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Lunar Return - Astrology for your Lunar birthday

Last Updated: February 17, 2023

For witches and practitioners of magick, the lunar return can be a powerful time to connect with the moon’s energy and deepen their spiritual practice. We witches absolutely bloomin’ love the Moon, and we work hard to learn so many of it’s correspondences, so knowing your lunar return can be beneficial for topping up your magickal energy, your intuition, and your connection to the universe.

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What is a Lunar Return?

In astrology, a lunar return occurs when the moon returns to the same position in the sky that it was in at the time of your birth. This happens approximately every 28 days and is believed to have an influence on your emotional state, intuition, and inner guidance. If you know what your “Moon Sign” is from your Big 3 (Sun, Rising/Ascendant, Moon zodiac sign positions at the time of birth) it’s that – so if you have a Moon in Gemini on your natal chart, you can look at where the Moon will be in Gemini next for you for your lunar return.

Here are some ways that a witch can make the most of the energy of their lunar return:

  1. Connect with the moon’s energy: It’s a powerful time to connect with the energy of the moon. You can do this by meditating with the moon, doing moon rituals, or simply spending time outside in the moonlight. Focus on your intuition and inner guidance during this time, as the moon can help you tap into your inner wisdom and spiritual insight.
  2. Set intentions: Why not set intentions for the coming lunar cycle? Think about what you want to manifest or release during the next 28 days and write down your intentions. You can use this time to focus on areas of your life that are related to the moon’s energy, such as emotions, intuition, and creativity.
  3. Use divination: The lunar return is a good time to use divination tools such as tarot, oracle cards, scrying, or using your favourite pendulums. You can use these tools to gain insight into your inner world and receive guidance from your spirit guides or higher self.
  4. Practice self-care: The energy of your lunar return can be intense and emotional, so it’s important to take care of yourself during this time. Take time to rest, recharge, and engage in self-care practices that nourish your body, mind, and spirit. I find that for my lunar return, there’s always a “nesting” phase, where I want to clean up my environment (we call it “the big clean” at home as I am absolutely not known for cleaning haha)
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Lunar Return Chart & Lunar Mansions

The Moon moves through signs every 2-3 days, so it’s important to know your exact time and place of birth in order to be able to generate a lunar return chart. This chart will show the natal Moon position as well as the sign and degree that the moon will be in during your next lunar return. It can also give you insight into how this particular cycle may be translated as one of the lunar mansions – 28 different houses that the moon moves through. You can use this information to better understand how your lunar return will influence you and what intentions you should set for the upcoming cycle.

Lunar returns are an interesting way to tap into the energy of the Moon, connect with your intuition and spiritual guidance, and manifest all sorts of magickal things. I’d recommend (as I always will for these sorts of charts) or Starlust’s epic free resource. When you know what your moon sign is, and what degree, you could even explore your lunar mansion.

Here’s a list of the 28 mansions, and what each theme suggests that you can deep dive into:

