Pendulums for beginners

This wearable and portable pendulum divination tool is ideal for beginners and experienced pendulum users alike, and it’s damn beautiful too in all crystal options! I’d personally go for Obsidian as the magickal correspondences of protection, filtering negativity and mirroring the psyche are perfect for this style of divination. With the Small Divination Pouch, you can store it inside when not being used and keep your pouch on you for daily readings. Dowsing has been used for hundreds of years as a way of sourcing water underground, right up to modern-day use for finding out the users own personal wants/self-insight. More often used in self readings, as the energy has to come from the reader, the basic use and techniques of pendulums for beginners is to associate a particular pattern of movement of the pendulum with a yes and no – then ask the pendulum your question (e.g. circular movements for yes and back and forth for no, however, these are personal and different for each user).

Each divination pendulum comes set in a woven cage and is light enough that you can wear this item day to day as in an inconspicuous necklace, which is perfect for in-the-broom-closet and low-key divination users. When on the go, utilise when needed; using pendulum magick is perfect for practice with big or small life questions. My example would be when you can’t quite make a decision over where to go for the day (always the woods for me) or when you can’t bring yourself to choose between two desserts (be warned, it may tell you both and I am not personally responsible for that – this pendulum tells you what YOU want!) It could help bring clarity to a big choice in work/life/relationships. It’s the perfect size to keep stored with your Divination Pouch too as a tool for learning pendulum dowsing for beginners, whether searching for water or answers or to enable you to keep it on you at all times so you can practice as often as you want with all the questions you can’t quite answer yourself consciously.


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