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The Most Beautiful Tarot Decks (With Unique Illustrations)

Last Updated: July 26, 2022

You never forget your first tarot deck…or your second, or even your third, fourth and fifth for that matter! If you’re anything like me, once you start collecting Tarot decks—it’s pretty hard to stop. With the rising popularity of divination, a host of new designers, mystics and artists are trying their hand at creating modern tarot decks – indulging every witch from novice to pro. 

As a professional reader myself, I love to update my decks regularly to add fresh energy to both my craft and client readings. The following decks are some of my personal deck crushes that have caught my third eye, and would complete any divination witch’s collection!

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The Moonchild Tarot holds a special place in my heart because it IS my first tarot deck! Gifted to me by my lovely partner for my birthday a few years ago. These cards are absolutely striking  (in classic Danielle Noel fashion) and provide the reader with dreamy and ethereal imagery to inspire intuitive interpretation.

Even the box itself with its tiny gilded embellishments makes the whole experience of sitting down to divine messages a magical one. Includes bonus moon-themed cards as well, and the guidebook provides stunning perspectives on tarot spreads too!


the moon child tarot cards

Credit: Danielle Noel

I will never forget coming across this deck online and the way the haunting images took my breath away. Somnia deck creator Nicholas Bruno wanted to create a deck inspired by both his dreams and nightmares. The successful result is a darkly surrealist fever dream that will stick with its reader long after messages have been channeled. 

I would not categorize this as a deck for beginners, but think it would make a perfect match for the witch who’s all too familiar with sleep paralysis demons and no stranger to shadow work.  


the somnia tarot cards

Credit: Nicolas Bruno

I’m a HUGE fangirl for Exotic Cancer! A well-known IG rule breaker, this digital illustrator’s distinctive style and aesthetic portray lust, sex and sex work through an absurdly dark yet humorous lens. Her latest creative project: a tarot deck, features ahem—charming imagery of  dicks, vibrators, and subservient men on leashes to name a few. 

While these ultra-femme pink cards look unassuming on the outside, the deliciously saturated imagery on the inside will make for the most interesting divination session you’ve ever had.  


exotic cancer tarot cards

Credit: Exotic Cancer

The Final Rose Tarot is a Bachelor-themed tarot (I never got into the reality dating show, but who hasn’t binged a few episodes here and there?) made for those who’ve always wondered what it would be like to attend a rose ceremony and share a lavish apartment with 15 other singles as they vie for the affections of a conventionally attractive bachelor/bachelorette. Oh!  and it’s also great for answering your burning love questions. 

I love the graphics on these cards and the pink and red color palette feels both saucy and romantic. With cards that read  “Cliffhanger”, “Keep It Chill” and “I Fucked Up” It breaks some of the rules of the traditional tarot, but I feel like that’s precisely what makes this an excellent deck for the love witch in the making. 

FAVE CARD IN THIS DECK: Five of Flutes (Wands)

final rose tarot cards

Credit: Lindsey Millen & Amelia Rose

Waite-Smith?!?! Yes. Yes absolutely! Hear me out—if you’re just learning tarot, working with the traditional Waite-Smith deck is an excellent entry point into getting comfortable with traditional tarot symbolism and interpretation. Have we outgrown some of the original messaging? Totally. And as you grow into your personal divination practice, you’ll learn to shed what no longer fits.

This classic deck’s simple yet rich symbolism will provide you with a solid understanding of tarot that you can then build upon with any other deck you come across.

Note: You will mostly find this deck under Rider-Waite however, Pamela Coleman Smith is often uncredited in the mention of this deck and should be included.


rider waite smith tarot deck

Credit: Rider, Waite, Smith.

Not technically a tarot deck, but I had to share it because I waited months to get my hands on this deck when I first came across it. Nocturna Oracle is a 48-card oracle deck that takes its reader on a journey from dusk to dawn. Highlighting all the wondrous and mysterious creatures, plants and wildlife that lurk in-between.

At first glance, this deck felt dark to me. But upon further inspection of the artwork (The cards have a unique linen texture that makes every card feel like a small painting in your hands), I realized there is also lightness. Each card features a floating bold drawing against an inky background. The sparseness truly lends itself to soulful interpretation.

This deck is incredibly close to my heart and a perfect example of how sometimes, our favourite decks find us as much as we find them.


nocturna oracle deck

Credit: Megan Wyreweden


Written by Kasandra Martinez

Kasandra (she/her) is a professional Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Founder of Style By The  Signs. She is a triple earth creatrix who loves providing misfit unicorns with creative guidance and making cute AF cosmic shit for witchy babes. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter  (@stylebythesigns) or book a reading with her at

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