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Hecate's Call: Recognizing Signs She is Calling You

Last Updated: February 10, 2023

Hekate is a goddess associated with magic, the underworld, and crossroads in ancient Greek mythology. Some people believe that she may reach out to individuals who are drawn to her or in need of her guidance. We say “some people believe” as a lot of this research for the article is based on unique personal gnosis, or personal experiences and encounters that are unique to them but not always historically documented.

I previously wrote about her for our Hekate tarot spread and ways to connect too. Here are some signs I’ve come across over social media, books and personal descriptions of people’s deity devotional practice associated with this goddess reaching out.

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A Subconscious Connection: Hecate's Signs in Dreams

Dreams can be a way for Hekate to communicate with you. If you have dreams that involve crossroads, the underworld, or magic, they may hold special significance. Some common dreams associated with this goddess include:

  • Crossroads: Dreams of crossroads or junctions may indicate that she is guiding you towards making a decision or choosing a path.
  • Familiar Stranger: Dreams of a relative, even if they are a stranger, but feel familiar, could indicate Hekate making her presence known.
  • Underworld: Dreams of the underworld, such as dark caves or tunnels, may symbolize this goddess’s connection to the underworld and the inner workings of the shadow or psyche.
  • Magick: Dreams of performing magic, encountering magical creatures, or being in magical settings may symbolize her association with magick and the supernatural.
  • Dogs: Dreams of dogs, particularly black dogs, may symbolize her association with dogs and the protection they offer.
  • Cats: Dreams of cats, especially black cats, suggest symbolism of this goddess’s role as a protector.
  • The Moon: Dreams of the moon, especially full moons or eclipses, may symbolize Hekate’s connection to lunar magick and its energies.

It’s essential to remember that dreams are personal and subjective experiences, and the symbolism in one person’s dream may not have the same meaning for another. When trying to understand the symbolism in your dreams, it’s recommended to reflect on your personal experiences and associations as well as what is going on in your life.

Finding Hekate's Signals Through Synchronistic Moments

Synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences, are often seen as messages from the universe. For those who believe in Hekate and her influence, these synchronistic events can be interpreted as signs of her presence in their lives. From seeing repeated numbers to unexpected encounters with animals, the dark goddess may be sending subtle signals to guide us towards the right path. 

In the below list, you’ll find various ways in which she may communicate with us through synchronistic events.

  • Encounters with the number three: Hekate is often associated with the number three, and some people believe that they may experience repeated encounters with the number three in unusual ways, such as seeing the number on clocks, license plates, or in other unexpected places.
  • Encounters with dogs: She is often depicted with dogs, such as her dog Hecuba, and some people believe that they may have unexpected encounters with dogs, such as hearing them bark, random appearances in places they shouldn’t be normally, or seeing them in their dreams.
  • Encounters with the moon: Associated with the moon, especially in a Triple Goddess capacity, and some people believe that they may experience unusual encounters with the moon, such as seeing it at unusual times or in unusual phases.
  • Encounters with her dates: There are specific days or nights associated with Hekate, and if you find yourself experiencing something unusual or meaningful on these days or in the run up to these days, it could be interpreted as a sign of her presence. The dates are August 13th, November 16th, the May Full Moon, and the Deipnon, but there are more noted across the internet – research is your best friend here.
  • Crossroads: She is associated with crossroads and decision-making, and some people believe that they may experience unexpected coincidences or choices that lead them to crossroads or important decisions.
  • Repeating tarot cards: Hecate is associated with Queen of Swords, The High Priestess, and Death, so if you find them coming up for you in your tarot readings a lot, she may be tryin to get in touch with you this way.
  • Magick and the supernatural: Hekate is associated with magic and the supernatural, and if you may experience unusual or supernatural events this may be in alignment with this goddess’s energy.

Feeling Her Presence: Understanding the Sensory Signals from Hekate

She is known as a powerful goddess with a deep connection to otherworlds – sensing her presence can be a profound experience. Whether through physical sensations, intuitive insights, or subtle cues, the signs of Hekate’s presence can be felt in many different ways. 

Some individuals report feeling a sense of presence or energy when Hekate is near, such as feeling a sudden chill, hearing whispers or footsteps, or seeing shadows that do not feel malevolent. The presence of Hekate, also known as Hecate, can be experienced in many different ways.

  • Power and strength: Hekate is often described as a powerful goddess, and her presence may be felt as a strong energy or force.
  • Mystery and the unknown: As she is associated with the underworld and the unknown, and her presence may be felt as like a sense of mystery or otherworldliness.
  • Guidance and support: Hekate aids with decision-making, and her presence may be felt as a sense of guidance or support.
  • Plants and herbs: This goddess utilises a lot of earth magic in her practice, and therefore it’s not uncommon that mugwort, yew, willow, or other plants and herbs associated with Hekate may suggest her presence.
  • Magick and divination: Her presence may be felt as anything from visions whilst scrying, apparitions in smoke, appearing in meditations, higher pitched right ear ringing, and tarot readings (like The High Priestess or Queen of Swords reoccurring).
  • Protection: She is also associated with protection, and her presence may be felt as a sense of safety or comfort.

