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Tarot Reading for the Week Ahead: February 12 to February 18, 2024.

Published on February 12, 2024

Every week, I pull a card for the community and offer my thoughts on what the Tarot is predicting for us this week. Additionally, I recommend some cute things to do this week which are inspired by whichever card I pull!

This is my free tarot reading for week number 7 of 2024: February 12 to February 18, 2024.

Card of the week: The Reversed Magician

This week we have The Magician in reverse, signaling a time for caution and reflection. The Magician represents manifestation, creation, and utilizing our skills and abilities to achieve our goals. Sure. Awesome. However, when reversed, it can indicate a lack of focus or direction in these areas.

This card may serve as a reminder to take a step back and evaluate where you are putting your energy and if it genuinely aligns with your goals and intentions. It may also indicate the need to let go of old habits or ways of thinking that are hindering your growth. You got this hun, so don’t be your own worst enemy here and sabotage your hard work to date.

Take a deep breath, regroup, and realign your focus.

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Things to do and try this week which relates to the Reversed Magician

  • Date idea: Attend a meditation or mindfulness workshop together, focusing on inner reflection and centering yourselves in the present moment.
  • Book to read:The Art of Letting Go” by aliza grace #ad
  • Movie to watch: “The Truman Show,” ft Jim Carrey
  • Playlist to try: “surrendering my keys to the universe” on spotify
  • A Dish to try: Experiment with making a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, focusing on the art of mindfulness and presence in the preparation and consumption of tea.
  • Good action to do this week: Volunteer at a local charity or nonprofit organization that focuses on mental health support or providing resources or free mentorship for individuals in need of guidance and introspection.
  • Self-care action: Dedicate time to journaling or creative expression, allowing yourself to explore your thoughts, emotions, and desires without judgment.
  • Affirmation: “I release the need for control and trust in the wisdom of the universe. I am open to receiving guidance and surrendering to the flow of life.”
  • Skill to try: Learn mindfulness meditation techniques or explore practices such as yoga or Tai Chi to cultivate inner balance and presence.
  • Deity to learn about: Hecate
  • Journaling prompt: “What aspects of my life am I trying to control, and how can I surrender to the natural flow of events?”
  • Documentary: Watch “The Social Dilemma,” a documentary that explores the impact of social media and technology on human behavior, shedding light on themes of manipulation and control. And check your privacy settings online whilst you’re here!
  • Photography idea: Capture images that reflect the concept of illusion and reality, exploring themes of perception and introspection through visual storytelling.
  • Charity to donate to: Human Appeal for the genocide that is happening with Palestine.


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I have been reading Tarot for more than 15 years. I have always enjoyed using my intuition to provide clarity and insights to others. Tarot is one of my favorite forms of divination, and I love sharing that passion with like-minded folks.

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