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Tarot Scope for the Week Ahead: November 20th to November 26th, 2023

Published on November 20, 2023

Every week, I pull a card for the community and offer my thoughts on what the Tarot is predicting for us this week. Additionally, I recommend some cute things to do this week which are inspired by whichever card I pull!

This is my free tarot reading for week number 47: November 20th to November 26th, 2023.

Card of the week: The Upright Three of Swords

With all that is going on in our world right now, I am completely unsurprised to see the 3 of Swords come out.

Its themes are ones of heartbreak, of loss, of grieving for what once was or could have been.

I know so many of us are feeling a sense of collective heartache right now, whether it’s due to personal struggles, societal issues or just the constant barrage of bad news.

So I wanted to include some additional resources and ideas for self-care this week:

  • Social media breaks wherever possible
  • Prioritize self care and emotional healing
  • Reach out to a friend if struggling, and offer support or just a listening ear if you have capacity
  • Take time to disconnect and recharge with activities that bring joy and positivity
  • Seek therapy or counseling if needed, there is no shame in asking for help
  • Find healthy outlets for emotions, such as journaling or creating art
  • Remember to practice self-love and compassion towards yourself
  • Engage in acts of kindness and support within your community

Spend time doing things that bring you joy, whether it’s reading a book, taking a bath, and find time to create too. The world is a dark place, and it’s important to find the little sparks to remind us we are alive, and we will continue on.

Three of Swords tarot card

Things to do and try this week which relates to the upright 3 of Swords

  • Date idea or activity: Plan a quiet and reflective date where you and your partner can openly discuss your feelings, concerns, and ways to support each other.
  • Book to read: “Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice from Dear Sugar” by Cheryl Strayed, #ad.
  • Movie to watch: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” ft Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey.
  • Playlist to try: Try anything by Tony Ann on Spotify.
  • Dish to try: Cook homemade chicken soup or a dish that reminds you of home and warmth.
  • Good action to do this week: Be extra kind to yourself and your loved ones.
  • Self-care action: Dedicate time to self-compassion and healing, whether through meditation, journaling, or seeking professional help when needed.
  • Affirmation: “I am capable of healing and finding strength through my pain, and I allow myself to grieve and grow.”
  • Skill to try: Read about emotional intelligence and coping strategies that can help you navigate challenging emotions and relationships.
  • Deity to learn about: Eir
  • Journaling prompt: “What is the most significant lesson I have learned from my experiences of heartache, and how can I use this knowledge to move forward?”
  • Documentary: Watch “Life, Animated,” on Prime
  • Charity to donate to: Human Appeal for the genocide that is happening with Palestine.
  • Photography idea: Capture images that convey the beauty and strength found in healing from emotional pain.

Thank you for being part of this community, and remember, we are all on this journey together. Let’s continue to support and uplift each other through these challenging times.

Keep embracing new beginnings, no matter how difficult they may seem, because they have the potential to bring growth and transformation into our lives.

Take care xxx

Upright Three of Swords

I have been reading Tarot for more than 15 years. I have always enjoyed using my intuition to provide clarity and insights to others. Tarot is one of my favorite forms of divination, and I love sharing that passion with like-minded folks.

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