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"Tarot cards of Modern Goddesses" deck review

First Published: January 24, 2023

The “Tarot Deck of Modern Goddesses” deck is released in November 2022 in the UK. Edited by expression teacher Cecilia Lattari and illustrations by Petra Braun, this deck is to invoke your own divine powers by connecting with the myths and messages from the goddesses modern and ancient.

Whether you intend to build a connection with your goddess or deepen your connection with yourself as an artists or creator, this beautiful 78-card deck is to help yourself with divine inspiration. The purpose of the deck is to create a bridge between you and all other fearlessly spirited women around the world whose suggestions can be just what you need for your own spiritual journey.

Table of Contents

What's in the box?

  • Guidebook: Yes, over 120 pages including card spreads, how to use the cards, and what each card provides not only in message but in reflective questions.
  • Artwork: Bright and soft colours with a mix of interpretation of old goddesses with the new, such as Artemis holding an arrow to write, with signature white hair for Margaret Atwood.
  • Total Cards: 78 cards in a Rider Waite Smith system – 22 Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana
  • Inclusivity: This is a feminine deck, so not really a place for men, but there are different ethnicities, queerness and abilities shown through subtle (and bold) symbolism.
  • Environmental Impact: TBC; Printed & Bound in China (no charitable mentions)
  • Unique Deck Points: The Major Arcana all feature a mix of personalities that resonate with the key meanings or themes of the cards, as well as the Minor Arcana have four goddesses for the suits: Yemaya for Cups, Artemis for Swords, Brigid for Wands and Demeter for Pentacles. This makes it a perfect deck to work with if you are devotional to any of these goddesses.

The downside of the deck

The only downside I can think of for this deck is (what I found was) the card meanings are too short, less than a page each, which means you do have to spend time researching more about the modern aspects of the goddesses from the Major Arcana.

For the Empress, as an example, there’s nothing about the specifics of Beyonce’s activism accomplishments, nor any mention of her being a mother or being incredibly creative as an individual. I feel like more time could have been spent sharing amazing things about these wonderful people for those who pick up a deck with the unique selling point of goddess and feminine worship – it does leave folks wanting to know more, but in a way that has them turn away from the deck to connect via books or the internet, instead of all the work that has gone into the cards so far. Maybe in future versions there could be more time spent on major themes?

My favourite card

I was sold at Medusa. Medusa as the “Hanged Man” is fantastic, especially with the attitude towards perspective and the nod to Helen Keller. Whilst I think it’s problematic to “let go of” certain aspects, especially in relation to sexual assault and trauma which need serious medical support and a complete reframing of your mind moving forward (which is exactly a key theme for Medusa so there’s no imaginative jump there – it’s literally what happened), seeking resource and help moving forward is a very powerful thing you can do for yourself even if it’s not initially seen as the norm.

I love the queer representation, especially Artemis as the Queen of Swords – imagine this forever-known “tomboy” in her later adult life, and the deserved confidence of Shane from the L word because this is absolutely the vibe I get.

Why I love this deck

There are so many reasons I do love this deck; it’s beautifully illustrated, there’s an array of pantheons, the questions are thought-provoking enough to help a reader build on their journey, and the hidden symbolism on the cards is amazing (such as Lilith as Judgement with the eclipse energy, which would symbolise radical and fast paced change as well as a nod towards balance and equality). The reimagining of the original artwork is fab, and the quality of the cards, guidebook and box is great. It’s reasonably priced, so it’s great to support these artists whilst also not having to pay more than $30 for a deck – not everyone has the ability to buy decks, especially with the global economics at the moment, so to pick this deck up is beneficial to practice and to pocket.

I feel that those who would love this deck are the queer femmes who would love to get started with supporting feminine personalities and archetypes. Also, this is for those who want to begin exploring their own spiritual understanding and knowledge through a different lens. It’s additionally great for those already familiar with pantheons who want to explore the modern reimagining of these figures, as well as for writers/creators/readers who feel like they’re stuck in a rut and need that extra push towards growth.

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