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Pluto Retrograde Tarot Spread

Last Updated: January 15, 2021

Pluto Retrograde is not a time to freak out. No retrograde is. In fact, it’s more of an astrological timing to check in with yourself. When retrograde happens, especially Pluto, it’s a chance to transition into a happy healthier place in your life, by letting certain things go.  This 8-card Pluto retrograde tarot spread will help you with balancing the energies of a subconscious focused time and how to handle situations that may impact addiction, mental health struggles and dark times.

Pluto retrograde tarot spread layout & questions to ask

The first card to put down in the reading is The Tower. This signifies chaos, destruction and upheaval. We can start with an expectation that things are not going to be calm or easy during this retrograde period. The Tower is letting us know that we will be experiencing times of intensity and chaos in our lives.

The second card to lay across the Tower is The Hermit. This suggests that we will be needing more time for introspection and reflection during this retrograde period. It’s important to take some time for yourself when it is a retrograde season, especially if you’re ending up feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of your version of The Tower in your life. This is a time to go within, reflect and find answers from within.

This is where we pull the rest of the cards to the top of the Pluto Retrograde tarot spread. If the first card shows a negative situation, it’s important to remember not to take things personally! We all have Plutonian energy within ourselves so this could just be where your Plutonian nature shines through (and you like being a badass!). If the second card is unclear, pull another on top too to clarify.

Place The Tower at the bottom, with the Hermit lay horizontally across it.

  1.  What’s going to transform for me? This card will show you what you need to let go of during this retrograde in order for transformation to take place. There is no control here, no power to be in charge of what happens, but this card will bring you some awareness of the impact for you.
  2.  What can I do to help myself during this process? This is us accepting that we can’t prevent the change that will happen. This card shows us what we can do to help as a foundation to continue support for ourselves.
  3.  What’s remaining hidden this period? This card will shed some light on another area in your life that may be important as Pluto goes direct again.
  4.  What should I seek assistance & support for? It’s always nice to see what will give you more of a boost. It’s always great to see what can be beneficial for you during all of these retrogrades, not just Pluto.
  5.  This is what I want to focus on for myself; place a card here for your current goals and dreams that you want to achieve. Make it an “end game/final finish” card, such as The Chariot for a new job, or The World for more travel. Be as clear as you can.
  6.  What’s your advice with this? This next card is going to demonstrate advice from the Universe/your guides/your deities that can help you with your goal or manifestation.
  7.  How can Pluto Retrograde help me with this? This card will share with you the Plutonian energy that will support your goal or manifestation too.
  8.  How can I reconstruct my darkness for the light during this period too? This card will show you a way to transform any negativity that clouds your mind during this time into a positive reaction. However, if you find yourself feeling specifically dark and unable to pull yourself out of it, please speak to a medical professional for further assistance.

The thing to remember about Pluto in retrograde is that it’s an opportunity to work on yourself, to enjoy the “self-help” books on yourself and to see how your journey develops further.  Sometimes Plutonian things can be dark, and I need to reiterate/we need to remember that it’s okay to have these aspects in our lives. The retrograde is a time for us to confront them, understand them and work towards integrating the shadow self into our conscious lives.

If you’re feeling lost or struggling during Pluto Retrograde, don’t hesitate to reach out to a free charity that has support in your country, wherever you are based. I always recommend The Calmzone for this purpose.


Written by Lizzie B.

I love curating divination experiences for those invested in spiritual growth with secular honest vibes. I am that witch you come to for these honest, interesting and beneficial divination experiences!

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