  1. Al-Sharatain (0-12.51 degrees Aries): The Two Signs; A mansion of courage, strength, and new beginnings.
  2. Al-Butain (12.52-25.42 degrees Aries): The Little Belly; A mansion of healing, nurturing, and growth.
  3. Al-Thurayya (25.43 degrees Aries-8.34 degrees Taurus): The Many Little Ones; A mansion of wealth, abundance, and material prosperity.
  4. Al-Dabaran (8.35-21.25 degrees Taurus): The Follower; A mansion of power, determination, and stability.
  5. Al-Haqa (21.26 degrees Taurus-4.16 degrees Gemini): The White Spot; A mansion of communication, networking, and building connections.
  6. Al-Hana (4.17-17.07 degrees Gemini): The Emptiness; A mansion of creativity, inspiration, and innovation.
  7. Al-Dhira (17.08-29.58 degrees Gemini): The Forearm; A mansion of learning, knowledge, and personal growth.
  8. Al-Nathrah (0-12.51 degrees Cancer): The Gap; A mansion of emotions, intuition, and spiritual insight.
  9. Al-Tarf (12.52-25.42 degrees Cancer): The Eyes; A mansion of love, compassion, and connection.
  10. Al-Jabhah (25.43 degrees Cancer-8.34 degrees Leo): The Brow; A mansion of ambition, leadership, and achievement.
  11. Al-Zubrah (8.35-21.25 degrees Leo): The Mane of the Lion; A mansion of success, recognition, and social status.
  12. Al-Sarfah (21.26 degrees Leo-4.16 degrees Virgo): The Changer; A mansion of planning, organization, and strategy.
  13. Al-Awwa (4.17-17.07 degrees Virgo): The Barker; A mansion of self-improvement, health, and wellness.
  14. Al-Simak (17.08-29.58 degrees Virgo): The Unarmed; A mansion of service, community, and generosity.
  15. Al-Ghafr (0-12.51 degrees Libra): The Covering; A mansion of harmony, balance, and peace.
  16. Al-Zubana (12.52-25.42 degrees Libra): The Claws; A mansion of diplomacy, negotiation, and compromise.
  17. Al-Iklil (25.43 degrees Libra-8.34 degrees Scorpio): The Crown; A mansion of transformation, regeneration, and renewal.
  18. Al-Qalb (8.35-21.25 degrees Scorpio): The Heart; A mansion of emotional healing, release, and forgiveness.
  19. Al-Shaulah (21.26 degrees Scorpio-4.16 degrees Sagittarius): The Sting; A mansion of exploration, adventure, and spiritual growth.
  20. Al-Na’am (4.17-17.07 degrees Sagittarius): The Beam; A mansion of manifestation, abundance, and fulfillment.
  21. Al-Baldah (17.08-29.58 degrees Sagittarius): The City; A mansion of grounding, stability, and security.
  22. Sa’d al-Dhabih (0-12.51 degrees Capricorn): The Fortunate Assassin; A mansion of discipline, responsibility, and hard work.
  23. Sa’d al-Bula (12.52-25.42 degrees Capricorn): The Fortune of the Swallower; A mansion of success, achievement, and prosperity.
  24. Sa’d al-Su’ud (25.43-8.34 degrees Aquarius): The Luckiest of the Lucky; A mansion of innovation, progress, and change.
  25. Sa’d al-Akhbiyah (8.35-21.25 degrees Aquarius): The Lucky Star of Hidden Things; A mansion of mystery, secrets, and occult knowledge.
  26. Al-Fargh al-Awwal (21.26-4.16 degrees Pisces): The Upper Spout; A mansion of creativity, imagination, and inspiration.
  27. Al-Fargh al-Thani (4.17-17.07 degrees Pisces): The Lower Spout; A mansion of spirituality, intuition, and divine guidance.
  28. Batn al-Hut (17.08-29.58 degrees Pisces): The Belly of the Fish; A mansion of faith, surrender, and trust.

Please note that different cultures and traditions may have variations in the names, degrees, and meanings of the Lunar Mansions, but these are the commonly recognized ones. No matter which lunar mansion you explore each month, you are sure to come away with new insights and clarity as you journey through your own personal astrological cycle.

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Lunar Return Tips For Each Zodiac Sign

For each zodiac sign here are some fun suggestions for things to do, a mini self-care practice that can aid you when your energy isn’t low, and here is an affirmation for the sign for you to meditate or journal with.

Lunar Return in Aries

  • Something fun to try for your Aries lunar return, would be to practice an energetic reset. Go for a hike, run, or do some other physical activity that gets your heart rate up and helps you release pent-up energy.
  • A self-care suggestion for your Aries lunar return would be to spend time reviewing or analysing your self-development goals, and get excited about the ways you can develop yourself further – not specifically for work, not for health or spirituality, but for what matters to you.
  • An Aries affirmation for you is “I’m the protagonist in my own story and I can be whoever I choose to be.”

Lunar Return in Taurus

  • Something fun for your Taurus lunar return would be planning a picnic in nature or taking time to appreciate the beauty of the planet.
  • A self-care suggestion for your Taurus lunar return is to plan a spa day at home, in your favourite comfortable space, with granting yourself permission to rest.
  • A Taurean affirmation for you is “I have the power to create rested abundance in my life and I’m surrounded by love and support.”

Lunar Return in Gemini

  • Something fun for your Gemini lunar return would be taking time for a creative project or hosting a social gathering. Get a fun debate on the go, or better yet make it a completely pointless debate between friends, such as the pros and cons of a tattoo of cartoon characters on your hand.
  • A self-care suggestion for your Gemini lunar return is spending some time alone enjoying vellichor, “the wistfulness of used bookshops”.
  • A Geminian affirmation for you is “I am the master of my own reality and I’m constantly learning and growing.”

