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Backyard Banshee Presents...

“Backyard Banshee Presents…” is a love letter to community.

Through conversations with real witches globally in their spaces of the world, to divination resources, guided meditations and text-to-speech transcriptions of the complete Tarot meanings, “Backyard Banshee Presents…” is a resource for substantial witchcraft practices. 

It’s important to me as the owner of that you have a range of perspectives, that you have access to information regardless of income level or circumstances, and that if this is something you want to pursue then – that you get supported in this.

The “Deity Devotions” series has been absolutely amazing – to have these incredible witches be brave enough to share their stories, to be open to recalling some of the most intimate moments of their practice, to how they even got started with deity work in general? I am eternally grateful, and I encourage you to listen to these fascinating episodes where you also can support them in either creative endeavours or their graceful sharing on socials.

As more episodes, seasons and recordings become live we will put them here but please know you can listen across ALL platforms: Apple, Amazon, iHeartRadio, Google, Castbox and many many more. Just search “Backyard Banshee Presents…” x