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Witching Hour Card A Day

Last Updated: July 8, 2024

Welcome to your Free Online Digital Card Pull! Whether you’re here from the Witching Hour workbook or you are here completely randomly… I’m happy you’re about 🙂

Please use this card app here, taking a moment to ground your energy and center your focus, then select the card (completely randomised) to provide you with a theme and message that can serve you during your Witching Hour. Or alternatively, pull a card from a deck of your own choosing if you have one! Then you can describe, draw, detail and doodle your card for the specific festival in Witching Hour to reflect back on.

You can use this card pull as a daily ritual, or whenever you feel called to gain insight and guidance from the Universe. The card were specifically chosen for their ability to tap into the energies of the Witching Hour for you, and provide meaningful messages.

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So you’ve pulled your card. Now what? Take a look at some of these additional free resources, and I hope it provides you with a deeper understanding of the meaning and symbolism behind your card: