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Lizzie's Tarot Reading - Week 32: August 7 to August 13, 2023

Last Updated: October 16, 2023

Every week, I pull a card for the community and offer my thoughts on what the Tarot is predicting for us this week. Additionally, I recommend some cute things to do this week which are inspired by whichever card I pull!

This is my free tarot reading for the week number 32: August 7 to August 13, 2023

Card of the week: The Reversed 2 of Pentacles

Generally, when this is pulled in the reversed position, the Two of Pentacles is linked with disorganization, imbalance, and stress. What a bloody delightful message for you this week!

Really what it is showing us is this is an opportunity to manage stress in a balanced way (it needn’t absolutely destroy us, and we shouldn’t have to make things harder than they are).

It’s sharing with us that even when we feel scatty, and a little all over the place (ahem we’ve got six planets in retrograde rn) we are still on the way to following through with our priorities… we’re just taking the scenic route, and effectively procrastinating in ways that may even annoy us and leave us feeling like “why am I getting so distracted by shiny things right now? Why can’t things just flow for me?”

So this week, take some time to reflect on what is going on in your life right now. Is there something you have been avoiding because it feels too hard? Would developing a better organizational system help you maintain balance and reduce stress? It’s time to get real with your priorities and know that getting organized is the first step.

Something you can do to help you with this is “balance the books”. This means like how we’d absolutely hyperfocus our way through a financial ledger or budget, you make a list of what your responsibilities are and how much time or energy they require/cost. Then set aside a realistic amount of time for each task and see if you can stick to it. It doesn’t have to be overly structured (like you don’t need a ridiculously complex spreadsheet or pay for one of those ADHD management apps, just find a Virgo friend haha), but just something that will help you track the tasks on hand and remind yourself that it’s only temporary and you are making progress.

Also, don’t let work or money issues prevent you from having a bloody good time. Going for a cute date in a park nearby, selling old stuff you don’t want or even gifts to charity which can be reused (Mabon is coming up next!), and finding something that you enjoy about your day with work can all help combat unnecessary disappointments. At work, if you’re being overwhelmed with too much tasking, then now is the time to speak up about it.

We are allowed to take a break from stress and enjoy the freedom of living life with balance.

upright two of pentacles

Things to do and try this week which relates to the inverted 2 of Pentacles

I would like to send you all lovely people off to start the week with some fun and quirky ideas on what you could achieve or do this week.

All of the below recommendations are inspired by this week’s tarot card: The Reversed Two of Pentacles.

  • Date idea: Do something with the physical body, that’s quite frugal. No, not that. Give each other a palm reading, create some soothing herbal blend teas for each other (like a healthy afternoon tea perhaps with sandwiches and turn it into a picnic?) or even take each other for a window shopping self-care walk – grab all the freebies and testers you can in store and for taking away!
  • Book to read: “Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness” by Dr Qing Li
  • Movie to watch: “Easy A” 2010 ft Emma Stone, Stanley Tucci
  • Playlist to try: “Forest Bathing” on Spotify.
  • Dish to try: Chamomile Tea & Spinach and Artichoke fresh pasta (both high in magnesium and B-vitamins which fight away stress)
  • Good action to do this week: Donate to charity items that you no longer need at home that give you feelings of overwhelm. Help out a colleague if you have the capacity and ensure you say no to helping if you don’t have capacity.
  • Self-care action: Pay attention to your body, and soothe stress however you need without guilt, to bring you back into balance with yourself.
  • Affirmation: “I am leaving my problems from yesterday in yesterday, and prioritizing this moment today.”
  • Skill to try: Budgeting finances, creating a payment plan, a task management system or financial goal.
  • Deity to learn about: Rhiannon & Bastet & Mithras
  • Journaling prompt: What distractions can I let go of, to bring myself more harmony right now?
  • Documentary: “A World of Calm”, HBO Max on Netflix OR “Daydreams” for Cbeebies (BBC iPlayer + Youtube)
  • Charity to donate to: Stress Management Society. They aim through careful explanations, amazing resources and community input to help people all over go “From Distress to De-Stress”. Learn more at
  • Photography (take a picture of a bird for example, or a friend smiling, or an outside of a beautiful): Komorebi, the light through trees on a nature walk.
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I have been reading Tarot for more than 15 years. I have always enjoyed using my intuition to provide clarity and insights to others. Tarot is one of my favorite forms of divination, and I love sharing that passion with like-minded folks.

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