the all seeing heart oracle deck review

"The All Seeing Heart Oracle" deck review

Last Updated: July 25, 2023

The “All Seeing Heart” oracle deck was released in September 2022 in the UK.

Created by travelling sacred artist Saira Hunjan, this 44-card deck is not something you have seen before. Each heart card image has been individually channelled to provide you with an opportunity to connect with your heart practice, which I took from this is a safer space you create for yourself through self-care and creativity. 

It’s a beautiful combination of “tattoo artistry to Indian inspired spirituality”. It is Saira’s hope that by using this deck you can help develop self-understanding with a unique vibration of love. The purpose of this deck would be to find comfort in your own discomfort, and whether you want to deepen your own intuition, provide yourself with some soul medicine or create spaces for rest so that you can continue on your own intuitive and divine honouring journey – this is the oracle deck for creating this energy for you.

Table of Contents

What's In The Box?

  • Guidebook: Yes, over 60 pages including card spreads, how to use the cards, and what each card provides not only in message but in reflective questions that aid with personal connection.
  • Artwork: Stunning blue and white illustrations by Saira. You can connect with them here
  • Total Cards: 44 cards in a unique oracle system honouring some Vedic and Indian practices.
  • Inclusivity: The artwork is generally non-binary and non-humanoid, and with the blue & white it doesn’t reflect any general race or origins
  • Environmental Impact: TBC; Printed & Bound in China. (No charitable mentions)

Unique Deck Points: The gorgeous artwork was all created in 2020 whilst the world dramatically changed forever. Whilst there was so much dark happening, Saira created this deck to provide comfort and compassion, and the artwork is really striking it genuinely feels ethereal. I’ve not seen a deck like this before! Something else to note is that this deck is to be used by feeling rather than logic or by definition. 

Where some folks would need to learn a system (like tarot) or understand the meanings of vast cards in a deck, much like the “Voice of The Souls” deck you find your own interpretation as the imagery evokes in you. Much like 2020, death is a very heavy theme throughout this light deck – this is to show the balance that where one thing ends for us, another can begin, and it is a trusted way of life that whilst temporary provides us with comfort.

all seeing heart oracle guidebook

Downside of the Deck

I’m not going to lie – I find religious practices quite hard to work with. Not that I am against them, it’s just my own aspect of connecting to them can be tricky as I have values of “stay the hell away from cultures that aren’t open to me” and I do feel that anything like this is nothing to do with me (this includes Yoga & Reiki…). 

I’ve spoken at length many times about using secular witchcraft. How this translated for the deck meant that I know this is a deck that I will need the guidebook for, where I’ll need to look up certain words, and that’s ok. I’m an eternal student, and if you are the type to always use the guidebooks anyway then this doesn’t impact you in any way. 

I will still use this deck despite being of secular, as it has many ways to turn introspective (such as the journal prompts within the guidebook).

My Favourite Card

I was struck instantly by “The Majestic State“. All the artwork is gorgeous, but I saw this and paused when ininitally shuffling, continued shuffling, and this card re-emerged. This card is a celebration and reflection card in itself, reminding us to celebrate our accomplishments and to also look back with gratitude, and this came at the perfect time for me as someone who has just finished a major project wanting to dive directly into the next. 

I love the eye symbolism throughout too, as whilst I am not religious, I do love seeing every different culture having their own interpretation of the eye, and what it can signify; I used to live in Malta, and seeing Nazars everywhere and the  protective symbol on the luzzu boats soothes me, as well as I have always loved Egyptian history inclusive to the Eye of Horus and Eye of Ra. I’ve pulled other cards since, but this one had to be the fave for me.

Why I Love This Deck

This deck is a perfect addition to your death work practice, and for when you are going through periods of transformation, to aid with kindness and grace in your life. It’s also a great add-on for your altar and divination tools. 

The deck itself is so light and easy to shuffle, that it provides the perfect energy for inward meditation and relaxation. The cards are so unique, that they bring a new level of depth to your readings which allows the messages to be a cloak of comfort. 

I also love that it’s just 44 cards – so if the same card comes back, it’s a familiar energy; there are some oracle decks where there are over 60+ cards – it would take so long to get familiar and a more energy-invested process, when the journey to learn card meanings is labour heavy anyway.

all seeing heart oracle illumination card

I feel that those who would love this deck are the third-eye visualisers, the Manifestors who need to rest, and the people who work with Ka energy and astral planes. 

If you work with Kali, Cailleach, Sekhmet etc then this could be a fantastic way to communicate with them. As someone who has really been working on my own soul divination practice (thumomancy), I have found that this deck is a great companion to automatic journaling. 

The artwork is striking anyway as something to have on your altar or sacred space, and it has been authentically designed with the sole purpose of aiding in finding yourself, as benevolently as possible, and so I would recommend this deck for sure!

If you’re interested in learning more about the “The All Seeing Heart” oracle deck, you can do so here. Any click-throughs may lead to the affiliate programme awarding us compensation which helps compensate the writers on the website, pays towards the web hosting and all the other boring behind-the-scenes bits.

Thank you for reading my review! Until next time xox


I have been passionate about reading divination for more than 15 years. This gives me a unique perspective when it comes to creating fun, supportive and creative tarot spreads. I hope they help you find the clarity and insight you are looking for.

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