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Shadow Work: The Healing & Integration

Last Updated: July 25, 2023

I want to talk about the healing work involved with Shadow Work, as well as the integration, now that we’ve covered exactly what is Shadow work and what are the benefits and goals of shadow work. But by doing the actual work, the Shadow Work process itself, can we start integration.

The healing journey involved in working with your shadows can be quite complicated and hard to navigate. Even if a shadow aspect you are trying to confront is “simple”, it often takes time and effort to accept and heal those parts of yourself. In many cases, a specialist or therapist that has experience in working with shadow aspects may be beneficial for support.

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Shadow Work Therapy Support

Here’s a list of mental health supports that you can find globally, based on your country. I’m not paid by them, or affiliated with them in anyway, and with all therapists I think you have to meet them a little to find the best fit for you, but hopefully this is a start for you and you are also always free to look into this yourself more deeply.

UK –

Global Charities inc USA, Africa and Argentina –

Shadow Work Support During The Healing Process Is A Must

What Happens If We Don't Do Shadow Work?

When we neglect to do shadow work, on the surface level, we inadvertently deny ourselves the opportunity for deep self-exploration, healing, and personal growth. Without addressing our shadows, even if we believe no healing or integration is needed and that we are perfect human beings, several consequences may arise impacting our well-being and relationships.

An obvious example is the tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In this story, Dr. Jekyll’s refusal to acknowledge and work with his shadow self results in the creation of Mr. Hyde, a dark and destructive alter ego. By suppressing his shadows, Dr. Jekyll inadvertently allows them to manifest in a separate, uncontrollable entity. This cautionary tale reminds us of the importance of shadow work, as ignoring our shadows can lead to their eventual eruption in unpredictable and harmful ways – however it’s unlikely that you’ll completely split into a monster that terrorizes others.

Another consequence of avoiding shadow work is the tendency to project our unresolved issues onto others. Unaware of our own shadows, we may attribute qualities or behaviors to those around us that actually originate within ourselves. For instance, if we have unaddressed feelings of anger or insecurity, we may perceive others as consistently hostile or judgmental. This projection not only distorts our perception but can add strain to relationships and hinder personal growth. If you’re in a relationship where you are left feeling like “why are they always mad at me?” when in reality they’re not at all, and have promised you this isn’t the case, then this adds as an indicator to reflect introspectively.

Without shadow work, we may find ourselves reacting impulsively and unconsciously to triggers and challenges. Unresolved shadows often lurk beneath the surface, influencing our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. For example, if we have unhealed trauma related to abandonment, we might experience intense fear or push people away when we perceive a potential threat of rejection. By engaging in shadow work, we can bring awareness to these triggers and respond with greater clarity, empathy, and intentionality.

By neglecting shadow work, we miss out on the opportunity to embrace our wholeness. Our shadows hold valuable lessons, hidden strengths, and untapped potential. Engaging in shadow work allows us to transform our shadows into sources of empowerment, wisdom, and compassion. It helps us develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and others, fostering healthier relationships and a more authentic connection with our spiritual path.

This journey of shadow work is not about judgment or condemnation; it is a path of self-acceptance and growth. By courageously exploring our shadows with compassion, we pave the way for self-discovery, healing, and personal liberation. Embracing our shadows is an act of self-love, enabling us to embody our truest and most authentic selves, and fostering a profound sense of fulfillment and connection.

Ways To Spot Your Shadow Self

Spotting our shadow selves requires self-awareness and a willingness to honestly examine our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Here are some ways and traits that can help in recognizing the presence of our shadow selves, but this is not a complete list:

  • Emotional Triggers: Pay attention to situations or interactions that evoke strong emotional reactions within you. These triggers can point to unresolved issues, fears, or insecurities that reside in your shadow self.
  • Repetitive Patterns: Notice recurring patterns or themes in your life that seem to hold you back or create difficulties. These patterns often stem from unconscious beliefs or behaviors that are rooted in your shadow aspects.
  • Projections: Be aware of times when you find yourself strongly reacting to or judging others. Projection occurs when we unconsciously attribute our own disowned qualities or emotions onto others, revealing aspects of our shadow selves.
  • “Shadow Side” Qualities: Reflect on the qualities or traits that you tend to judge or reject in others. These qualities may hold clues to your own shadow aspects that you have disowned or suppressed.
  • Dreams and Fantasies: Explore the themes, characters, or symbols that appear in your dreams or daydreams. They can provide valuable insights into aspects of your unconscious and shadow self.
  • Inner Critic: Observe your inner dialogue and the nature of your self-criticism. Harsh self-judgment and negative self-talk often indicate shadow aspects that need attention and healing.
  • Sabotaging Behaviors: Pay attention to self-sabotaging patterns or behaviors that hinder your personal growth or success. These behaviors may be rooted in fears or beliefs held within your shadow self.
  • Disowned Desires: Identify desires, passions, or dreams that you have suppressed or denied yourself. Often our shadow selves hold these unexpressed desires, waiting to be acknowledged and integrated.
  • Unresolved Trauma: Examine past traumas or experiences that may still have an emotional charge or influence your present thoughts and behaviors. Unresolved trauma can reside in our shadows and impact our lives in significant ways.
  • Intense Reactions: Notice when you have disproportionately intense reactions to situations or individuals. These heightened reactions may point to unresolved emotions or wounds that reside within your shadow self.

Spotting our shadow selves is an ongoing process that requires patience, self-compassion, and a commitment to self-reflection. It’s important to approach this exploration with curiosity and a non-judgmental attitude, creating a safe space for acknowledging and integrating these aspects of ourselves.

For Shadow Work Prioritize Awareness Over Healing

This is a courageous and transformative path, and it’s not an easy one. As you delve into the depths of your psyche, remember here to prioritize awareness over healing. This means cultivating a deep and compassionate understanding of your shadows before rushing into the process of healing. Embrace the wisdom that comes with acknowledging and embracing all aspects of yourself, even the ones that may be uncomfortable or challenging.

By shining the light of awareness on your shadows, you empower yourself with profound self-knowledge and the opportunity for personal growth. Allow yourself to be present with your shadows, holding them gently in your awareness, and witnessing them without judgment.

Through this conscious exploration, you’ll gain insights, uncover hidden strengths, and pave the way for transformative healing. You are on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and with each step that you take, you are reclaiming your wholeness and embracing the fullness of who you are naturally.

show up with compassion for yourself

Abandon Perfection

In our shadow work journeys, it is crucial to abandon the pursuit of perfection. Let go of the notion that you must have all the answers or complete the process flawlessly. Embrace the messiness, the chaos of emotions, the stumbling, and the imperfections along the way, for they hold valuable lessons. It is through embracing our vulnerabilities and accepting ourselves as imperfect beings that we open the door to profound healing and growth. It is in the acceptance of our shadows, with all their complexities, that we find the true beauty of our authentic selves.

Be Tender With Your Self-Responsibility; You Behave Like You, You're Not Becoming a "new" You

Lest we forget the goal is not to become a “new” version of yourself, but to uncover and integrate the truth of who you are at your core. Honor your unique essence and innate wisdom as you navigate your shadows. Embrace the journey of self-discovery, knowing that you are already whole and deserving of love and acceptance. By being gentle with yourself and embracing self-responsibility, you embark on a transformative path of authenticity and empowerment, unveiling the radiant brilliance that has always resided within you. I’m wishing you all the luck and strength in this journey lovely, and see my next article on how to start some shadow work exercises with additional journal prompts. Until next time xox


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