rainwater scrying

How To Do an Hydatoscopy Ritual

Last Updated: April 7, 2022

  • A typically rainy day 
  • Small dish wide enough to collect rain
  • Paintbrush, feather or pen as a writing instrument
  • A glass window, mirror or clear door
  • Notetaking goods; pen/paper/notes section on your phone/google docs open on your tablet
  • (optional) Jar to store for moon water/future divination 
  • (optional) Backyard Banshee perfume oil blend for sigil/ritual use
  1. Catch yourself some rainwater; you need enough to soak your writing instrument several times. I’d say 30ml (1oz) is enough for the ritual but if you want to collect more to save for moon water or for future divination go ahead.

  2. Ground and center yourself. Protect your space. Get comfortable near to your mirror/window, and meditate on the question you have in mind. Any closed questions work best for this exercise, but once you are more comfortable with this divination technique you can absolutely work deeper. OPTIONAL (and shameless plug); before you start to use the rainwater, draw flowing lines with one of my perfumes (Zephyr or Droplets I’d recommend for this ritual) along the backs of your hands and your throat pulse points to open yourself to receiving messages, speaking your clear thoughts and inviting positive communication.

  3. Envision a blue light over the bowl of rainwater, and hold your hands over it to pass through some of that communicative energy you’ve just built up. If it helps you to blow breath, sing or even speak aloud your thoughts around your questions in this moment I highly encourage it.

  4. Next step for when you feel ready is to pick up your writing instrument; dip it into the water and slowly draw a symbol/image/doodle/straight line (whatever works in align with your question) and watch as any spare droplets fall. 

  5. Note any symbols or markings they make as the droplets fall, what your intuition tells you that it looks like, and write it in your notes for research later.

  6. After this initial stroke, follow it with more slow painting of the rainwater, to see if a picture builds for you or if they fall in line with your initial symbol, building upon its importance to you.

  7. When you’ve written down all your signs, take what is left of the rainwater and using your hands only pick up a few drops across each fingertip, and let it fall onto the water bowl. Note any further shapes, feelings, messages you may be receiving. Does it have strong ripples, the falling speed, no splash, overflow? All these ways of the water falling can be interpreted as part of your reading. Look into the water, give thanks to the universe and yourself, and take a restful moment to reflect. OPTIONAL; store this water for future divinational use, for creating moon water or simply pour away responsibly (such as in an indoor plant pot or outside feeding some “pesky weeds”)


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