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Last Updated: March 19, 2023

We love to welcome spring here in the UK. People gather at stone monoliths, supermarkets everywhere sell us soft pastel goods and beautiful baby blooms, and the sun comes out to shine its warmth on our skin. My favourite city in the world Chicago even has an incredible architectural nod towards this amazing time of year!

Nothing beats the feeling of a bright and sunny spring day. We love to go out for long walks in the park, stroll through picturesque gardens, or just sit and watch the birds flitting from tree to tree. Even if it rains, we don’t mind so much. A great day for most is the Spring Equinox, which has slowly become one of the most popular non-religious days in the calendar.

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What is the Spring Equinox?

The Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere is usually around March 20th, when the Sun appears directly above the equator and sets directly in its western counterpart. In the southern hemisphere it’ll be around September 23rd

This is a special day because it marks the ‘equal night’ of spring, meaning that day and night are balanced in terms of length. From here onwards, days become longer than nights until the Summer Solstice. Because of its significance to nature, many people with pagan beliefs celebrate this special day in various ways; from holding festivals and gatherings to rituals and ceremonies.

No matter where in the world you are, this is a perfect time of year to pause and appreciate nature, reconnect with ourselves, and find beauty in the everyday moments that we often miss out on. It’s a great time to celebrate life in all it’s uniqueness.

Why celebrate Spring Equinox?

There are so many ways to enjoy the equinox, especially if you’re a secular witch or cosmic witch, and even if you’re not a witch at all. The return of longer days and the first day of Spring can be a cause for celebration, and what better way to do that than with some rituals?

Rituals allow us to honour the wheel turning and show gratitude for this new season. With all the energy of renewal and growth that comes with spring, it’s no surprise that equinox rituals would be great to bring balance to maintain these changes and not leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Chicagohenge for Spring Equinox Tarot Spread

Aries Season

Celebrate the beginning of Aries season on the Spring Equinox by lighting some candles (or a bonfire, Aries aren’t shy for going bold!) honouring this new season. Aries season runs from March 20th to April 19th, and is associated with the Ram, the Hero archetype, and the first house in astrology. If you’re into astrology, it’s a great time to think about your own Aries house and what areas of life might need some more attention. Work with crystals like carnelian or scents like cinnamon, and maybe even cook with garlic and chillies to really capture some of that Aries energy.

Vernal Equinox

The “Vernal Equinox” is the Latin name for the Spring Equinox, and is the age old tradition of celebrating new beginnings. You can do this by making a spring altar or space of renewal. Decorate it with items like shells, feathers and tiny plants, and write down all the things you’d like to let go off that no longer serve you. As you light a candle, imagine all these things slowly burning away and being replaced with new intentions. 

Get outdoors if you can, as it’s a perfect time to connect with nature, as the first day of spring everything is coming back to life. Take some time to appreciate Mother Earth and her beauty, take a walk through the park or near the beach and just be in the presence of nature.

Spring Cleaning

You’ve heard the phrase “spring cleaning” before, and of course this is associated with the Spring Equinox. A great way to acknowledge this special time is by tending to your physical space – have a declutter, remove any items that are no longer needed or don’t bring you joy and create a fresh, clean space for yourself.

Sell off items you no longer need (for that nod towards abundance) or donate to charities that can be beneficial to others, and why not use a nice pine or peppermint floor wash to bring in a balancing correspondence to your cleansing? A peppermint essential oil blend wash on windows and doors can also help to clear any stagnant energy in the home. Make this a great ritual and yearly tradition if you have the energy for it!


The difference between the Spring Equinox and Ostara is that whilst one is an astrological and astronomical event with themes of balance and a cyclical path, the other is a celebration of fertility, growth & abundance whilst honouring the Anglo-Saxon deity Eostré. I’m making an note here to encourage enjoying both, as they don’t have to be separate, and for witchy mamas with a family it’s lovely to celebrate concord AND new life. Check out my Ostara tarot spread and ritual ideas here!

Tips for the Spring Equinox

  • Find out the local sunrise and sunset times for your area, and make an effort to get to a spot for it to appreciate the coming of new beginnings and to thank the Sun for its blessings.
  • Write down your intentions on a piece of paper, and as you light it over an incense burner or candle flame feel the release of these intentions into the Universe.
  • Work with crystals relating to balance, harmony and support during this period of time such as rose quartz, aquamarine or amethyst.
  • Make an offering to Nature – pick out a new favourite spring flower or plant some seeds and watch them grow throughout this new season!

Spring Equinox tarot spread layout & questions to ask

A great way to look at some balance in your life, and what needs a spring cleansing for you thanks to the equinox, all would be great using tarot as a tool to provide this clarity.

To begin, shuffle your tarot deck and draw a card for each position in the yearly tarot draw as shown in the below layout.

Finally, take some time to reflect on the questions that each card position represents and what message the tarot cards in that position might be trying to tell you. If you’re just starting to learn tarot, or if you’re still getting to know your deck, you may find my in-depth articles on the meanings of every tarot card helpful.

spring equinox tarot spread

Tarot card #1: Cosmic Cleansing

This card provides insight into what universally would need a cleansing, what needs attention and what you can do to help. Is it more of a mindset audit like the Three of Swords? It shows what mental patterns or thought processes may need some work – is there something that could be letting go of?

Or is it an emotional review where a card comes up reflecting on how you’re feeling, examining your emotional state and how it may need some attention. Is there something that is blocking your progress like The Hanged Man? Or does this card suggest it’s time for a fresh start, with the energy of The Fool?

