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The Complete Guide to Spell Jars - Witchcraft Basics

Last Updated: March 28, 2023

This is an overdue chapter in our Witchcraft Basics series – spell jars are a fantastic way to craft a powerful spell and can be made in many different ways. Spell jars are containers that hold the components of a spell, usually herbs, candles, and other magickal items. They make it easy to contain all the elements of a spell and keep everything concentrated in one area.

Spell jars can be used for many different purposes, from protection to healing. They are also a potent way to store spells and finished products too – perfect to keep away from little hands and furry friends. They are easy to make at home with items typically found around the house – all you need is your intent to guide you where to start with it.

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The History of Spell Jars and Witch Bottles

Overall, the use of witch bottles and spell jars can be seen as a continuation of ancient and traditional practices that have been adapted to modern times. Whether you are a practitioner of traditional witchcraft or modern paganism, these magickal tools can be a powerful and effective way to connect with the spiritual realm and manifest your desires.

Witch bottles have a long and fascinating history that dates back several centuries. They were traditionally used as a form of protection against witches and their spells, and were typically made by women who believed they were under the threat of being cursed or targeted by evil spirits.

The process of making a witch bottle typically involved filling a glass or earthenware container with a variety of protective materials, such as nails, hair, urine, or even small pieces of clothing. The bottle would then be sealed and buried in a location close to the worried participants home, such as under the hearthstone or in the garden. The idea was that the protective materials inside the bottle would trap any negative energy or spells that were aimed at them, thereby keeping them safe from harm.

As if nobody said “…Doesn’t that sound like witchcraft?”

While the use of witch bottles was most prevalent in the 16th and 17th centuries (such as the Reigate bottle made approx 1685), there are records of similar practices being used even in ancient times. In fact, some scholars believe that the use of protective objects and talismans can be traced all the way back to much earlier times, such as the tyet knots used in ancient Egypt placed in jars buried with bodies, and that witch bottles are simply a more recent variation of this ancient practice. As always, I recommend you some further reading on this!

In modern times, the use of witch bottles has evolved to include a wider range of materials and intentions. Some modern witches use witch bottles as a form of protection, much like their historical counterparts, while others use them for more specific purposes, such as attracting love, money, or good luck. Some like to use them for baneful magick too, and since we’re pro-hex here, sometimes orange men in power deserve it.

In addition, modern witches often use these spell jars as a variation of witch bottles. Spell jars are typically made by filling a small glass jar with a combination of herbs, crystals, oils, and other magickal ingredients that are intended to manifest a specific outcome. The jar is then sealed and charged with intention, and can be carried with them or placed on an altar or sacred space. You can even bury them safely in your back garden or at a crossroads.

More information on their history can be found here:

The Method of Spell Jars

Preparing your jar for a spell is quite straight forward really, and can be incredible eco friendly. Using recycled jars for spell jars and storage containers is a great way to bring sustainability and organization into your practice. Not only is it an eco-friendly option, but it can also be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new containers. By reusing what you already have, such as pasta sauce jars or pickled jars, you can create a kinder and more mindful practice that honours both the earth and your personal resources. If you wanted to repurpose jars for spell jars or storage containers, begin by cleaning and sanitizing the jar thoroughly. Remove any labels or residue, and wash the jar with warm, soapy water. You may also want to soak the jar in hot water and baking soda to remove any stubborn labels or odors.

Once your jar is clean and dry, you can begin using it for your spell practice. Depending on your intention, you may want to decorate the jar with symbols, crystals, or other magical items that correspond to your desired outcome.

There are so many intuitive ways to use spell jars in our magickal practice but here are the most common styles you’ll find in a modern witches practice (at some point in their journey):

Honey jars: A honey jar is a type of spell jar that is often used for sweetening someone’s disposition or bringing positive energy into a situation. It is typically made by filling a small jar with honey, herbs, and other magickal ingredients that are believed to attract positivity and sweeten someone’s attitude towards you or a situation.

Sigil jars: A sigil jar is a type of spell jar that uses sigils to focus and direct energy towards a specific intention or goal. A sigil is a symbol or design that has been charged with magickal intent, and is often used as a tool for manifestation in witchcraft. It will be on the front, on top or inside the jar – it’s an individual witches preference.

Herb jars: A herb jar is commonly used in witchcraft for the purpose of harnessing the magickal properties of herbs and other botanicals. It is often considered the most typical of all spell jars for witches because of the long history and widespread use of herbs in magick and healing practices.