Lunar Return in Cancer

  • Something fun for your Cancer lunar return would be baking with a loved one or creating a time capsule.
  • A self-care suggestion for your Cancer lunar return is to take some time out of your day to journal or practice
  • A Cancerian affirmation for you is “I am deeply connected to my intuition and I trust that it will guide me on the right path.”

Lunar Return in Leo

  • Something fun for your Leo lunar return would be celebrating with friends, maybe a themed dress up party or an elaborate artsy adventure. Just because!
  • A self-care suggestion for your Leo lunar return is to buy yourself all your favourite snacks from when you were a child, or play with your favourite toys from when you were younger, and just let yourself be in the joy of that moment.
  • A Leonine affirmation for you is “I have the strength to create whatever kind of life I choose.”

Lunar Return in Virgo

  • Something fun for your Virgo lunar return would be a day of exploring different cities or neighbourhoods, seeing where your feet take you and just allowing yourself to observe the world around you.
  • A self-care suggestion for your Virgo lunar return is to practice mindful meditation outdoors or indoors and go at your own pace. Touch the leaves nearby or be barefoot and try “earthing”.
  • A Virgo affirmation for you is “I let go of perfectionism and welcome creative flow into my life.”

Lunar Return in Libra

  • Something fun for your Libra lunar return would be a day of studying and learning something new.
  • A self-care suggestion for your Libra lunar return is to practice self-love and acceptance – try writing down five things that you love about yourself, or take time out to appreciate the beauty around you.
  • A Librann affirmation for you is “I have the power to create loving harmony in my life.”

Lunar Return in Scorpio

  • Something fun for your Scorpio lunar return would be a day of exploring the mysterious. Research on the unknown, visit an occult library or take a trip down memory lane by visiting some old family albums.
  • A self-care suggestion for your Scorpio lunar return is to practice calming rituals, such as breathwork or hot baths, especially after therapy or counselling sessions.
  • A Scorpionic affirmation for you is “I unlock the power of transformation through my intuition and resilience.”

Lunar Return in Sagittarius

  • Something fun for your Sagittarian lunar return would be a day of exploring the outdoors in the steps of your favourite authors or teachers. Take a hike or go camping, or better yet take a road trip with some friends to the places that have meant something and taught something to your favourite literary character, and embody some of that energy for yourself.
  • A self-care suggestion for your Sagittarian lunar return is to practice being in the present moment and just allowing yourself to be still and observe life around you. You don’t always have to be doing, you can just be.
  • A Sagittarian affirmation for you is “I am always open to new perspectives and experiences.”

Lunar Return in Capricorn

  • Something fun for your Capricorn lunar return would be a day of planning and organizing. Get out the calendar, pen and paper and make some long-term plans or set yourself some achievable goals. Break out the fancy stationery, break out your best planner, and get to it.
  • A self-care suggestion for your Capricorn lunar return is to find a way to balance your ambition with rest and relaxation. You have people you can rely on – call on them to step it up for you.
  • A Capricorn affirmation for you is “I have the power to manifest my dreams through hard work and dedication.”

Lunar Return in Aquarius

  • Something fun for your Aquarian lunar return would be an eclectic day of creative projects and eccentric activities. Ask your friends and community for their weirdest but most delightful suggestions. Embrace your freedom and let your imaginations run wild!
  • A self-care suggestion for your Aquarian lunar return is to practice creative visualization – imagine yourself living out your wildest dreams, what would it look like? How would you feel? Explore this as you’re getting rest, as you don’t need to carry the weight of the world for a moment.
  • An Aquarian affirmation for you is “I have the power to manifest my unique ideas into reality.”

Lunar Return in Pisces

  • Something fun for your Piscean lunar return would be a day of exploring the dreamy and intuitive. Take yourself on a date with your desires, or attend an event that speaks to your soul. Journaling can also be a great way to explore feelings and dreams.
  • A self-care suggestion for your Piscean lunar return is to take time out to practice self-care and nurture yourself.
  • A Piscean affirmation for you is “I embrace my compassionate nature with grace.”

These are just some ideas of what you could do during your respective Lunar Returns, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide what will best suit your needs and bring you joy. Remember that this is a special time of change and growth, so embrace it with openness and curiosity!

Happy Lunar Return! ✨🌙💫 Until next time xox 


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