plans get canceled and people find they aren’t communicating as clearly as they normally would. Think along the lines of sending a serious typo to your boss!

For 2023 to 2025 the GMT based Mercury Retrograde dates are:

(Shadow Starts ~ Retrograde Begins ~ Shadow Ends)

  • November 25th 2023 – December 12th – January 21st 2024 (sag/capricorn)
  • March 19th 2024 – April 1st – May 13th 2024 (aries)
  • July 17th 2024 – August 5th – September 11th 2024 (leo/virgo/leo)
  • November 7th 2024 – November 26th January 3rd 2025 (sag)
  • March 1st 2025 – March 15th – April 26th 2025 (pisces/aries)
  • June 30th 2025 – July 18th – August 25th 2025 – (leo)
  • October 21st 2025 – November 9th – December 17th 2025 (scorpio/sagittarius)


Mercury retrograde tarot spread layout & questions to ask

This time, my 6-card Mercury retrograde tarot spread can help you make the most of it as I guide you through the madness (and the overhype… it’s not that big of a deal in my household). Seriously, here are some witchy tips on how I make the most out of this wacky time.

  • Utilise Shungite & Obsidian crystals for tech protection.
  • Sigil protects yourself when travelling, like a sigil drawn onto your phone wallpaper or the bottom of your shoes.
  • Enjoy “throat chakra” and communication meditations in your downtime
  • House protection spells are a great time to cast right now so top up that spell jar collection!
  • Make sure you carry cash on you in case cards go missing & if things break have a small amount of cash spare/insurance in place (my microwave and my toaster have both bits the dust during retrogrades).

Mercury Retrograde is a pain in the ass but it’s also a great time to do some Tarot readings! So today I’m going to show you my favorite Mercury retrograde tarot spread.

Just remember: when Mercury goes into retrograde, the best thing to do is stay indoors and avoid all human contact. Like, stay in bed for the whole duration… shhhhh naturally, I’m joking! Just live your life as you normally would, but have an awareness of how things can change in life, how you adapt with grace & ease, and how your life unfolds with the planetary shifts too.

To begin, place The Magician in the centre. This card is linked with Mercury due to themes of control, Air and both relate to how you think, perceive, and process moving forward.

Then, shuffle your tarot deck and draw a card for each position in the tarot draw as shown in the below layout.

Finally, take some time to reflect on the questions that each card position represents and what message the tarot cards in that position might be trying to tell you. If you’re just starting to learn tarot, or if you’re still getting to know your deck, you may find my in-depth articles on the meanings of every tarot card helpful.

  1. What I will be able to have control over will be shown clearly, matter-of-a-fact, and will give your reassurance that within the melodrama of retrograde everything’s not lost.
  2. What should I just let go of for Retrograde is a warning to completely release control over, as this is an inevitable scenario for you, so put your energies elsewhere.
  3. What I really need to be mindful of for this period is to share opportunities for either healing or harm; you need to mentally have your wits about you for this, there are blessings in the lessons here.
  4. Advice for travel this period; take note whether this is a Yes or No card.
  5. Advice for communication and how I can be clearer; journal with this card to explore ways to communicate more concisely and with clarity so there’s no room for miscommunication and discomfort.
  6. Advice for technology and how it will impact me; take note whether this is a Yes or No card, or if it’s specific advice for travel plans (such as The Chariot Reversed might indicate a road trip won’t go as planned!).
  7. I’m sure this spread will give you some clear plans for the Mercury Retrograde ahead but more so it gives you an edge over those who don’t utilise tarot…

So maybe now is a good time to pull out the cards for a friend, to help reassure them too! Sending you all of my love xxx

mercury retrograde tarot spread

What to do after this mercury retrograde tarot reading

After you’ve finished a tarot reading, there are a few things you can do in order to reflect on the experience and integrate the insights you gained. Here are some suggestions:

Use a tarot journal to record your findings

Jotting down your thoughts in a tarot journal after reading can be helpful in a few ways. First, it can help you remember the details of your reading later on, such as how you felt at the moment and perhaps your first impressions of what a card meant. Second, it can provide a space for you to process the information you’ve received and explore what it means for you. Third, it can be a way to keep track of your progress over time as you revisit your journal entries and reflect on your journey.

Take a picture of the cards

If you want to remember the position of the cards and what they meant in relation to your questions, take a picture of the spread. This will help you look back on the reading later and review the insights you received. Sometimes, clarity is better acquired after you’ve stepped back from the situation for a little while and had some time to process it.

Some people create Instagram accounts or Pinterest accounts specifically for this, and if you use any of our spreads please tag us @backyardbanshee if you feel comfortable!

Take some time to meditate and reflect

Immediately after a tarot reading, it’s important to take some time to sit with the insights you’ve received. This can be done through proper meditation, visualisation, or simply taking some time to reflect on the reading. It can be helpful to think about what the messages from the cards mean for your life and how you can apply the advice that was given to you. That time can also be used to replenish your energy level and cleanse your tarot deck.

Get a second opinion from a close friend

If you have close friends who also happen to be tarot practitioners, it can be helpful to get their take on your reading. They may be able to offer additional insights or perspectives that you hadn’t considered before. This is also a good way to get feedback on your own interpretation of the cards.

Ensure to ask permission before just blindly sending your cards across in a message and saying “what does this mean to you?” as your friends may not have the energy or have a boundary with this sort of thing – manners cost nothing, and this is especially to note if they are a professional tarot reader who normally gets paid to interpret readings.

Layer your reading with more divination

Why not try adding astrology dice or a pendulum reading to your tarot session? Your intuition will guide you on how to best use these tools, but they can be helpful in providing more clarity around the messages from your tarot reading. We have lots of methods for you to utilise here on the website.

Do the same reading a month later

This is a great way to check in on your progress and see how far you’ve come. It can also be helpful in understanding the cyclical nature of our lives and how our current situation is likely to change over time. This can be especially useful if you’re struggling with a decision or trying to figure out which path to take as to offer suggestions, provide perspective and encourage your confidence to move forward.

At the end of the day, tarot readings are meant to be a helpful tool, not a replacement for your own intuition. The best way to use tarot is to combine the insights you receive with your own understanding of the situation. Trust your gut and follow your heart—the answers you’re looking for will come.

It is my hope that these tarot spreads on my website help you with clarity and articulate whatever is going on. Let me know what you think of this tarot spread in the comments below and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


I have been passionate about reading divination for more than 15 years. This gives me a unique perspective when it comes to creating fun, supportive and creative tarot spreads. I hope they help you find the clarity and insight you are looking for.

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