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The Justice Tarot Card Meanings & Symbolism

Last Updated: September 17, 2021

“She sits upon a throne, positioned between two pillars. A stately figure; in one hand she wields aloft a sword and in the other, she holds the scales of balance. She stares into your eyes and you can feel her weighing up actions, consequences and rooting out the truth. Her gaze is non-judgemental, her gaze is simply assessing the matter. Her scales tip left and right, even though she herself is not moving, she is yet to determine the result. Finally, they stop moving and she smiles. You look at the scales and you know. You came to her looking for lessons and knowing you might not get the one you like, but you got the one you need and now you make your choice…”

The Justice Tarot Card Key Facts

Uprightfairness, truth, balance, legal matters
Reversedunfavourable outcomes, stressful legal matters, dishonesty, unfair treatment
Yes or NoNeutral
Astrological SignLibra
the justice upright tarot card

Justice is the card of balance, legal matters and Libra season.

What does the Justice card mean in Tarot?

The Justice card is the midway point in the major arcana and represents a robed woman holding a double-edged sword and scales sitting on a throne between two pillars. The scales represent the scales of justice and truth, the pillars are said to represent the pillar of severity and the pillar of mercy. 

The Justice card is number 11 which in numerology is a master number, where 1+1 is broken down to equal the number 2; representing balance, fairness and honour. 

In astrology, the Justice card represents the element of air and the astrological sign of Libra. Libra represents truth, equality and understanding.  Libra is a very diplomatic sign, and will examine all points of view and favours peace and understanding. 

In a tarot reading and as an upright card, Justice can represent fairness, matters relating to the law, seeking justice, a successful legal battle and the need for balance in your life. This card can remind us to examine our morals, to examine ourselves and the consequences of our actions. It is also a good card to remind us not to dive in headfirst, but to think things through; to examine all angles and points of view so we do not judge too quickly. We must consider all sides before we make a decision.

This card reminds us also to trust ourselves more, as sometimes we knew the answer all along but it became clouded with self-doubt.

Justice also reminds us to live our lives with integrity and honour. 

“We gathered our stamina in The Chariot, refined it in Strength, let it gestate in The Hermit and had it tested through The Wheel of Fortune. At Justice, we are standing in a place of balance and certainty of self. We earned that. At this moment, the ego exists in a state of perfect balance.”

  • WTF is Tarot by Bakara Wintner

Love & relationships upright meaning

In a love reading, Justice can represent a deeper commitment for those in an already established relationship, such as the potential for marriage. If you are single, this card can represent a new relationship with someone with Libra-type energy. 

In general love readings, it can mean you need to learn from your past mistakes in love, and if you have been treated unfairly in past relationships, this card can symbolise a happier, more balanced relationship in future.

Health upright meaning

In terms of health, this card can mean a need to pause and seek balance.

The Justice Tarot card as a feeling

If you pull the Justice tarot card, it may indicate that you’re not really feeling a situation as fully as you should. In fact, it screams logic and strategy and a balance of data. You could be in a situation where you are dissociating. This card comes up to encourage us to balance out how we logically look at a scenario vs how we actually feel.

What does the reversed Justice card mean in Tarot?

When Justice appears reversed in a reading, this can indicate there are prejudiced viewpoints at work, and you may need to examine your morals and bias and be accountable for your actions. If relating to others, this can help you to understand what may be holding someone back, or what may be at the centre of a dispute or conflict.

Justice reversed can also represent unfair treatment, complications in legal matters, anger and hostility and being overconfident to your own detriment. When this card appears, this is not the time to act rashly, but to think things through.

Love & relationships reversed meaning

In a love reading, this card can mean being treated unfairly in a current relationship or being deceived in some way. It can also be an indicator that either you or your partner are making more effort than the other, and you need to meet each other halfway. Again, take time to examine your behaviour and theirs, and look at things from all perspectives. 

If single, Justice reversed can mean that you still haven’t healed from past relationships and past mistakes. Even if you feel you are ready to move on, something may be holding you back. Self-examination is required before you can truly move on. 

Health reversed meaning

In terms of health, this card is a strong indicator that you need to slow down and your current lifestyle is detrimental to your health. You need to take stock and make some changes in the areas you are overdoing things. Seek a good work-life balance.

How to use the Justice card in your Spellwork

To gain a favourable outcome in legal matters:

Justice upright can be used in candle magic spells; place the card under your working candle, or if using a jar candle you can tie the card to the front of the glass. Once you have finished your work, carry the card with you to all meetings involving your lawyer or court appointments.

Justice card tarot spread - Finding balance

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed, we don’t know where to begin to find balance in our hectic lives. Sometimes we are burning the candle at both ends, or giving too much of ourselves to other people that we end up drained and unmotivated. 

This reading is designed to help you examine where you need to begin, to take the first steps to a better life balance.

At the centre of the spread, place the Justice card upright. Then shuffle your tarot or oracle deck and either choose cards or accept any that fall from the deck:

Card 1: (above the Justice Card) What area of my life do I need to find balance at this time?

Card 2: (to the right of the Justice card) What steps do I need to take to find balance?

Card 3: (Below the Justice card) What do I need to let go of?

Card 4: (To the left of the Justice Card) What do I need to nurture in myself just now?

Justice Tarot Spread

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