Voice of the Souls Oracle Deck Review

"Voice of the Souls" deck review

Last Updated: November 14, 2022

The Voice of the Souls oracle deck is released in November 2022 in the UK. Written by bestselling author Isabelle Cerf and illustrations by Daphna Sebbane, this deck is to evoke a conversation between yourself, your soul, and the souls of the universe. 

Whether you intend to build a connection with your guides or deepen your connection with yourself, this beautiful 42 card deck is to help strengthen intuitive insight. The purpose of the deck is to build confidence in yourself, as well as your reading ability, so it comes as a great to support to mediums and psychics specifically.

Table of Contents

What's in the box?

  • Guidebook: Yes, over 100 pages including card spreads, how to use the cards, and what each card message is from the viewpoint of an entity, your guides and your soul.
  • Artwork: Black, cream illustrations and gold gilded card edges with what looks to be gold ink on the imagery of the cards.
  • Total Cards: 42 including 10 interpretative cards.
  • Inclusivity: Features humanoid figures who are potentially of colour, but it’s hard to confirm with a black & cream deck. The deck does include a lot of feminine characters, and originally this deck was in French (published as L’oracle de la Voix des Ames)
  • Environmental Impact: TBC; Printed & Bound in China. (No charitable mentions)
  • Unique Deck Points: 10 cards that are “Soul Connection” cards where you are to pick the card, and intuitively explore the meaning through yourself as to what this card may mean for you.
Message Cards

The downside of the deck

A downside I can think of for this deck, is that because of its gold gilded edges – it will show wear & tear over time much quicker than a standard deck would. I would recommend using a tarot cloth to read on top of, and keeping the deck in a tarot pouch if not using the fitted box it comes with. 

The guidebook also repeats itself for the intuitive cards where you download/intuitively pick your own message and interpretation for – it would have saved paper (and time) to just keep it one page instead over 10, but it doesn’t take away from the deck itself at all.

My favourite card

Fears” was the first card that really stood out to me in this deck, and really took my attention. The Soul message for this card is how the soul only has positive messages for me, but I’m stuck in a freeze response and potentially don’t want to hear it yet, and the card helps us to articulate why this may be. This is very accurate for me – I never hear my own advice at the best of times, and I need to be in a “certain space” to help me clearly focus. 

The “Calm” card has the best artwork for me, and I physically breathed in when I saw this; it reminded me of lush gardens and connecting with nature. When trying the Soul Connection cards (the black cards in the deck) I got “Message of Forgiveness” and instinctively my eyes drew to the tiny moon on the card which all of a sudden seemed extremely prominent. 

The moon has correspondences of cycles, phases and this really lined up for what’s going on right now in not just my business but my life too. It was a lovely way to see how that is there and helped me with forgiving myself patiently whilst I grow through cycles.

Fears Oracle Card

Why I love this deck

I have been working with thumomancy (soul divination) so much this year, and who I am internally. This deck has the wonderful positive support aspect to connect with yourself, with guides or spirits, and with the universe, absolutely nailed down. It’s the first deck I’ve physically owned that has the “intuitive drawing” element to it too, where you use a card as a prompt and then take inspiration to draw to then interpret later.

I feel that those who would love this deck are the mystics who want to connect with their intuition deeper; whether that be for personal messages, or to use as part of their spiritual practice and readings for others. I also feel it would be excellent for those who are exploring thumomancy, those who try soul-mapping, and those who haven’t used many tools like this before – it’s a great deck to start with if you are working with mediumship!

If you’re interested in learning more about the “Voices of the Souls” deck, you can do so here. Any click-throughs may lead to the affiliate programme awarding us compensation which helps compensate the writers on the website, pays towards the web hosting and all the other boring behind-the-scenes bits.

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