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Which Tarot Cards Indicate Pregnancy?

Last Updated: July 26, 2022

Tarot will always be there to scratch that curiosity itch we have about the billions of questions surrounding our lives. This of course includes something like a pregnancy! Whether this is conception, the journey, or postpartum, it’s not uncommon for tarot readers to have clients approaching them with questions surrounding this personal, transformative and intricate subject.

Now I already know I don’t necessarily have to point this out, but just as a reminder: tarot cards aren’t pregnancy tests and are not medical advice. I do advise that you purchase a pregnancy test(s) if you have any suspicion that you may be pregnant – regardless of what the tarot cards say! The same goes for if you’re turning to cards to answer health questions about an existing pregnancy or trying to get pregnant; please seek a medical professional to answer any of your concerns. 

However, I do understand the burning ‘need’ to find out as soon as possible if you want to know if you’re with child, and you may currently be in a position where you don’t have access to a test, or perhaps need to wait to use one, and as humans, our curiosity does always very much get the best of us! So with that in mind, if you do wish to do/have a tarot reading surrounding pregnancy, let’s take a look at a few cards which typically suggest pregnancy and why. 

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Which major arcana card indicates pregnancy?

The Empress

The Empress is the archetype of all feminine energy, and she is the epitome of the ‘birth’ of all things; this can mean an idea, a creative project, or even life. She is all about fertility in every way possible not only that but she is also seen as the mother archetype of the deck and in many different decks, she is represented by a pregnant female. You can’t really get more symbolic than that! 

Learn the meanings of the Empress tarot card as well as the various advice it can offer you.

The World

The World tarot card represents success and fulfilment, this card would definitely suggest that any desired pregnancy will be on its way, albeit not necessary right now but actually in your future. Your want for a child will very much be met. If that is your goal then this card is a big fat ‘yes’, and may also suggest multiple children! Remember it also takes a village in this journey, so don’t be afraid to get perspectives and find support from others in your community (wherever they are in the world!)

The Star

The card of hope, wishes, dream fulfilment, and being all about reassuring you that your wishes shall be granted, a literal your dreams shall come true card is 100% giving you a ‘YES’ to your question! It may pop up for you if you’ve been having any issues or concerns surrounding fertility, all the effort and turmoil will be worth it as you will get what you are after. Never lose hope!

Learn the meanings of the Star tarot card as well as the various advice it can offer you.

The Sun

The Sun Tarot card is traditionally depicted with a happy child on the back of a horse under the bright sun. In the sense of pregnancy, this is very much seen as another ‘yes’ with not only the child element but also the Sun providing much-needed light to the sunflowers on the card.

Seeing as plants require sunlight as nourishment to grow and survive, the Sun is very much a life source for them. But the same can be said for the child, as humans require the Sun too. This is linked to fertility in the sense of the sun providing life, nourishment, and keeping everything happy and healthy with its light. 

Which minor arcana card indicates pregnancy?

3 of Cups

This 3 is all about parties and celebrations, so this could very much be linked to the celebration of the birth of a baby or even something like a baby shower or 1stbirthday party. Even in a romantic partnership, this card can symbolise 2 becoming 3, so helloooo baby bump!

Ace of Cups

Another fertility card, this Ace is all about love, joy, new relationships, and emotional fulfilment, which makes it a great omen for pregnancy and childbirth! The Ace of Cups is also seen as a ‘womb’ so not only relates to pregnancy but is usually thought to suggest the birth of a possible female/feminine energy. 

4 of Wands

This 4 of Wands is all about family and the family home, life is good and our future is looking positive and happy. This card is great to see if having a baby is something you very much want in your future. This 4 brings along with it a lot of comforting energy, so take from that the reassurance you need. 

10 of Cups

The 10 of Cups is seen as a very lucky card to have to appear in your readings as it’s all about achieving your “happily ever after” moment – especially when it comes to romantic connections, family life, and children. If you are in a relationship currently, then the appearance on this card could also be suggesting that your partner is on the same page as wanting to have children too. But always have the conversation if you haven’t yet already – regardless of what the cards say. 


Whilst these cards alone can be seen as great omens, multiple fertility cards showing up in a reading is more favourable for a ‘yes’ to a pregnancy, but these cards still cannot replace an actual test. Even if you have a reading where you see the messages you want to see, keep in mind that doesn’t always necessarily mean that it’s a “yes, right now you are pregnant”, it may be something that will happen in your near future so you must always always always check if you have any suspicions! I know tarot will always be here to help guide you, but never use them to replace any medical advice. 


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