Tarot card #2: Spiritual Spring Awakening

This card placement is regarding your own growth, your own journey this season, and how it impacts your spiritual life. What does the card bring to light? Is it a card of abundance like The Empress or is it one to show you need to focus and pay attention, such as The High Priestess? Does it suggest change coming with the Wheel of Fortune, or maybe liberation from an old pattern with Death?

Tarot card #3: New Moon in Aries Support

We love an astrology pull for tarot! For the New Moon in Aries, which typically happens close to the equinox but not always on the same day, this card placement can give you insight into any support you may need for the journey ahead this season. Will it be needed courage with a double card pull of Strength with The Chariot? Or perhaps will help come in a different way, as represented by cards such as The World. As you begin something new, the Aries new moon provides its own energy to motivate and to help you succeed.

Tarot card #4: Full Moon in Libra

For the Full Moon in Libra, what additional clarity can be shown for what you are letting go and releasing will show up in this card placement. The scales of Libra offer you the balance to assess what can be removed and what should stay. Will it be The Tower, showing a need for urgent action, or maybe The Hermit advising some time out for reflection? Or will there be a need for communication with others as shown by cards like The Lovers?

Tarot card #5: Rose Quartz

This crystal has correspondences of love, beauty, kindness and self-love. For the final card placement, what messages or advice can this crystal bring to light? Is it a message of patience and understanding like the Knight of Cups? Or maybe it’s an indication that you need to speak up and make sure your voice is heard, suggested by The Lovers or The Star. It’s time to listen to your heart and shine your loving light brightly!

Tarot card #6: Aquamarine

This crystal has correspondences of clarity, communication, calm and balance. For this card placement, see what it brings to light for you. Is there something that needs expressing, or does it suggest peace and harmony in a situation? Does the card represent guidance from the universe with cards like Temperance with their association with harmony and balance? Or is it more of an action card such as The Magician – assuring it’s time to get creative and make things happen!

Tarot card #7: Amethyst

This crystal has correspondences of intuition, magick and of community. For this card spot, what messages will it bring to you? Is there a call for protection with cards such as The High Priestess? Or maybe the message is one of trusting ourselves and our wisdom, as shown by cards such as Strength. With amethyst’s connection to connecting with people, what are some ways we can increase our connection with the people in our lives? Look for opportunities, yes, but always trust the feelings within.

It’s a great time to reflect and look into the cosmic energy that is assisting us this season and how it can be used as a tool for our growth and development. So, make sure to take some time in your day, even if just 5-10 minutes, to go within and check in with yourself during this season of transformation. Your tarot cards, crystals, and astrological energies are here to help you on your journey but you are the key magickal element utilising all of them. And remember, nothing is ever set in stone – always trust your intuition first! Until next time  🌿🔮✨

Try this FREE 7-card Spring Equinox tarot reading with the below interactive layout, and find your card meanings here on the website 🙂

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Star card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Emperor card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Magician card

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Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Wheel of Fortune card

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Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Devil card

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Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The High-Priestess card

Custom Illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Hierophant card

Custom illustration

Shuffle the cards

What to do after this tarot reading

After you’ve finished a tarot reading, there are a few things you can do in order to reflect on the experience and integrate the insights you gained. Here are some suggestions:

Use a tarot journal to record your findings

Jotting down your thoughts in a tarot journal after reading can be helpful in a few ways. First, it can help you remember the details of your reading later on, such as how you felt at the moment and perhaps your first impressions of what a card meant. Second, it can provide a space for you to process the information you’ve received and explore what it means for you. Third, it can be a way to keep track of your progress over time as you revisit your journal entries and reflect on your journey.

Take a picture of the cards

If you want to remember the position of the cards and what they meant in relation to your questions, take a picture of the spread. This will help you look back on the reading later and review the insights you received. Sometimes, clarity is better acquired after you’ve stepped back from the situation for a little while and had some time to process it.

Some people create Instagram accounts or Pinterest accounts specifically for this, and if you use any of our spreads please tag us @backyardbanshee if you feel comfortable!

Take some time to meditate and reflect

Immediately after a tarot reading, it’s important to take some time to sit with the insights you’ve received. This can be done through proper meditation, visualisation, or simply taking some time to reflect on the reading. It can be helpful to think about what the messages from the cards mean for your life and how you can apply the advice that was given to you. That time can also be used to replenish your energy level and cleanse your tarot deck.

Get a second opinion from a close friend

If you have close friends who also happen to be tarot practitioners, it can be helpful to get their take on your reading. They may be able to offer additional insights or perspectives that you hadn’t considered before. This is also a good way to get feedback on your own interpretation of the cards.

Ensure to ask permission before just blindly sending your cards across in a message and saying “what does this mean to you?” as your friends may not have the energy or have a boundary with this sort of thing – manners cost nothing, and this is especially to note if they are a professional tarot reader who normally gets paid to interpret readings.

Layer your reading with more divination

Why not try adding astrology dice or a pendulum reading to your tarot session? Your intuition will guide you on how to best use these tools, but they can be helpful in providing more clarity around the messages from your tarot reading. We have lots of methods for you to utilise here on the website.


I have been passionate about reading divination for more than 15 years. This gives me a unique perspective when it comes to creating fun, supportive and creative tarot spreads. I hope they help you find the clarity and insight you are looking for.

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