Vinegar jars: These are what are described as “nasty” spell jars. A vinegar jar is a type of spell jar commonly for the purpose of souring or banishing a person, situation, or energy. It is typically made by filling a small jar with vinegar, herbs, and other ingredients that are believed to break up negative energy or relationships. You’ll find a lot of vinegar spells include items like spit, urine, mould, rusty nails etc – it’s not for the faint of heart.

The Magick of Spell Jars

To create your spell jar, start with a container (and a lid) and a few basic ingredients. Cleanse your tools, your space and your jar if you feel called to. Fill the container with it’s magickal goodies, and if you choose to use a prayer or affirmation do so. Then close & seal your spell jar with intention. It’s really that simple. You can set your sacred space ready by additional cleansing or by warding or even casting a circle around your spell jar, and remember to close it efficiently afterwards if that is your vibe!

  • Honey Jar

To create a honey jar, you will need a small jar with a lid, honey, herbs and other ingredients that correspond to your intention, such as rose petals for love, cinnamon for success, or mint for healing. You can also add personal items such as a lock of hair or a piece of paper with the person’s name on it.

Next, add your chosen herbs and personal items to the jar, and cover them with honey. You may also want to add a few drops of essential oils or sprinkle glitter into the jar for extra potency.

Once your jar is filled, seal it tightly and hold it in your hands. Visualize your desired outcome, and focus your energy on infusing the honey jar with your intention. You can also recite a chant or spell to help reinforce your intention.

  • Sigil Jar

To create a sigil jar, you would need a small jar with a lid, paper, a pen or marker, and other magickal ingredients that correspond to your intention. Begin by writing out your intention or desire on the paper. This can be a simple phrase or sentence, such as “I attract abundance and prosperity” or “I find inner peace and calm.”

Next, use the letters in your intention or desire to create a unique symbol or design. This symbol is your sigil, and represents your intention in a condensed form. You can embellish your sigil with additional symbols or designs, or keep it simple and straightforward. You can even create an illustration sigil to embody your intention, it doesn’t need to be letters or lines.

Once you have created your sigil, place it inside your jar along with your chosen magickal ingredients. This may include herbs, crystals, oils, or other items that correspond to your intention. You may also want to add a personal item, such as a lock of hair or a piece of jewelry.

After you have filled your jar, hold it in your hands and visualize your desired outcome. Focus your energy on infusing the jar with your intention, and feel the power of your sigil and other ingredients working together to manifest your goal.

  • Vinegar Jar

To create a vinegar jar, you will need a small jar with a lid, vinegar, herbs and other ingredients that correspond to your intention, such as black pepper for protection, garlic for banishing, or thorns for causing discord. You may also want to add personal items such as a photo or piece of paper with the person’s name on it.

Next, add your chosen herbs and personal items to the jar, and cover them with vinegar. You may also want to add a few drops of essential oils or sprinkle in some salt for extra potency.

Once your jar is filled, seal it tightly and shake it vigorously while focusing your energy on your desired outcome. Visualize the negative energy or relationship being broken up and dissipated. You can also recite a chant or spell to help reinforce your intention.

After creating your vinegar jar, you can use it in a variety of ways. You may choose to bury it in a secluded area or place it in a hidden spot in your target’s living space, such as under a bed or in a closet. Some practitioners may also dispose of the jar by smashing it or throwing it into running water, symbolizing the breaking up and dispersing of negative energy. Be environmentally friendly as best as you can, and practice energetic cleansing after.

It’s important to remember that the use of vinegar jars and other banishing spells should be done with caution and only in situations where it is necessary to protect oneself or others. Additionally, it is important to consider the ethical implications of using such spells and to take responsibility for any consequences that may result.

  • Herb Jar

To create a herb jar, you will need a small jar with a lid, herbs and other botanicals that correspond to your intention, such as lavender for peace and tranquility, rosemary for protection, or cinnamon for prosperity. You may also want to add other magickal ingredients such as crystals, oils, or use candles to help “seal” the bottle or jar.

Next, add your chosen herbs, spices and flowers to the jar, and seal it tightly. You may also want to decorate your jar with symbols or designs that correspond to your intention.

Once your jar is filled, hold it in your hands and focus your energy on infusing the jar with your intention. Visualize the herbs and other ingredients working together to manifest your desired outcome. What you choose to do with it afterwards is up to you.

