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"Poison Prescriptions" Book Review

Last Updated: August 8, 2023

“Poison Prescriptions” book from The Seed Sistas is now available everywhere. If you love the dark, if you love history, if you love science, if you love working with herbs and plants… hell, even if you work with Hekate or Freyja or Demeter; this book is like walking into a female-dominated herbal workshop, and will definitely pique your interest.

The Seed Sistas (Fiona Heckels and Karen Lawton) aren’t afraid of the dark – this herbal grimoire (with photos to help with identification, instead of just illustrations which I bloody adore!!!) will show you ways to use previously undiscussed items of nature with the power to harm and the power to heal. Knowledge is power, and this book packs such a punch.

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Table of Contents

What's In The Book?

Content: Roots of plant magick and altering mental states, plant connections, homeopathy of the witching herbs, Henbane Datura and Belladonna in depth, a Flying Ointment history, spells, rituals, homeopathic creations and an extensive bibliography that will make most green witches ecstatic.

Artwork: Badass and powerful vibes from SILVA DE MAJO that describe the witching herbs in a gorgeous

Inclusivity: Lots of incredible multicultural references that I’ve not been able to research them all.

Environmental Impact: Printed and bound in China with no reference to 1% for the Planet etc.

Unique Book Points: It’s modern herbalism specific to themes around Henbane, beer brewing and sex magick. It’s pretty niche. By offering a non judgemental, in depth exploration of some of the most mystical of plants (especially aforementioned Henbane, perfect for ancestral work) and a beautiful background into the 13 witching herbs of the Flying Ointment we have a great overview of some plants, more so than just “lavender” and “chamomile” that is very common for plant magick books. It’s also nice to see why they didn’t include some plants, like Foxglove or Hemlock, for the flying ointment too. You’ll have to read it to see why yourself, however.

Overall, I think “Poison Prescriptions” is a great addition to any witch’s library for diving deeper into the spiritual practice of pharmakeia. Not only is it educational, but the layout and artwork make this a genuine delight to read over and appreciate. For those living in countries where some of these herbs are illegal, be aware that this book does not condone breaking the law.

Its purpose is more as an educational tool for understanding their history and spiritual significance more than anything else. I would say this book is for beginners and advanced readers alike. Those just getting into herbalism will find a great introduction to these 13 plants, while more experienced practitioners will find enough information for deeper spiritual work.

There is also a helpful index at the back of the book so you can easily refer back to specific chapters or topics throughout your practice.

The Downside of the Book

I was pretty excited to learn about laburnam, laudanum and other infamous (and Victorian-villainess vibe) herbs, plants and spices on top of the witchy herbs we come to fantasize about in our gothic gardens.

We learn a lot about many different ones, but I was disappointed not to know more about the 9 herbs charm (which I’ve been researching outside of the book before I stumbled upon the tiny paragraph). I wish I knew more about handling Mandrake, Mugwort and Aconite – not because I have murderous intentions, but how to cultivate them safely, purposes other than medicinally, and this book felt like a “let me share with you everything about these plants BUT what you really want to know if you want to add them to your garden”.

It’s still excellent, I love all the folklore regarding each plant, but I could find that with a few online searches. If I want a self-described grimoire then I also want it to be textbook-like in guidance.

My Favourite Chapter

“A Hex for the Wild” and simply because – fuck capitalism. The spell included invites to the Moirai to aid in fixing systems where those in power who can make decisions to profit off of society stemming from a fear of lack. It’s an excellent spell, and even more so because of the invitation to work with beings that have a very different approach to The Powers That Be. To me, this spells out (no pun intended) autonomy and empowerment which are two things I believe we need in abundance right now!

The book is peppered with fascinating history on medicinal plants, rituals… if you are like me, and believe magick to not be either black or white, but grey… then this book is a great resource to incorporate different ideas into your practice. It’s even better that it has been created by two females, and therefore focuses on equitable empowerment and knowledge of herbalism within its pages. In my opinion, this is the kind of magickal resource we need more of in these times!

a hex for the wild

Why I Loved This Book

I absolutely love the way this book has been put together with a focus on ancestral work, witchcraft and herbalism. It really feels a little like an alchemical grimoire – full of ancient wisdom and knowledge about plants that you can use in your “everyday” witchy practice. I say every day as if we are all able to grow belladonna.

The authors have done an incredible job at providing detailed information about each plant, including its history, effects and use for the major three, and I really respect how much they implore safety within its pages. They’re not fast and loose with “you’re crazy, try this” as some witches do, and the artwork makes this book have a modern energy that is accessible and super fun.

I feel that those who would love this book are those who are excited to celebrate the knowledge of “forbidding” plant magick. I think you’ll really enjoy the artwork, the identifying photos, the extensive correspondences and the folklore gathered in these grimoires.

If you’re interested in learning more about the “Poison Prescriptions” book, you can do so here: https://amzn.to/43UyBnv. Any click-throughs may lead to the affiliate programme awarding us compensation which helps compensate the writers on the website, pays towards the web hosting and all the other boring behind-the-scenes bits.

Thank you for reading my review! Until next time xox


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