Mini Crystals

You know the powerful but cute feeling that you get when you hold miniatures of things, like teeny alcohol bottles, cereal boxes fit for a dolls house, travel size shampoo and itty bitty teeny weeny toothpaste tubes….shrunken items…anyone…no? Just me… Well, you feel like a GIANT. And you can enjoy that same feeling with these 9 basic crystals in adorable glass bottles. 

Just stepping out into the land of witchcraft? Basic Crystal healing? Psychic awakening hit you like cold rainfall? … You’ll need this selection of crystals for beginners in your life. You can store them safely and easily away in our Small Divination Pouch and utilise the flower of life crystal grid pattern printed on the side when you want to use this quality crystal set for beginners. Keep them in your pocket, or in your handbag, or have these healing crystals proudly on display somewhere in your home, like a spice rack of psychic, spiritually charging and healing needs. 

These will be your stepping stone guide to get started with the healing power of crystals. Giving you 9 basic healing crystals you will need in your weapons rack, this selection of beginners healing crystals will be chosen from;

Carnelian – Healing for trauma, confidence enhancement, empowerment, energy, sex and focus.  

Garnet – Balance, Luck, Calm. 

Amethyst – Banish Negativity, Higher psychic ability, General healing. 

Amazonite – Honesty, Creativity, Healing of the nervous system. 

Rose Quartz – Love, Friendship, Self-esteem, Self-care, Empathy, Heart Healing. 

Sodalite – Calms the Mind, Communication, Help with Panic attacks, self-trust and acceptance. 

Orange Calcite – Creativity, Joy, Confidence, Inner child work. 

Fluorite – Balance, Shielding, Protection, Heightens intuition. 

Gold tigers eye – Will Power, Luck, Accountability, Strength, Protection for travel. 

Moonstone – Compassion, Empathy, Creative intuition and Psychic abilities. 

Lapis Lazuli – Wealth, Protection, Intuition, Contacting the Spirit Realm. Eases Migraines.

Red Jasper – Emotional protection, Courage, Calm during Chaos, Grounding Energy.  

Snowflake Obsidian – Grief, increased circulation, finding your path, Dealing softly with negativity, eradicating emotional blocks. 

Dalmatian Jasper – Positivity and openness, self-awareness, Joy and grounding.

These travel size chunks are must-haves in your crystal healing work, especially when you begin to start working with crystals in either beginner’s crystal healing, reiki, meditation and manifestation. 

How to use: 

First – Cleanse. The safest way to cleanse all crystals is under a full moon, with sound or using smoke. Some can be cleansed under the sun or in water but that is dependent on the minerals the crystal is composed of and if it is exposed to these it can dissolve in water, or will fade and lose colour in direct sunlight. So moonlight is the safest option, plus – such a pretty aesthetic! We cleanse crystals in this way to disperse any lingering energy from previous owners/sellers, or from previous spellwork, so we can optimise the quality of our manifestations through crystal work. It’s the equivalent of buying clothes from a shop; you’d wash them before you’d wear them in case someone had previously tried it on and you don’t want to get involved with that.  Once cleansed you can work with these crystals in a manner of ways. As a beginner in crystal healing, I’d recommend using them on yourself at first, placing the crystal where needed on your body as you rest and focus your energy on the point that needs work; this includes mental, spiritual and physical work. You can meditate with the crystal of your choice (should you ever get a peaceful moment in your hectic day). Or, if you’re feeling frisky and creative, you can use the mini crystals in conjunction with one another. The handy flower of life crystal grid pattern on the side of the Small Divination Pouch can map out an almighty crystal grid to help draw in needs for manifestation, depending on each crystal’s use and their correspondence with one another. And what’s better is these recommended crystals are mini, portable, and ideal for you to just whisk away with you wherever you find yourself adventuring off to.

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