The use of herb jars and other spell jars is a powerful way to manifest desires and intentions in a tangible, physical form. By creating a container that holds the energy and intention of the spell, the practitioner is able to focus their will and manifest their desired outcome more effectively. Here below are SO many different spell ingredients based on the recipe you need, please intuitively add more to them – I hope these help!

organising spell ingredients in spell jars

30+ Spell Jar Recipes to Try

  1. Attracting new love; sigil for attraction, affirmation, honey, rose, carnelian, coffee, himalayan salt
  2. Sparks flying in for long-term love; carnelian and rose quartz, alkanet root, ginger, honey, basil
  3. Stability for home and heart; jasmine, rosemary, thyme, lavender, cedarwood essential oil, amethyst, patchouli
  4. Encouraging self-love; rose quartz, chamomile, dried orange peels, honey, coconut oil
  5. Self-care support; chamomile, cinnamon stick, hibiscus, pink himalayan salt, lavender essential oil, rose quartz
  6. Invisibility to heal spell jar (take a break); their name on paper, salt, aloe vera, water, in your freezer (until you’re ready)
  7. Better sleep; dried lavender, cedarwood essential oil, chamomile, frankincense, lemon balm, angelite, sigil
  8. Warding against nightmares; daffodil petals, dandelion heads, frankincense, mugwort, lavender essential oil, amethyst and honey
  9. Smoother health spell; rosemary, thyme, lavender, garlic cloves, bay leaf, aloe vera and red clover
  10. Mental health support; rosemary, sandalwood essential oil, chamomile, sage, mugwort and jasmine
  11. Trauma tackler support; lepidolite, rose quartz, tourmaline quartz, lolite, lavender flowers, cedarwood essential oil, avocado oil and chamomile
  12. Grief healing; written memory of the loved one, hematite, frankincense, myrrh resin, copal resin, lavender flowers, sage and chamomile
  13. Shadow work support; sigil, obsidian, black tourmaline, myrrh resin, dried rosemary and lavender
  14. Protecting the home; sigil, black kyanite, black shunghite, black peppercorns, salt
  15. Protecting my energetic space; ash, salt, black obsidian, hematite, garden sage, bay leaf with intention on it
  16. Protect my inner child; pink tourmaline, rose quartz, motherwort, chamomile, honey, lemongrass
  17. Protecting my people (child-friendly and pet friendly); sigil, bay leaf with Intention, large clear quartz crystal, sea salt, moon water, and jar to always be sealed
  18. Warding and repelling negative energy; black tourmaline, sage, petition to universe with intention on it, salt, clear quartz
  19. Breaking free of bad habits; affirmations, moonstone, vetivert, valerian, lemon peel
  20. Protecting my business; white pepper, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, bay leaf with intention on it, green salt mixed with ash, tourmaline quartz
  21. Attracting new opportunities; honey, sunstone, moonstone, red coral gemstone, cinnamon sticks, rose quartz, citrine, gold glitter, thyme
  22. Confidence for career purposes (decisive, stable, energy-maintaining); sigil, affirmation, waxing gibbous or Aries New Moon water, rainbow moonstone, hematite, catnip, ginger
  23. New project success; dried ginger, lodestone, bay laurel leaves with intention on it, nutmeg, dried orange
  24. Attracting good luck; honey, quartz, mica flakes, mint flakes, clover, basil powder, ace of pentacles imagery
  25. Attracting new money; money drawing oil, bay leaves with intention on it, cinnamon sticks, five-finger grass, pyrite or gold leaf
  26. Debt freeze spell jar; petition to universe, sigil with intention, rosemary, sea salt, arrowroot powder, calcite
  27. Confidence boost; amber resin, bay laurel leaves with intention on it, lemon peel, rosemary, carnelian
  28. Exam success; 10 of Pentacles imagery, bay leaf with intention, green salt, sugar, honey, orange peel and garden sage
  29. Creativity boost; lemon peel, mica flakes, dried lavender, Florida water, gold glitter, bergamot oil and basil powder
  30. Energetic boost (to projects); rose quartz, carnelian, moonstone, pink himalayan salt, peppermint oil, dried sweet red pepper, coffee and dried thyme
  31. Intuitive boost (for spellwork); full moon water, sunstone, clear quartz, moonstone, dried lavender, white sage, bay leaves with intention, dark chocolate and mugwort.

There we have it! Over 30 spell jar recipes, an introduction to spell jars and their different types. So, the next time you feel a need to cast a spell or have some extra protection and support around, grab your ingredients and get making! Witchcraft is just that, craft, and it is special and unique to all of us – let me know in the comments your favourite spell jar ingredients, and until next time, warmest wishes always xxx

Spell Jars Complete Guide

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