tarot cards spread on a table

All Major Arcana Tarot Cards

An overview of the 22 major arcana cards & their meanings.

Last Updated: April 23, 2024.

A tarot deck has two parts: the major arcana and the minor arcana. There are 22 cards in the major arcana, and these cards are said to contain the most important teachings of the tarot. They represent pivotal moments and turning points in the story of your life. 

Each tarot card has its own unique meaning, and together they tell a story that can help you navigate your path through life and the situations that arise along the way.

You’re stood on the edge, ready to leap into the unknown. The Fool is all about experiencing new journeys in life with a trusting heart. Are you ready to trust the universe?
Got all the tools you need? The Magician empowers you to manifest your desires, utilizing all your skills and resources around you. What will you create, and why?
There is always a whisper of deeper knowledge. The High Priestess sits at the threshold of hidden truths, urging you to listen to your intuition. What secrets are waiting for you?
Feeling the urge to nurture and create? The Empress embodies the richness of the earth, offering abundance and growth. What are you ready to bring into bloom?
Need some stability? The Emperor stands for order and discipline, creating a solid foundation. How can you bring order to your chaos?
Seeking wisdom, and sharing it. The Hierophant represents established beliefs and cultural systems, guiding you to spiritual knowledge. What lessons does tradition hold for you?
Faced with a decision? The Lovers symbolize the harmony of union, but remind you of the power of an important choice. Which path will you choose?
The Chariot is all about overcoming obstacles through determination and willpower. What challenges are you ready to tackle and conquer?
What makes you think you can’t tame the beast? Strength is not about physical power but the courage to face your fears with compassion and control. What fears need new perspective?
Craving some alone time? The Hermit invites you to withdraw from the noise, dig deep and find wisdom in solitude. What insights await in the silence?
Feeling fate lining up for you? The Wheel of Fortune reminds you that life is full of cycles and changes. Are you ready for the next turn?
Seeking balance? Justice deals with the idea of karma and fairness, where every action has a consequence. What balance do you seek?
Feeling stuck? The Hanged Man suggests letting go and viewing things from a new angle. What can you surrender?
Scared of change? Death symbolizes the end of a major phase or aspect of your life that must be released to allow new growth. What needs to end, and how do you feel about what is to come?
Searching for equilibrium? Temperance is about finding the right mix, balancing your energies to find purpose. How will you find your balance?
Feeling chained? The Devil represents our shadows, often related to material or physical pleasures that could bind us. What do you find restricting you?
The Tower signifies sudden change that shakes the foundation of your life, leading to transformation. What needs to be shaken up? What deserves to be torn down?
Need to refill your well? The Star is a breath of hope and a calm that follows the storm. It’s a card of wish fulfilment from working really hard, being that inspiration to others. What inspires you?
Lost in the fog? The Moon warns of confusion and illusion, inviting you to face your fears and anxieties. What’s misleading you?
Life shines for you. The Sun bursts with optimism and success, promising joyous accomplishments. What makes you feel vibrant?
Judgment invites you to rise to a new level of consciousness, suggesting rebirth and inner evaluation. Where can you forgive and move on? What are you called to renew in your life?
Finished a big chapter? The World marks the end of a life cycle, complete and harmonious. What have you accomplished? Where will you go next?