Dream Meanings For Divination

Dreams. The ever-mysterious subject of the unconscious mind. The realm of our deepest thoughts and desires, our greatest strengths and our greatest weaknesses. The amalgamation of our entire being translated through sometimes the most fantastical yet absurd of dreams. So why are the meanings of dreams considered important? Well, understanding and interpreting our dreams can help us further understand ourselves, our thoughts, our subconscious, and our current situation in life. Our daily lives can get hectic, and sometimes the messages of our own mind can get lost in the translation of the most peculiar of dreams. I often utilise dream meanings and symbolism to be the same meanings for other divination readings such as with capnomancy; seeing shapes/symbols in the smoke, and how it corresponds to what is happening in this situation relating to a question posed.

The ‘The Dream Dictionary from A to Z: The Ultimate A-Z to Interpret the Secrets of Your Dreams’ is a book that is both good for beginners and for those looking to add to their collection as it covers a broad range of dreams and doesn’t necessarily repeat the same overly common dream themes that other books mention time and time again, so you are being provided with an opportunity to expand your knowledge even further!

Meanings are merely suggested so it is open to your own interpretations based on the events of the dreams themselves, that you are thoroughly implored the analyse in as much detail as possible (as sometimes some messages are hidden in the smallest of details), and also in relation to what is occurring in your life at that time. You aren’t being provided with the ‘one size fits all’ explanation, so you are able to take away from the book what resonates with you as the meanings of some of the dreams may mean nothing to your own reality, but they would to another. For example, if you take the common dream archetype of dreaming about snakes, a dream of this nature usually holds 2 common, but rather opposite, meanings. The first being that of a negative nature, symbolising that there’s a toxic and poisonous aspect, event, or even person (and therefore seen as dangerous) surrounding the dreamer. But on the other hand, snakes can also represent the positive aspects of life such as transformation, healing, and growth. 

snake dream meaning

Or take the Mercury retrograde, something that can happen up to four times a year, how can we possibly believe that a planet that is said to rule over part of our brains has no control over our dreams? When Mercury goes into retrograde it can cause a lot of ‘brain fog’, it can cause us to have a lack of energy, to feel ‘out of sorts’, and can also heavily disrupt our sleep. Usually, a lot of reflection happens during this time and you may find yourself experiencing dreams of the past, whether this be about people from your past or past arguments or situations or even a time of your life you haven’t thought about in a very long time. So these dreams help us reflect on things from our subconscious, and the meanings presented within this book will definitely help you navigate the retrograde wave! And besides, we all know dreams don’t usually get presented most straightforwardly, and especially if there are any other planets in retrograde at the same time as Mercury, things can get even more chaotic for us! Take for example if Neptune was in retrograde at the same time as Mercury, we are more likely to experience dreams around our anxieties or come to have a sudden realisation about something which may be presented in rather questionable elements, as Neptune can affect our imagination and inspiration, as well as our delusion and paranoia, but this too is something heavily influenced based upon where Neptune’s placement is in your natal chart. The planets rule us more than you know! 

dream meanings

But what happens if one of the major arcana cards from a tarot deck shows up in your dream? What could The Tower card mean for us in helping us understand the messages our dreams are trying to portray? The Tower card represents a change in our life, a change we cannot avoid, in fact it may be a result of a change we have been putting off or trying to avoid! It usually shakes us to our core, but the transition is one that is meant to benefit us greatly. It may be stormy during the process, but the aftermath is shining, shimmering, splendid. So if you find yourself being presented with The Tower card in the midst of your dream, or dreams, discovering the meanings behind the events of your dream may help you shine a light on what changes you are about to face, or are being asked to face and be upfront with, as it may seem daunting at first but if we understand that facing the process head-on is best for us, then knowing exactly what our dreams are trying to say will make the journey just that bit easier! This book itself follows the same nature of allowing you to interpret your dreams for yourself, as of course depending upon your current situation in life, it would change what meaning and/or meanings would resonate with you the most! This book helps you make sense of that, and it’s up to you what information you want to take away from it.

Comprehensive and detailed but with no use of overly complicated terminology makes this book an easy read no matter the time of day. Convenient to have on the bedside table especially if you are likely to forget your dreams or if you don’t write them down, such as in a dream journal, you can have this book next to you ready to go the moment you wake with those dreams fresh in your mind!

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