It’s important to remember that these are just a few examples and that everyone’s experience is unique. Some people may not experience any of these sensations, while others may have a completely different experience. If you feel drawn to Hekate or have any questions, it is recommended to do further research and ask your community of witches of their experiences locally/regionally.

athame and wand

The Goddess Message: Recognizing Hecate's Symbols

People might start noticing symbols associated with Hekate, such as the number three, dogs, or the moon, in unexpected places. She is associated with a number of symbols that have been used in various cultures and belief systems throughout history such as the Ancient Greeks, Thelema or Modern witches of no particular religion. 

Understanding the significance of these symbols is key to recognizing Hekate’s presence and messages in your lives. This will help you decode the messages she is sending and deepen your connection with her divine energy.

Here are some of the most common symbols associated with her (other than the Moon, her animals or herself):

  • The Crossroads and Liminal spaces: Hekate is often depicted as a goddess of crossroads, decision-making, and transitions, and the symbol of the crossroads is often associated with her.
  • Keys: Hekate is often depicted carrying keys, symbolizing her role as a goddess of the underworld and her power to unlock the secrets of the afterlife.
  • Snakes: Snakes are often associated with her and may symbolize rebirth, transformation, or the power of the underworld.
  • Torches: Hekate is often depicted holding two torches, which symbolize the light of the moon and her connection to the underworld. The torches also represent her role as a guide and protector, as she illuminates the path for those who are lost or in need.
  • Daggers or Athames: She is linked with daggers or athames, which are ritual tools that are used in many forms of magic. The dagger symbolizes her power and her ability to cut through illusions and bring clarity to difficult situations.
  • Rope: She is often depicted holding a rope, which symbolizes her role as a guide and protector. The rope also represents her ability to bind and release, and her connection to the underworld.
  • Snakes: Snakes are often associated with this goddess and may symbolize rebirth, transformation, and the power of the underworld. Snakes are also associated with wisdom and healing, which reflects Hekate’s role as a goddess of magic and medicine.
  • The Strophalos: The Strophalos is a type of disc-shaped object that is associated with Hekate and is thought to have been used in magic and divination rituals, and is used in meditation.
  • Plants and herbs: She is associated with various plants and herbs, including wormwood, mandrake, and yew, which were used in ancient times for their magical properties. She is also associated with plant medicine and is sometimes referred to as a healer.

Traits That Hecate Favours In Devotees & Companions

Hekate is known to favor certain personality traits in her devotees and companions. While interpretations of her preferences may vary, based on Greek mythology and historical accounts, the following traits are often associated with Hekate:

  1. Independence: Hekate appreciates individuals who are self-reliant and able to navigate their own paths. She values independence of thought and action, as well as the ability to make decisions without relying solely on others. Think of Circe, and her forged independence, and how that may have caught Hecate’s eye.

  2. Wisdom: Hekate is often associated with knowledge and wisdom. She favors individuals who seek to expand their understanding of the world, particularly in magical, natural and spiritual realms. Those who value intellectual pursuits and are dedicated to learning and self-improvement are likely to gain her favor, especially those who have a natural talent for working with plants (and even more so for those who don’t).

  3. Intuition: Hekate is closely tied to intuition and psychic abilities. She favors those who trust their instincts and possess a heightened sense of perception. Witches who are naturally intuitive or who work to develop their psychic skills may find themselves drawn to Hekate.

  4. Courage: Hekate is a goddess of liminal spaces and transitions. She appreciates individuals who display bravery and resilience in the face of challenges. Those who can embrace change, confront their fears, and take decisive action are likely to resonate with her energy. Look how she sided against the Titans, and with Demeter vs Hades.

  5. Devotion and loyalty: While Hekate values independence, she also appreciates devotion and loyalty from her followers and companions. Establishing a strong connection with her and demonstrating a sincere commitment to her worship can foster a deeper relationship.

In terms of the type of people Hekate works with, we know she has been known to collaborate with witches, sorcerers, and individuals involved in magical practices. She is often associated with those who work with herbs, potions, divination, and other mystical arts. Hekate is particularly revered by those who follow a solitary path and embrace the mysteries of the occult. However, she is also known to assist and guide those who seek her help, regardless of their background or spiritual practices. As on the “Backyard Banshee presents… Deity Devotions” podcast with Courtney Weber discussing the Morrigan, we talk about Courtney’s experience with Hecate, and how actually Hekate came forward through other witches that she knew.

I think it’s important to note that Hekate’s preferences and the people she chooses to work with can vary, as deities are complex beings with diverse relationships and interactions with their followers. It’s always advisable to approach any deity with respect and a genuine desire to connect, allowing for individual experiences and personal interpretations. With leads to my next section…

The Call of Hekate: The Invitation To Learn More

For most people, it is the feeling of a sudden pull or interest in learning more about Hekate, her mythology, and her associations. It’s really that simple – there’s no hidden agenda. So if that is what you are feeling intuitively called to explore whilst on your witchcraft journey, please do so (if you are open to it).

It’s important to remember that these are all just a few examples and that everyone’s experience is unique. Some people may not experience any of these signs, while others may have a completely different experience with her that I’ve not been able to list for you.

If you feel drawn to Hekate or have any questions, it is recommended to do further research and learn more about her and then respectfully reach out if you feel comfortable, and ask permission with her to start a conversation, especially to see if a relationship is what you’d both like.

Consent and respect are two very important factors, always. If you don’t want to or feel uncomfortable, then it is not necessary, and this is something that just keeps your journey interesting, to say the least! Keep safe, and until next time xox

Signs that Hecate Hekate is calling you

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