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Asteroid Natal Reports & Readings:
“Going over my asteroid natal chart with you was amazing! I’ve not stopped recommending this to my friends since. Felt like a whole therapy session but with a good friend ✨ The tarot reading was spot on as well and the whole experience brought me so much clarity on what’s holding me back and what I should be focusing on to move forward. Thanks so much 😘😘✨✨❤️” @p.slaya71 instagram.com/p.slaya71
“I’ve just had the most amazing reading from @backyardbanshee . I’ve had a lot of readings over the years but the combination of astrology and tarot is really unique. I learned a lot and feel reassured. Lizzie is an absolute open book and a pleasure to spend time with. Completely recommended!!! 🙌
“Thank you so so much for the incredible natal chart analysis and guidance reading! I feel so much more at ease and prepped for my Monday meeting, I can’t believe how much I could relate to the natal chart & the advice you gave me from the cards was so relevant to me. You made me feel so comfortable, like I was chatting to an old friend. A truly lovely and empowering experience, thank you again Lizzie.” 
“Just had my asteroid natal reading with Lizzie and I was blown away! It was fascinating to learn all about the placements and as it’s all new to me, Lizzie was very patient and explained everything really clearly 😁 the report before the session and the cards during the session were absolutely spot on! Lizzie is so welcoming and friendly and feel like I have known her for years! Would HIGHLY recommend! 😁😁💖💖” 
@bluebird_soul_therapies instagram.com/bluebird_soul_therapies
“My natal reading with you was so spot on! I also love how natural it felt to talk to you, it made me forgot about the screen and the lockdown. I would definitely have more readings with you ❤️” 
“I had a fantastic tarot and extensive star chart reading with backyard banshee. I felt at ease and comfortable talking about all subjects. This sort of reading is personal and could be difficult to have with a stranger but Backyard Banshee really made me feel brilliant. The reading was honest and open and in some parts scarily accurate (“new friendship energy support for you will come from a person close to you possibly newly engaged… ” – I’d been invited to the neighbours wedding that very day!) It really helped clarify my path forward and give me confidence about my direction. The reading was really interesting in terms of looking at my birth chart and focusing on asteroid placement and using different decks of tarot cards. I think as a birthday present to myself it was really exciting and I would highly recommend this to everyone! I came away feeling positive, that I had learnt lots and taken insight from it regarding events coming up for myself and I’m excited to see how the next few months pan out. I was sent the pictures of the cards that were pulled as well as a recap of the spread, we recorded the video call so that’s really excellent that I can go back and rewatch and remind myself of what was said too. I think this was a really great experience, well planned and thought out, in depth and well researched as well as thoughtful attention to detail.” 
“Totally recommend Backyard Banshee for a natal reading and tarot. I was amazed at how accurate this was and how she picked up on events from my childhood to events that happened last week. Lizzie is super helpful and will explain everything too, I had no idea really about astrology and Lilith, Juno and the gang. I’ve used Lizzie’s divination pouch too for setting up crystal grids and ….WOW! It’s really working for me, and it’s great for me to use in the centre of my altar.”
“Backyard Banshee did an Asteroid Natal Reading and Tarot/Oracle reading for me a couple of months ago. It was really informative and a thought-provoking experience. I’m still thinking about it and have my Asteroid Natal Reading pinned in my inbox! I thoroughly recommend you follow her if you’re interested in secular witchy stuff like me. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Bosswitch Sessions Reviews & Testimonials

“Lizzie is my witch in shining armour. When you’re a small business owner and you literally do everything yourself it’s so hard to put your trust into someone else to help you but you can absolutely trust Lizzie with your business. Whatever you need help with, I 100% know she can help you! I hope to continue working with Lizzie as my business grows, I feel I couldn’t be without her now! HIGHLY recommend!”  – @lunarandwild – Steph F


“I tell people, “you know what you need? You need a Lizzie!” The biggest surprise from these sessions was Lizzie’s energy. She truly turns up for you in whatever capacity you need. She’s a friend, mentor, teacher and so many more roles too. She guides you in a compassionate and high energy way. Her positivity is authentic and she is truly marvellous at her work. She weaves magic into the mundane and makes your business tasks enjoyable and fun. She creates custom rituals to give you what’s missing in life and the emotional, practical and energetic support you need.” @the_embroidered_forest – Alicia V


“It’s honestly been amazing; you have helped me grow so much & helped me realise my worth. As well as all of the amazing tips and tricks you always have, you have been a massive support to me.” @theessexwitch – Charlotte C

“I’ve had time to reflect and debrief all of the incredible information and insights you gave me and I’m honestly overwhelmed at how motivated, excited and charged my energies are since the session. I feel so inspired and so powerful! I’ve been able to unlock so much business owner potential within me, I really just needed you to show me how. The knowledge, encouragement and support you provide to me (before, during and after our sesh) is unparalleled and I honestly cannot thank you enough. I’d recommend this experience to any upcoming, business entrepreneur. You made me feel completely comfortable and mega confident by the end! Thanks so much again girl, can’t wait for our next one!!!!” @heartstarot – Kira and School of Tarot


“The support and advice I have received from LB since our first Bosswitch session is unbelievable! If you are looking for someone who will go that extra mile to help you succeed, here she is!” @bluebird_soul_therapies – Candice H


“Overall it was amazing and so incredible. You really got to see me and understand where I’m at especially in business. I really can’t thank you enough. I’m going to definitely be recommending you to all my business folks!” @the.wildcraft – Jess 


“7 words I’d use to describe the Bosswitch sessions with Backyard Banshee; Uplifting, beautiful, magical, beneficial, clear, great value, empowering. The support, ideas and fine tuning that I knew but needed to hear from someone on the outside so to speak to give me the kick up the ass that I needed.” @__thezenden__ Leanne E


“I just finished my last Bosswitch session with Backyard Banshee and it’s been one of the best investments I made this year! She is an endless source of amazing advices and guidance for small business owners all mixed with magic and humanity. Had a few tarot readings that were part of the package and everything was so on point, it really helped me focusing on the right things. She is amazing, so loving and friendly. I would definitely do it again and probably will anyway! Highly recommended.” @lunascent_ Jen D


“Any small business that need an extra hand? Look no further, I can 100000% vouch for Backyard Banshee. She is so incredibly supportive and empowering and truly has the best intentions for everyone she interacts with. Even if you aren’t a small business but want to grow your social media engagement, she has tips and tricks for that too! I love her so much!” @practicallyawitch – Helena H

“I cannot recommend Backyard Banshee ENOUGH! This woman is just something else entirely & the support I have received from her in such a short space of time has felt life changing, and I can’t express how grateful I am! Words aren’t enough! A truly magickal & wonderful human being through and through, and I am PROUD to recommend her to anybody out there. Social media can be full of accounts like this that only care about the money and themselves, with her that isn’t the case. She is here to support this community & her energy is truly in the right place!” @vegan_of.vengerberg – Amy W

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Personalised Divination Rituals Reviews & Testimonials

“Very detailed and personalised. Very impressive”
“Honestly my ritual was amazing, has really helped me keeping track of ideas and just making be feel like the bad bish I am.”
“Beautiful and totally what I needed”
“The rituals are so gorgeous and sumptuous. Incredibly thought out and truly tailored to my needs.”

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