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Full Moon Prayers - Witchcraft Basics

Last Updated: May 26, 2023

Witches absolutely love a Full Moon. It’s one of our favourite mythologies, archetypes and times of a month – the energy is just different at a Full Moon. It’s a great time to recharge our energy and our tools, it’s perfect for releasing and letting go of what we’ve been working on (spiritually, emotionally or physically) and it’s a great time to celebrate tbh. So when it comes to Full Moons, witches know exactly what to do.

In my other post regarding the New Moon Prayers, we covered across a selection of witches from those normally secular (but use a prayer as part of spellwork for manifestation) to those in a coven or group. On this page you’ll find a variety of new prayers for the Full Moon, so that you can make the most of lunar magick whatever our energy level is.

Saying a magickal prayer at the Full Moon is a lovely, special practice that can incorporate gratitude, intention setting, and even some simple spellwork. Whether you’re a solitary witch working on your own, or part of a coven, here are some beautiful prayers to honour the Full Moon.

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Full Moon Prayer for Elemental Witches, Cosmic Witches and Lunar Witches

“Beloved Universe, we stand in awe of your boundless beauty and wisdom, and under this radiant full moon, we gather to commune with your infinite power. With hearts wide open, we offer this prayer, a humble expression of our gratitude and reverence.

Majestic Universe, we look up to the cosmic expanse, a tapestry of celestial wonders. We align our beings with the celestial bodies, planets, and stars, attuning our vibrations to the rhythm of the universe. We embrace the vastness of your cosmic energy, filling us with awe and deep connection. With every breath, we absorb the cosmic knowledge and universal love, empowering us to manifest our desires and purpose. As we gaze into the night sky, remind us that we are made of stardust, intimately connected to the cosmos in a cosmic dance of existence.

Moon, ethereal guardian of the night, we turn our gaze to you. Your gentle radiance touches our hearts and ignites our intuitive powers. As Lunar Witches, we bathe in your luminescence, drawing strength and guidance from your celestial glow. We surrender to the ebb and flow of your cycles, embracing the lessons of release and renewal. In your presence, we seek clarity and illumination, as you reveal hidden truths and awaken our inner magic. Moon, grant us the courage to embrace our shadows and the wisdom to trust our instincts.

In this sacred moment, Universe, we offer our gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us. We pledge to honor the earth, nurture our cosmic connection, and follow the moon’s guidance. With your divine presence as our guide, we embrace our power, knowing that within us lies the spark of creation. We are witches, guardians of nature and seekers of the mystical. Empowered by your love, we walk our path with grace and purpose.

As this full moon bathes us in its brilliance, may our intentions be heard, amplified, and manifested. May our magick ripple through the threads of existence, weaving a tapestry of love, healing, and transformation. Blessed be, dear Universe, for you are the cosmic canvas upon which our witchcraft dances. And so it is.”

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Triple Goddess Full Moon Group Prayer

“Goddess of the Moon, Triple Goddess divine,

We gather under your loving gaze, in this sacred time.

With hearts open wide and spirits aflame,

We offer this prayer, invoking your powerful name.

Oh Maiden, youthful and full of grace,

Your presence fills us with joy, as we embrace

The spirit of new beginnings, fresh and bright,

Guide us on paths of growth and inner light.

With your innocence and curiosity as our guide,

May we find wonder in each moment, never to hide.

Oh Mother, nurturing and full of love,

Your embrace brings comfort, like a gentle dove.

You teach us the sacredness of life’s fertile earth,

And guide us through cycles of death and rebirth.

As we tend to the seeds we sow and care,

May we honor the beauty in each soul we bear.

Oh Crone, wise and ageless in your knowing,

Your wisdom and experience in us are growing.

You teach us the depths of our own soul’s grace,

And guide us through the shadows we must face.

In your darkness, we find strength and release,

May we honor our journey and find inner peace.

Triple Goddess, we stand before you in reverence,

Seeking your guidance and benevolent presence.

Grant us the strength to embrace all that we are,

The courage to shine our light, both near and far.

With your triple aspects, united as one,

May we find balance, love, and peace under the moon’s gentle sun.

As this full moon illuminates our path,

We honor you, Triple Goddess, in love and in faith.

May your wisdom and blessings forever flow,

Empowering us to grow and to glow.

With hearts filled with gratitude, we pray,

Guide us, Triple Goddess, now and every day.”

Solitary Witch Full Moon Prayer

“Blessed be, dear Moon, in your fullness shining bright,

I stand here, solely, under your gentle light.

In this sacred space, I call upon your celestial power,

Embracing the essence of this transformative hour.

As I gaze upon your radiant face above,

I feel the energy of your eternal love.

With gratitude in my heart, I express my deepest awe,

For the guidance and wisdom you graciously bestow.

Moon, I honor your enchanting glow,

Independently here for you, I feel your presence and know,

That within me lies the spark of divine fire,

Igniting my spirit and awakening my desire.

On this night of magic, I embrace my inner might,

Harnessing the energy of this celestial sight.

I release what no longer serves, with love and grace,

Opening myself to abundance and blessings in this space.

Moon, devoted to you as I am, I ask for your guidance,

Illuminate my path, offering clarity and providence.

Help me embrace the shadows within my soul,

As I walk this path, seeking wholeness and becoming whole.

In this sacred moment, I honor myself, my craft, and you,

Knowing that my magic is pure, authentic, and true.

As the moon wanes and the cycle unfolds,

I trust in the universe, as my story is lovingly told.

With gratitude and love, I release this prayer,

May my intentions manifest, beyond compare.”

Wiccan Prayer for the Full Moon

“Blessed be, sacred Full Moon, shining above me with your radiant light. I stand before you, ready to embrace your mystical might. In this sacred moment of lunar power, I open my heart and soul to the blessings you bestow.

With reverence, I call upon the divine forces, the elements, and the deities, to witness my intentions this night. As the moon’s energy fills me, I feel my own power rise, aligning with the cycles of nature and the universe’s divine ties. 

May my spells and rituals be guided by love and harmony, bringing healing and transformation to myself and others. I embrace the wisdom of the ancient traditions and walk this path with integrity and respect, as I honor the interconnectedness of all that is. 

Blessed be, dear Full Moon, for your influence empowers my witchcraft and illuminates my journey.”

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Elemental Prayer for the Full Moon

“I call upon the elements, the earth, water, air, and fire,

To lend their strength to my intentions, higher and higher.

May the earth ground and support my sacred quest,

While water cleanses and purifies, bringing me rest.

May the air carry my intentions, free and clear,

As the fire ignites my passions, banishing doubt and fear.

With each breath, I align with the universal flow,

Embracing my power, letting my inner magic grow

Universe, the source of all creation, we honor the elemental forces that dance within and around us. We call upon the energy of Earth, grounding us in strength and stability. May we find balance and harmony in the embrace of your fertile soil. 

We invoke the cleansing waters, flowing with healing and emotions, guiding us to release what no longer serves us. We seek the transformative power of fire, igniting our passions and igniting our souls. Let the air carry our intentions, uplifting our spirits and bringing clarity to our minds. 

May the elements bless us with their abundant gifts, nurturing our souls and lighting our path. As we will it, so it shall be.”

Full Moon Prayer for Secular Witches

“On this sacred night of the full moon, I stand in awe of the celestial beauty above me. I embrace the energy and symbolism this lunar phase brings, connecting me to the natural rhythms of the world. In this moment, I honor the power within myself and the universe that surrounds me.

With gratitude, I call upon the moon’s radiant glow to guide me on my path of self-discovery and personal empowerment. As I bask in your ethereal light, I embrace the essence of magick as a reflection of my own inner strength and resilience. 

I seek to cultivate mindfulness, intuition, and compassion in my craft, weaving my intentions into the fabric of my daily life. I honor the interconnectedness of all beings and strive to create harmony and balance in the world around me. 

Thank you dear moon, for your presence fills me with inspiration and reminds me of the limitless potential within.”

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Full Moon Prayer for Women's Circle

“Gathered in the sacred circle under the gentle glow of the full moon, we as sisters, unite in love and sisterhood. With open hearts and empowered spirits, we offer this prayer, embracing the divine feminine energy that flows through us.

Moon, radiant guardian of the night sky, we honor your gentle radiance that illuminates our path. As a Women’s Circle, we celebrate the strength, wisdom, resilience, and beauty that resides within each and every one of us. In this sacred space, we lift each other up, supporting and nurturing the essence of womanhood.

We call upon the ancestral spirits of our mothers, grandmothers, and all the remarkable women who came before us. Their resilience, courage, and love echo within our souls, inspiring us to stand tall and embrace our authentic selves. With every breath we take, we reclaim our power, breaking free from societal expectations and embracing our unique gifts.

Oh, Moon, witness our intentions as they rise to the heavens. May our Women’s Circle be a sanctuary of love, acceptance, and empowerment. Guide us as we explore the depths of our being, heal old wounds, and nurture our dreams. In this sacred bond of sisterhood, may our voices be heard, our stories cherished, and our visions manifest.

We invoke the energy of the divine, nurturing and compassionate, flowing through us like a river. May we celebrate our cycles, embrace our bodies, and honor the inherent strength within us. Together, we rise as warriors of love and agents of change, creating a ripple of harmony and empowerment that extends far beyond this circle.

As the full moon graces us with its radiant presence, may it infuse our Women’s Circle with its wisdom, grace, and enchantment. May the bonds we forge here deepen, our spirits uplifted, and our collective power amplified. And so, under the moon’s benevolent glow, we stand united, embracing the sacred sisterhood that empowers us all.

Bless this dear Women’s Circle, for the love and strength we find in each other. Together, we create magick, harmony, and a world that honors the divine feminine in all its forms.”

Full Moon Manifestation Prayer

“Under this luminous glow of the full moon, I stand in awe of its radiant beauty and the limitless possibilities it holds. As I connect with the moon’s energy, I embrace my power as a co-creator of my own destiny. In this sacred moment, I offer my heartfelt intentions to the universe, knowing that my desires have the potential to manifest.

With gratitude and unwavering belief, I call upon the divine forces that guide me. I ask for their assistance in manifesting my dreams and goals. May this full moon amplify my intentions, infusing them with the cosmic energy needed to bring them into reality. I release any doubts or fears that may hinder my progress, and I trust in the universe’s abundant wisdom and support.

As I align my thoughts, emotions, and actions with my desires, may the universe conspire in my favor, aligning circumstances and opportunities that lead me towards my highest purpose. I am open and receptive to the miracles that await me, ready to embrace the abundance and blessings that flow into my life.

With gratitude and love, dear universe, for your infinite potential and the magick that resides within. As I set forth on this journey of manifestation, I do so with love, gratitude, and unwavering faith. And so it is, and so mote it be.”

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Full Moon Releasing Prayer

“Under the light of this full moon, I stand with a heart full of courage and a soul ready to release. In this sacred space, I honor the power of letting go and the freedom it brings. With love and compassion, I surrender that which no longer serves me, embracing the transformative energy of this lunar phase.

I release all fears and self-doubt that hold me back from living my fullest potential. I let go of past hurts and resentments, freeing myself from their heavy burden. With each breath, I release negative patterns and limiting beliefs, creating space for growth, joy, and abundance. As I release these old layers, I step into the radiant truth of my authentic self, embracing my worthiness and embracing the beauty of my journey.

Full moon, I trust in your guiding light as I release with grace and ease. I surrender to the natural cycles of life, knowing that in letting go, I make room for new beginnings. I offer my intentions to the universe, asking for support and guidance in this process of release. With an open heart, I allow the gentle flow of healing and transformation to wash over me, restoring balance and harmony in my being.

I am ready to embrace the freedom that comes with releasing and letting go, knowing that I am creating space for the blessings that await me on my path. And so it is.”

As always, I completely recommend that in your personal practice you take from these and reword them to suit your practice, your deities or your coven practice. 

All of these prayers are basic structures to start from, and should be treated as an example – you can totally add a lot of your own flavour to it! 

Enjoy the magick of the Full Moon, and may it bring you clarity, strength and courage in all you do witches. Until next time xox

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